What to expect after coronavirus in the Future of work | work From Home

 What to expect after coronavirus in the Future of work | work From Home


What to expect after coronavirus in the Future of work | work From Home


If you are currently working or want to resume work after an epidemic, know that the nature of work will probably be very different in the next few years. People take care about their health not to leave social disturbances soon and businesses that are left with COVID will not give up their learning from this crisis. What can you expect once a crisis escalates or is managed?

1. Working from home

Actual work and mindset: When you go to work in an office, there is a seat cost arising from office rent, electricity and related facilities. Until now, everyone believed that this cost was necessary because production was possible only with the team and manager in an office environment. The epidemic broke those mental blocks as your employer and you worked from home. Now, employers have an option to reduce seat costs and implement remote work where results do not suffer.

Where to Expect ?: If you are in a role where your primary production is on a computer or telephone, the scales are the tip in favor of remote work. Thus, there are various options related to coding, designing, writing, e-mail coordination, customer support, recovery, pre-sales, and post-sales support, creative field, finance and accounting, recruitment, consulting, consulting, emergence. Tax disclosure, analytics, and data entry. Complete work-from-home, needy, or rotational / Flexi appearance will contribute to reducing seat costs without compromising on production. Expect more rigorous monitoring policies and outputted compensation to overcome the challenges of managing a team

Where not to expect?: If your role is related to tangible assets or physical contact with others or physical or data security, do not expect a change. The first category is where you are dealing with manufacturing, production, repair and maintenance, construction, transport, and storage or with equipment in the laboratory. Here, you will continue to work as long as technology in the military that uses pilot drones from afar is cheaply available to the industry. The second category is the role of patient care, physical service to customers in the salon or serving customers in the restaurant industry. The third is physical security or where security of encrypted systems and data is mandatory, as in financial services.

2. Change to Job Profile

Workforce and behavior: Two major factors will determine whether your job profile will develop. If there is a shortfall in the workforce, you are likely to take on additional tasks and responsibilities. Secondly, if customers, vendors or employers continue with their changed behavior, social disturbances or cost control, then your interactions with others will change the way you complete your tasks.

Where to expect?: Regardless of the industry or work, your role may include an additional assignment. As a sales leader, you can be responsible for more accounts, and it will change your goals and priorities to focus on the biggest ones. Changes in behavior mean that if your customers choose to maintain physical distance, you will travel less and learn to sell via video / live-chat. This may mean a dramatic increase in sales calls with less effectiveness per call. Likewise, if you are working on data or accounts, you will have to learn and use techniques to increase your productivity to handle the additional productivity.

Where not expected?: Do not expect business-efficient options to save on non-ancillary costs or to deal with changes in customer behavior. Therefore, in retail, consumers may be used from supermarket to home delivery and may be reluctant to expose themselves to physical shopping. Therefore cashier’s jobs in supermarkets will be replaced with drivers and delivery personnel. Similarly, automation, including self-testing and billing, can be implemented in supermarkets, requiring fewer cashiers.


3. Appeal and content

Impact of the epidemic: Your employer will take all measures in the short term to reduce cash outflows and increase the likelihood of business continuity. So you may feel pain in the short term, but this increases the chances of your employer avoiding and retaining your job.

Immediate change: Expect salary incentives as well as your incentives and bonuses for the previous year. A portion of your fixed salary may be converted into a temporary measure as a variable or performance payment as an alternative to variable people. This revenue will continue to grow. The development will begin only when development resumes. If you are in severely affected areas such as travel, the pain will be prolonged, or you may soon lose your job.

If you are into services/products related to advertising and media, recruitment, loan industry, and personal or corporate discretionary expenses, you will also be affected, which can be postponed such as fashion, entertainment, permanent and real estate. Areas such as FMCG, healthcare, and online education are either experiencing temporary naps, not demand changes, or even growth. There can be no impact and you may also get a pay rise. Finally, if you are in an important role with skills that are in short supply, such as a coder in state-of-the-art technology, then you will be unaffected by general catastrophe

1. Job Search

If you are affected by the pay deductions applied by your employer, find out if your employer’s business is at a loss. If yes, start your job search immediately. When you want a new role, always consider the stability of the next employer, and if that doesn’t work, where will you go next.

2. Variable Pay

If you are confident about your contribution to the company and expect to succeed in the coming year, ask for an increase in your performance salary or commission. If you are in sales and provide strong business, they will be happy to give you a commission that can exceed your fixed income deduction.

3. Additional role

Identify projects, tasks, and roles that will directly increase revenue or decrease costs for your firm. Ask for additional responsibilities with a commitment to deliver additional results. Make a business case for your suggestion where the cost is an increment/performance salary for you and the benefits for the firm are tangible and very high.

4. Earn permission

Your employment contract prevents you from moonlighting or being another source of income. Share your compulsions and income requirement. Get advice, design, coding, writing, or permission to earn more by helping startups with the office during the weekend or without affecting their current time.

5. on contract

If you are in a taxable bracket and are ready to take the risk, request to be moved out of permanent employment into a contracting role. Being on contract allows you to spend the costs of work, travel, living, food, or training related to your income tax return, thus increasing the salary to take your company home without incurring increased costs.

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