[Interview] Galaxy S20 Designers Share How They Are Making the Smartphone Experience More Sustainable

According to a 2018 report by means of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) entitled “Single-Use Plastics: A Roadmap for Sustainability,” except the global improves its intake patterns and waste control practices, by means of 2050, there will likely be kind of 12 million metric heaps of plastic muddle polluting landfills and the setting.

It’s exhausting to overstate the urgency of this factor. Thankfully, folks round the global, particularly the more youthful era, are understanding the significance of environmentally aware intake, and are adopting merchandise and answers that put the planet first. Samsung Electronics is deeply dedicated to this motive, and has taken steps to make its merchandise as inexperienced as will also be.

Read on to be informed how, by means of lowering the use of plastics and vinyl in packaging, and by means of crafting telephone circumstances from recycled fabrics, Samsung’s designers are selling a a lot more sustainable smartphone enjoy.

Design Team individuals Mogwon Son (left) and Yoonyoung Kim, from Samsung Electronics’ Mobile Communications Business.

A Decade of Going Green

Galaxy S20 Package Designer Interview The evolution of Galaxy units’ packaging will also be summed up with what may well be known as the 3 R’s: lowering paper use by means of streamlining packaging’s dimensions, changing plastic with paper, and casting off pointless elements by means of simplifying packaging’s construction. Adhering to those inexperienced values enabled Samsung to make the Galaxy S10+’s packaging 30g lighter than that of its predecessor.

The Galaxy S collection’ environmentally aware packaging is the fruits of 10 years of exhausting paintings. Two thousand twelve’s Galaxy S3 used to be the first instrument in the collection to characteristic recycled subject material in its packaging. The subsequent yr, Samsung formally presented its first environmentally aware cellular packaging, created the usage of discarded paper, with the Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S5 and more moderen entries in the collection have added much more environmentally aware parts to the combine, together with biodegradable vinyl1 and petroleum-free soy ink.

Design Team member Mogwon Son mentioned how Samsung provided final yr’s Galaxy S10 with eco-friendly packaging consisting of FSC-certified paper containers, in addition to plastic- and vinyl-free inner elements. “We abandoned the holder tray and the box-covering sleeve, but kept the bottom box, which includes an all-in-one pulp mold,” mentioned Son.2 “This pulp mold, which utilizes pulp slurry made from bamboo fibers and sugarcane bagasse, is better for the environment, and helps minimize waste.”

Galaxy S20 Package Designer InterviewThe Galaxy S9, S10 and S20’s earphones (left) and commute adapters (proper), displayed so as of liberate. As you’ll be able to see, plastic movies are now not used to give protection to those merchandise in packaging.

To additional reduce waste, the plastic movies that had been used to wrap equipment like chargers and earphones had been phased out. Now, Galaxy units’ earphones and cables come smartly packed in a paper field. So too do their chargers, which additionally now characteristic matte finishes slightly than the shiny sheens that in the past required protecting plastic movie.

Sustainability Meets Style

Durability, aesthetics, and suitability for mass manufacturing – those are the maximum essential parts of packaging design. Because the Galaxy S collection is Samsung’s flagship smartphone line, shoppers be expecting those merchandise and their packaging to feel and appear as top class as imaginable. As Son defined, the procedure of constructing a top class packaging design with recycled fabrics introduced some distinctive demanding situations.

Galaxy S20 Package Designer Interview

“First of all, it can be difficult to apply specific colors to a pulp mold,” mentioned Son. “The surface of this material is curved and rough, which means that coloring it will require some retouches. Once it’s formed, the pulp mold may appear reddish or blue, and it can look like it’s stained depending on the recycled materials that were used to create it. In the end, the process of achieving a clean and even black hue required a lot of trial and error.”

According to Son, the procedure of creating Samsung’s present packaging processes greener introduced plenty of demanding situations. The group overcame the ones hurdles, he defined, by means of devoting the time, cash and energy vital to make it occur.

“Sure, it was difficult, but the reason it was difficult is that these designs need to keep up with the needs of the times,” mentioned Son. “In the end, we wanted to offer a better experience with paper packaging than users would have with plastic or vinyl. This is why we chose to accentuate the soft texture of the pulp material itself, and devoted a great deal of effort to refining the packaging’s exterior.”

Galaxy S20 Package Designer InterviewThe Galaxy S20+ 5G’s environmentally aware packaging options minimum use of plastics and vinyl.

Not handiest has the group’s exhausting paintings made Samsung’s packaging extra sustainable, it’s additionally made it that a lot more handy. Whereas in the previous, customers would wish to separate packaging elements as a way to correctly eliminate them, as a result of the Galaxy S20’s packaging is crafted completely from paper, it’s 100-percent recyclable.

“I’ve made it my mission to create high-quality packaging that can be recycled easily to help protect the environment,” mentioned Son. “To achieve this, I started to consider how the packaging would ultimately be discarded and recycled from the initial planning stage. Going forward, I’ll continue to explore sustainable packaging designs based on the philosophy, ‘the fewer, the better.’”

Putting Plastic Waste to Work with Environmentally Conscious Cases

Galaxy S20 Package Designer Interview

At first look, the Galaxy S20+’s Kvadrat case seems fashionable and trendy. Thin, however sturdy sufficient to give protection to the instrument from the put on and tear of on a regular basis existence.

Upon nearer inspection, it turns into transparent that there’s extra to this actual case than meets the eye. That’s as a result of the Galaxy S20+’s Kvadrat case has been made via upcycling – a procedure by which end-of-life merchandise are reworked into new, environmentally aware merchandise and fabrics. Using this procedure, Samsung and top class Danish textile emblem Kvadrat can produce two hanging Galaxy S20+ circumstances from a unmarried 500ml plastic bottle.

Galaxy S20 Package Designer Interview

Samsung’s collaboration with Kvadrat, an environmentally aware corporate that has acquired the European Union’s famously rigorous Ecolabel certification, dates again to 2018. The venture’s lead clothier, Yunyeong Kim, defined how she organized to satisfy with Kvadrat previous to attending an out of the country furnishings exhibition. When she visited Kvadrat’s showroom in Milan, she fell in love with the textiles on show.

When the firms in the end kicked off their collaboration, the means of assembly Samsung’s top class design requirements with out sacrificing Kvadrat’s captivating aesthetic required a good bit of coordination.

Much like aesthetics, sturdiness is essential in terms of smartphone circumstances. This supposed that the Galaxy S20+’s Kvadrat case would wish to be no longer simply skinny, however ladder-proof as smartly. To do so, Kim labored with builders to give you the option to forestall the case’s knitted cloth from unraveling at its edges. After trying out out quite a lot of strategies, her group controlled to optimize the completing procedure, and beef up Samsung’s apparatus to correctly manufacture the merchandise. The results of those in depth efforts is one stunning ‘green’ case – the first product produced in collaboration with the corporate to characteristic the Kvadrat brand.

Galaxy S20 Package Designer Interview
The Galaxy S20+’s Kvadrat case is the first product produced in collaboration with the corporate to characteristic the Kvadrat brand.

Promoting Environmentally Conscious Lifestyles

Kim is proper in her statement that going inexperienced isn’t a fad, however a venture that we will have to all get in the back of, as we live to tell the tale a planet with restricted sources. The aforementioned UNEP file additionally emphasizes our communal position in fixing environmental problems, noting that governments, companies and folks will have to each and every do their section.

When it involves going inexperienced, each designers pressure the significance of taking a step by step manner till greenness has turn out to be totally engrained in our lives. They recognize that beginning this transition will also be tough, and sticking to it may be much more so. “At the moment, the idea of going green may be viewed as a trend, and while there is a consensus that everyone should follow it, there is a possibility that this trend could fade later on,” each mentioned in unison. “We sincerely hope that this isn’t the case, and that environmental consciousness becomes a deeply rooted aspect of our lives.”

The designers will proceed to paintings tirelessly to influence cellular instrument customers to undertake a extra environmentally aware way of life. “I think that designing simple packaging like this is important,” mentioned Son, “and I will continue to do my part to find materials that satisfy users from the moment they open the packaging until the moment they dispose of it.”

“By utilizing materials that not only allow us to create all-new designs with natural and beautiful colors – something which was previously thought to be possible only with delicate natural fibers – but are also environmentally conscious even at the injection molding stage,” added Kim, “I will continue to do my best to ensure that the products we develop offer users the satisfaction of contributing to making the world a better place for all.”

1 Available handiest in choose markets, together with the UAE and Saudi Arabia.
2 Pulp mildew subject material used to be first presented with the Galaxy S9’s environmentally aware packaging in 2018.


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