37 Type Of Digital Marketing ( How to Use )  2020

37 Type Of Digital Marketing ( How to Use ) 2020

Type of Digital Marketing 2020

Type of  Digital marketing is all marketing activities using electronic devices or the Internet. This means that it is any form of marketing that exists online. According to me, there is 37 type of digital marketing, it could possibly be more. , Digital marketing definitely covers all online marketing activities. However, it may also involve some offline activities. Of these, these are the main types of digital marketing that you consider to be better for the business. but I think that every day new ways and tools of digital marketing are coming up, as the marketing method also gets very advanced over time. Used to be. That is why a Digital marketer should be updated at all times. With the expansion of technology, The way digital marketing functions will also change. Now technology is developing towards artificial intelligence advanced marketing.

We have come here, taking about 37 types of digital marketing.

  1. SMS and MMS Marketing Link 
  2. Mail and Email Marketing Link
  3. Social Media Marketing Link
  4. Social Media Optimization Link
  5. Direct Mail Marketing  Link
  6. Display Advertising Link
  7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Link
  8. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  9. Content Marketing Link
  10. Effective Marketing Link
  11. Content Automation Link
  12. Campaign Marketing Link
  13. Data Driven Marketing Link
  14. E-Commerce Marketing Link
  15. Ebooks Marketing Link
  16. Optical Discs and Games 
  17. Web Traffic
  18. Music Promotion
  19. Mobile Marketing & Advertising
  20. Domain Research
  21. Local SEO
  22. Web Analytics
  23. Surveys
  24. Crowdfunding
  25. Public Relations
  26. Video Marketing
  27. Viral Marketing
  28. Virtual Marketing
  29. Influencer Marketing
  30. Pay on Per Click Advertisment 
  31. Online brochures 
  32. Digital TV  
  33. Electronic bulletins 
  34. Portable applications 
  35. Fm radio messages  
  36. Digital Media  
  37. Guerrilla marketing  

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