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                  Android Q Can be Lounched very soon!

Android Q Can be Lounched very soon!
The news is that Google is developing native support for a secure biometric authentication facility similar to the face ID of Apple in the upcoming Android Q smartphone operating system release. Writing on the XDA-Developers portal site, Mishal Rahman points out “dozens of strings and several methods, sections and areas related to facial identification in” Framing, System UI and Settings apk “of a spilled Android Q assemble, which is up-to – To the extent the interior ace adaptation of Google’s Android Open Source Undertaking (AOSP) is concerned.”

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Tech Giant Google had revealed the previous version of Android 9 Pie in 2018, which is the next version of Android Oreo, during the company’s I / O event. At the same time, it is hoped that Google will reveal the next and latest Android version also during the Google I / O developer conference in 2019. Let’s tell you that Google’s next Android version can be Android Q. Let me tell you that the Google I / O developer conference can also be held in Mountain View, California at this year’s I / O event, as was the last time. This event can be held in May. Let us know that this event will be held from 7th May to 9th May.

According to some Rumours reports, the features provided by Android Q have been revealed. According to reports, newer and more advanced features may be available for users. Let’s tell you about the upcoming Top 5 features that can come on your phone soon.

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    • Special things:

  • Android can be the next version of Android
  • System-with-dark theme can also be available
  • Android Q was installed on pre-build Google Pixel.

    • Face ID Feature

                                              Reports reveal that Android Q can bring folders to feature users. This is the Face ID-like facial recognition support feature. Users with Face ID-like facial recognition hardware will get a more secure unlock authentication experience. In this way, Google will provide more security to users’ accounts. AOSP build of Android Q has been leaked, from which it has been revealed that Android version can check facial recognition hardware under a secure process.
However, it is a code search that relates to a new facial recognition authentication system which can bring security like Face ID to unlock handset, app login and payment which is the most interesting.                                                      This would be a big step for Android devices in my humble opinion. Sure, some handset vendors already have their version of Face ID in the Android smartphone already. Mate 20 Pro from Huawei Springs immediately comes to mind. The problem here is that Huawei has to work hard to tweak and customize Android to bolt the operating system support required for that face-identifying hardware.
                                              Although there is nothing to suggest that Huawei implementation is unsafe in any way, Bolting-On and OS-Tweaking will never be naturally safe in the form of basic support within Android. As we have seen from the examples of many Internet of Things, the cost of security and complexity implications that are not baked can often be lower than the safe results. Original support for face recognition in Android-powered devices should reduce the cost and complexity of biometrics introduction, which is a good thing.

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    • Dark mode

                                         This AOSP Android Q build contains a lot of features that ensure the removal of Android fans. The Android Q can also provide dark mode for users’ phones. A dark mode theme that is system-wide and works with apps that do not have a dark mode built-in, just like the Android Q application permissions and specifically the location and ‘Force Desktop mode’ developer-related permissions There is a whole bunch of changes in The option that is similar to Samsung DeX according to the XDA-Developers portal report. Recently, it has also been revealed that instant messaging app WhatsApp can also bring the Dark Mode feature through an update soon.

    • System-wide screen recording tool

With the help of this system-wide screen recording tool feature of Android Q, users can also record their screen content. Along with that, they can also record their voice over during the recording process. Users can also share it after this.

    • New type of emergency shortcut

The list of features also includes an Emergency button which can be accessed from the power menu. This allows users to access the Emergency Dialer very quickly. Swiping by using the “Emergency” button on the lockscreen will make it much easier and quicker.

    • Notification management system

                             Android Q can bring an advanced version of the notification management system in its features. Instead of managing, there may be an option to manage notifications in the lower left corner.  Users will be able to select “Stop notifications” while holding on a notification, so the notifications will not be visible. Android Q can also add “Show silently” option instead of “Block”.

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