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Work From Home On Facebook Creators: Video Creators|Nixatube

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According to Me.

                                There is a good news for all of you. The Facebook maker has also been launched in India. Many people have come here to earn money. Facebook is like YouTube, but money is being given more than YouTube. The conditions of the condition are here. It should be a 3 minute video and 10000 on your Facebook fan page. After that you should have a 3 minute video, a 3 minute video must be at least 1 minute.You should have time to watch regularly and it is done in a regular way and you can make a lot of money by making a video here where you can share and we all know that at least 1000 customers on YouTube and You can video monetize after 4000 watts of time. In the same way you can earn money by making a video on Facebook Creator, by sharing your video, at least 1m nuts on your video should be a good system on Facebook. You have a lot of groups here You have a lot of friends You can share your video directly on different phones, so I want to let you know here. That your video will have tremendous trends on Facebook compared to YouTube on YouTube,

                                 your video arrives in the train soon, you are not late while creating a page on Facebook and type it for monetization, then I will tell you here I am creating a Facebook page and how you can earn your money there. You all know that making a profile on Facebook is very easy in which you are interested in creating a page for Make A Genie for a movie, make a technical, and start uploading the video on it as you upload it Facebook can do it like youtube Here you can start pouring videos from the first day. You have to take care of here too. Do not copy any videos on the site as there are also policy conditions. Start stock for you from 10000 If you are complete you will become a money maker and you will come here and I will ask you to create a Facebook page, upload a video, then Monitize…

Facebook Creators New Feature Nixatube

What is Facebook Creator Studio?

Facebook Creator Studio brings together all of the tools needed to post, manage, monetize and track your content effectively and take action on all your pages in one place. Manufacturer Studio also helps you take advantage of new features and monetization opportunities, for which you may be eligible. Here are some amazing things you can do:

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  • Streamline video publishing: Create, schedule and publish content on many pages you have. Bulk uploads videos to a single page.
  • Manage your content library: With post-level details and info, go to your entire content library and discover the pages you created.
  • Make audience engagement easy: Manage conversations on all your pages. Reply and comment on Facebook message, as well as comment on Instagram.
  • Track performance with insights: Track your total followers, see who is returning to see your content every week and see how long people have been watching your video.
  • Monetize your content: On pages that are eligible for ad breaks, review your monetization insights and view payment-related details.
  • Protect your content: Where and how your original content appears, with a streamlined right manager experience for the onboarding process and rights manager for the creator.
  • Want to give it a try? Start here, and if you have any questions, take a look at the Help Center.

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You will be happy when you come here, Facebook can not wait to discover the amazing videos you have created and the global community you have created. Facebook has more than 2 billion people and new creative tools at your fingertips, Facebook has unlimited possibilities for you. Make sure that you join Facebook for Creators  to stay up-to-date on all the latest tips and tricks and test out the new Facebook feature.

    • how to Start Facebook for Creators

Profile or page

 First things first: The difference between Facebook profile and page. To help you connect with friends and family, you already have a Facebook profile and almost everyone has it, and you can continue to use it as a creator. If you want your friends and family members (whether they are on Facebook or not) related to the video on your profile, set your video post to “Video”.If you are committed to making a public presence, then we recommend that you create a video-first page. A video-first page offers even more ways to make your content discoverable, understand your video display and access tools that can help you earn money. Keep in mind that you must have a Facebook profile to create a page and you know about making a Facebook page, if you do not know, then we will tell you in the next video.

    • Create A Page 

 Now creating to Facebook page has become easier than ever! The profile-to-page migration tool helps you to level up the page without losing anything you’ve created on your personal profile. To create a new page based on your profile, go to and use the Video Creator category. After that, select which friends and followers to move from your profile, and easily move to your best content.

  • While setting up your page, here are some tips to consider:
  • Keep your page’s name and URL relevant so that people can find you.
  • Write a brief biography to introduce yourself to your community.
  • Choose a profile photo or video that is longer than seven seconds.
  • Make a cover photo or video that is 20 to 90 seconds long.

    • Page templates

                    The video template for your page helps you keep your best foot forward as a producer. If you already have a page and want to switch to the video template, click Settings (on the right side of your page), edit the template and tab> template, and then select the video page.

               This template will ensure that your videos are “front and center” on the page to find your fans. Here’s what:

              Spotlight section: Choose five videos to feature at the top of your page. Once a viewer watches the video here, then he goes to the end of the unit.
Top videos: Directly under the Spotlight section, we will show your most recent video with detailed screen thumbnails and fan comments.
Playlists: Make playlists to arrange your recordings around various subjects. Just go to the Videos tab on your page to set them up and organize your videos.

Creating Concept

You can make any type of video like
Now that you all are set up with one page, it’s time to think about what you are going to do on this. Creating a holistic view and creating a consistent format or theme for your video helps viewers understand what you are after. Apart from this, it is a myth that only short videos work on Facebook. In fact, both the short and long videos work well, as long as the length is understood for your content and the fans are coming back for more. Here are some ideas to help you brainstorm ideas:

  • Any video: Teach people some practical videos or unique videos, simple or amazing.
  • Humor Drawings: Make People Eligible!
  • Vlogs: Share your life with people – daily routine, adventure, anything happens.
  • Live Video: Start a Live Q & A with your fans.
  • Talent performance: Is there a habit for something? Show what you know and motivate the audience with your skill.
  • Animated Video: Invite viewers of your own creation in 3D or pictorial world.
  • Live Game Streaming: Stream the action from your video game to watch the world.

Work From Home On Facebook Creators For Android And Ios User

Download Facebook Creator App
On the go, download the app to easily upload the original video, tag your brand deals (using the “handsshake icon”) and join your community on Facebook With the app, you can:

Post on your page, add to your story and go live.
CrossPost for Instagram and Twitter
Connect with an integrated inbox with fans and colleagues, which centralizes comments from Facebook and Instagram, and messages from Messenger.
Easily access the matrix to inform content creation, including analysis of your page, videos and fans.
Discover the content of other creators who are watching with your fan inspiration feed. (Currently only on iOS).
Learn more about some of the new features of the Creator app.

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             Any questions can be asked in the comment box.

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