GrainATM makes the right to food a reality in India


The computerized dispenser makes use of India’s biometric ID device to get wheat and rice to people extra temporarily and successfully.

Piyush Kanel and Ankit Sood each paintings at the World Food Programme in India. They paintings with the govt and shopkeepers to distribute food to greater than 800 million other folks each and every month thru the Targeted Public Distribution System.

In 2013, the govt handed the National Food Security Act, which made get right of entry to to food a right beneath the legislation. In addition to ensuring get right of entry to to food, the Food Security Act aimed to develop into the whole food distribution device to make stronger transparency and potency.

During a talk over with to a “fair price shop” the place beneficiaries can obtain their allotment of food, Kanel and Sood noticed that in spite of the new legislation, other folks have been nonetheless going hungry. After having a look at the information, they discovered people have been receiving 10-20% much less food than they have been entitled to.
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The present distribution device could be very handbook. Shopkeepers distribute wheat and rice all through retailer hours handiest. Store managers additionally decide the quantity of grain given to each and every particular person irrespective of the receive advantages allowed by way of the govt to the person.

Kanel and Sood are construction the GrainATM to ensure that nobody is denied get right of entry to to food. The unit makes use of each low and high tech to dispense the right quantity of food to the right particular person at the right time.  

Their invention takes benefit of the biometric ID system India has been building over the last decade. The govt is scanning the fingerprints, eyes, and faces of the 1.three billion citizens to use this biometric identificaiton for getting access to welfare advantages, opening financial institution accounts, and taking faculty checks.

An person will use her thumbprint to get right of entry to food advantages by the use of the GrainATM.
The dispenser holds about 200 kilograms of wheat and rice–that quantity will serve between 10 and 15 other folks according to day. An person can take from five kilograms to up to 35 kilograms at a time. The new device additionally lets in the person to range the quantity of grain in each and every allotment.
With the current device, it takes about 10 mins for a particular person to obtain a portion of grain; the new dispenser reduces that point to about three mins.

“Ultimately, this will be an unmanned system,” Kanel mentioned, permitting other folks to get their food rations on their very own agenda as an alternative of all through retailer hours handiest.

This device additionally can be utilized all through herbal failures.

“You could put this on the back of a truck and drive it to wherever it’s needed,” Kanel mentioned.

Kanel and Sood are on the lookout for $250,000 to amplify their 15 pilot websites to extra honest value stores in India.  

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Piyush Kanel is growing the GrainATM together with his World Food Programme colleague Ankit Sood to make stronger the food distribution procedure in India.

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