2022 Lamborghini Huracan STO review, track drive – EV Updates 2022

2022 Lamborghini Huracan STO review, track drive – EV Updates 2022

2022 Lamborghini Huracan STO review, track drive – EV Updates 2022

Lambo’s rear-wheel-drive is based solely on the STO Hurricane Race car and offers a major step in the driving dynamics. At BIC we drive it in its natural environment.

Lamborghini Hurricane STO: What is it?

Lamborghini’s Huracan has always been about two things – its epic, naturally desired V10 engine and its ugly, inferior look. Grip and driving dynamics are, for the most part, always observed by the four-wheel drive system. ‘Give it a lot of grip and the rest will take care of itself.’ This has always been the philosophy. And it has worked wonderfully. There are also rear wheel drive versions. In 2009, Lambo introduced the rear-wheel drive version of its V10 Gallardo as the Balfone version, and today you can get the rear-wheel-drive Huracán. However, these are always thrilling rear-wheel-drive super cars, rather than precision driving tools aimed at the path.

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The car’s actual engine inputs are below its hinges.

All this changes with the introduction of the STO; A special (but not defined) version of the Super Trophy race car based on looseness. Developed with plenty of aero tricks, lots of carbon-fiber panels, a new steering system and retuned suspension, the STO or Super Trofeo Omologato is a hurricane for hardcore driving enthusiasts. Lambo’s GT3, if you will.

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The shark paddle is not an antenna, it contributes to lateral stability.

Modifications to the STO include a single-piece clamshell nose, engine cover and rear wings all made of carbon fiber. It has a thin windscreen and side windows, which, in other diets, weigh 1,339 kg (dry). To increase grip at higher speeds, the front axle has an improved downforce due to the entry in the nose and the rear rear wheels, and at the rear, there is a larger wing that can deliver 420 kg of downforce at 280 km / h. At the same time to make it more active and stable, the STO uses both the rear-wheel steering and the torque vector, and to improve the ride despite the tough springs, Ferrari has the updated 2.0 MagneRide system that it has been successfully using for so many years.

ImageResizer.ashx?n=http%3a%2f%2fcdni.autocarindia.com%2fReviews%2f20220107064623 Lamborghini Huracan STO 2

The cut out on the back of the STO looks cool, adding coolness.

It’s easy to tell the STO except for the regular hurricane. The big wing is a dead giveaway and the lovers on the bonnet and the engine-cooled snorkel above. All combinations deviate from the purity of the wedge shape, and the two-color paint work emphasizes this.

Lamborghini Huracan STO: How is the track?

To find out how it really is and see how much better it is than the regular Hurricane, we have the Buddhist International Circuit to play with. On the way out of the pit comes a smile. The V10 emits 640hp of power like the Performante, so there’s no big pump up here, but what an atmospheric engine it is. And Bespoke Exhaust makes it sound even more extraordinary. Unlike Ferrari, it plays a key role in loud screaming and trumpet blasting. Think of the soprano vs. tenor, the long conical sound it leaves behind in its rise is so awesome.

As I climb straight up and put my feet down, the hurricane begins to accelerate with malicious intent, jumping on the horizon and expelling power from the rear wheels. There is enough power here … at no point do I say to myself “I need another 100hp”.

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When moving from STO mode to Trofeo or Track mode, the engine responds even more quickly. The gearbox now requires manual intervention from the paddles, and this immerses me deeply in the experience. The way the engine was running to the redline, it hit me against the heart limiter … it would ruin the flow. Pay more attention. But it is difficult; This will hit the limit when going through the soft and quick part of the power-band. But what an engine … When turbocharged engines are stronger and more efficient at the top end, this is still the real thing, the real criterion.

ImageResizer.ashx?n=http%3a%2f%2fcdni.autocarindia.com%2fReviews%2fLamborghini Huracan STO seats

Bucket type seats are tough but will hold you well.

Driving the STO on the track shows how far Hurricane has come in terms of handling. Driving it hard and pushing it to the limit will no longer be as exciting as feeding a crocodile a hand. STO feels very active, active and relaxed at the same time. The steering wheel feels good instantly. Very straightforward and less ‘snappy’, the car goes in a very natural and balanced manner. This is especially important when you have a traction-limited rear-wheel-drive supercar with a front-rear weight distribution of approximately 40:60. The steering feeling is still a bit lighter and it has no real connection, but overall the driving experience is so much better that it is significantly enhanced.

ImageResizer.ashx?n=http%3a%2f%2fcdni.autocarindia.com%2fReviews%2fLamborghini Huracan STO driving

Run it in a smooth manner and STO responds beautifully; However, driving fast is not easy.

As the speed increases, I start to brake later and focus more on the Prembo’s new CCM-R carbon-ceramic brakes. Here R stands for race and these discs are specifically designed for production cars that are constantly running on a track. In construction similar to the carbon-carbon discs used in Formula 1 cars, these discs offer extremely impressive stopping power, good pedal feel and unrealistic levels of thermal conductivity. Even with conventional carbon-ceramic discs, the cooling is four times better (400 degrees Celsius).

With a couple long straits on the BIC and some long, hard, heat-inducing stops, I expected the pedal to be a little worse to wear after a few laps. But no. Even in five rounds, they seem to deliver the same amount of bite and look tireless. The hand has so much backlash, I consistently stand straight on the long back. What’s even better is that the center screen in the cabin gives you a color-coded graphic of the temperature being created. Reliable brakes also allow for more confident entry into corners. As always, getting on and off the brakes and turning the throttle on and off smoothly allows you to get out of the car without any spikes. In Trophy Drive mode, the car allows loads and load slip, and when operated in this way, without suddenly approaching the limits, the rear of the Hurricane begins to move in a somewhat friendly manner. This is obviously a big improvement over the regular rear-wheel-drive Hurricane. The transitions are smooth and very obvious, and the linear responses of the machine make it easy to add a little power.

ImageResizer.ashx?n=http%3a%2f%2fcdni.autocarindia.com%2fReviews%2fLamborghini Huracan STO rear action

Although this is a hurricane, you need to pay attention and wait for the weight transfer before you can get gas again. Ignore the effect of the heavy engine on the rear and ham-fist with it, it will suck you up. Drive like a Porsche 911 instead, consider a large counterweight in the rear to be loose, work with the car, and it will give you an amazing driving experience.

STO has a telemetry system that records data and records videos so you can watch the drive and share the results with your friends.

Lamborghini Huracan STO: Do you want to buy one?

This is Lamborghini Hurricane’s best driver. It is also clear that betting promotes race. A car that you can really drive and explore on a trail, the STO is a hurricane that is thrilling and semi-accessible, it’s huge. While we can not say how well it will go on our roads and how effective it will be in our conditions, this is the most appropriate last emergency for the Huracan. Considering one thing, for those who are smarter at a premium of around Rs 1.5 crore than the regular hurricane, the STO, Rs. At 4.99 crore, the future is a classic, keep in mind that this is one of the most coveted. Then keep its price well.

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2022 Lamborghini Huracan STO review, track drive – EV Updates 2022

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