2021 INMRC Round 4 results – EV Updates 2022

2021 INMRC Round 4 results – EV Updates 2022

2021 INMRC Round 4 results – EV Updates 2022

Posted on January 10, 2022 06:23:00 PM

Rihanna Bee won the women’s (stock 165cc) title with a race, while Krishnan secured her Pro-Stock 301-400cc championship presence.

The 2021 MRF MMSC FMSCI Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship is back in action after a gap of three months, taking place at Round 4 Madras Motor Race Track. Superbike racer Rajini Krishnan went one step further to win the 2021 title after another victory in the final round. Meanwhile, Rihanna Bee sealed the title in the women’s (stock 165cc) category.

Pro-stock 301-400cc

Krishnan took another 50 points and added to his tally. In the race for his team RACR Castrol Power Ultimate, he finished Race 1 in second place behind TVS Racing’s Worapong Malahuan. But as the Thai racer was ineligible for any points, Krishnan scored a full 25 points.

The 41-year-old won the tires that were worn out in Race 2 following that. After four rounds, he leads with a total of 168 points. His closest rival is Anish Damodar Shetty of Race Concept with 121 points. Shetty finished both races third and second, respectively.


Race 1

1. Worapong Malahuan (TVS Racing) – 11 minutes, 18.244 seconds

2. Rajini Krishnan (RACR Castrol Power Ultimate) – 11 min 18.657 sec

3. Anish Damodar Shetty (Racing Comments) 11 min 18.921 sec

Race 2

1. Rajini Krishnan (RACR Castrol Power Ultimate) – 15 min 04.127 sec

2. Anish Damodar Shetty (Racing Ideas) – 15 min 04.297 sec

3. Deepak Ravikumar (TVS Racing) – 15 minutes 04.454 seconds

Pro-stock 165 cc

TVS Racing won the first race 1-2, beating Deepak Ravikumar over defending champion Jagan Kumar, followed by Rajiv Sethu of Idemitsu Honda SK69 Racing.

Prabhu Arunagiri’s first victory for Pacer Yamaha, who returned to the national championship after a gap of 12 years, was the highlight of the round. Race 2 was flagged red following the incident in the opening lap and reduced to five laps. But with Ravikumar missing out on one lap, that was enough for Arunagiri.

Kumar tops the list with 159 points. But it will be a tough competition for second place with Ravi Kumar trailing by 118 points and Sethu by two points with 116 points.


Race 1

1. Deepak Ravikumar (TVS Racing) – 11 minutes 48.162 seconds

2. Jagan Kumar (TVS Racing) – 11 minutes 48.484 seconds

3. Rajeev Sethu (Idemitsu Honda SK69 Racing) – 11min 50.454 sec

Race 2

1. Prabhu Arunagiri (Pacer Yamaha) – 09 min 57.247 sec

2. Rajiv Sethu (Idemitsu Honda SK69 Racing) – 09min 57.505 sec

3. Jagan Kumar (TVS Racing) – 09 minutes 57.655 seconds

Newcomers and women (stock 165cc)

Alvin Sunder struggled down the field after losing the position early on, so the Novice (Stock 165cc) won the race. This is his fourth win of the season and tied him with Anfal Akhtar with 128 points.

Rihanna Bee regained the title in the women’s (165cc) category two years later. Bee had to withdraw from the 2020 season due to injury. He made an interesting comeback to catch early race leader Ann Jennifer and pulled a lap-lap pass to win the race. With the fourth win in a row, Bee was able to capture the title with a round.


New (stock 165cc)

1. Alvin Sunder (AS Motorsport) – 13 min 03.215 sec

2. Sarvesh Balappa (Sparks Racing) – 13 minutes 05.798 seconds

3. Anbal Akhtar (Rockstar Racing) – 13 minutes 05.856 seconds

Women (Stock 165 cc)

1. Rihanna Bee (RACR Castrol Power Ultimate) – 11 min 02.702 sec

2. Ann Jennifer (Sparks Racing) – 11 min 02.886 sec

3. Loni Jenna Fernandez (Speed ​​Up Racing) – 11m 03.512s

ImageResizer.ashx?n=http%3a%2f%2fcdni.autocarindia.com%2fNews%2fHonda Hornet 2.0

Honda Hornet 2.0 One Mac Race

This is the Honda Hornet 2.0 race that continues to trade with Kevin Kannan, Alvin Sunder and Ajay Xavier. But in the end it was Kannan who won more than Xavier and Prabhu V.


1. Kevin Kannan – 13 minutes 29.346 seconds

2. Ajay Xavier – 13 minutes 29.437 seconds

3. Prabhu V – 13 minutes 29.655 seconds

Idemitsu Honda India Talent Cup

In two NSF250 races, championship leader Gavin Quintal sat in the back seat, while Sardak Sawan won both races. Meanwhile, CBR150 leader Prakash Kamath confirmed his presence with another race win.


NSF250 Betting1

1. Sardak Sawan – 11 minutes 11.037 seconds

2. Gavin Quintal – 11 min 14.091 sec

3. Jeffrey Revinen Emmanuel – 11 min 15.060 sec

NSF250 Race2

1. Sardak Sawan – 14 minutes 47.030 seconds

2. Gavin Quintal – 14 minutes 47.277 seconds

3. Jeffrey Revinen Emmanuel – 14 min 59.460 sec


1. Prakash Kamath – 13 minutes 04.485 seconds

2. Rakshit S Dave – 13 min 04.735 sec

3.Vivek Kaurav – 13 minutes 06.764 seconds

TVS One-Mac Championship

In the TVS Apache RR310 Open, Amarnath Menon finished on stage in both races and won Race 1. Manoj Yesudian won the next race. Elsewhere, Jinendra Kiran Sangave won the TVS Rookie (RTR200) ​​race.


TVS Apache RR310 Open Race1

1. Amarnath Menon – 11 minutes 46.925 seconds

2. Jagadish N – 11 minutes 47.761 seconds

3. Jesuit Hands – 11 minutes 47.899 seconds

TVS Apache RR310 Open Race 2

1. Hands Jesuit – 11 minutes 47.967 seconds

2. Anandraj B – 11 minutes 48.088 seconds

3. Amarnath Menon 11 minutes 49.172 seconds

TVS Rookie (RTR200)

1. Jinendra Kiran Sangave – 12 minutes 55.139 seconds

2. Chirant Viswanath – 12 minutes 55.220 seconds

3. Shreyas Kopparam Harish – 12 min 56.356 sec

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