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American Airline Cargo onboards IBS Software’s iPartner customer platform

American Airline Cargo onboards IBS Software’s iPartner customer platform

American Airlines Cargo has taken a step forward in the digitization of its cargo operations by deploying IBS Software’s latest iPartner Customer (IPC) solution to allow seamless, fast integration with leading digital marketplace WebCargo, a Freightos Group company. IBS Software’s approach to IPC is to help carriers take advantage of a flexible and scalable platform, which a company spokesperson described as the unique ability to integrate digital sales channels. This design philosophy has enabled the entire lifecycle of integration between American Airlines Cargo and Freight to be achieved in just a few weeks.

Enabling Airline Digitization

To enable iPartner solutions to digitize integration capabilities with suppliers and partners, and to leverage the digitalization boom in the industry to achieve tangible business benefits such as better customer engagement, faster sales cycles and lower operating costs, the spokesperson said. was developed for.

The iPartner customer platform is equipped with APIs that allow rapid integration of airline cargo sales and delivery offerings. This allows American Airlines Cargo to take advantage of the business opportunities provided by Webcargo, ultimately providing increased access to a wider customer base. IPC’s real-time data exchange will empower operators to define and better control their distribution strategy by providing key features such as smart filtering and configurable business rules.

better booking experience

American Airlines Cargo’s Vice President-Commercial Roger Samways said that working with IBS Software on the integration with WebCargo has helped the company provide customers with the enhanced digital booking experience and access to the real-time rates and efficiencies that WebCargo offers. , as well as expands. Reach new customers. “We are excited to continue our partnership with IBS Software and leverage their experience and expertise as we both aim to drive growth in the air cargo sector through digitization.”

Ashok Rajan, Head of Cargo & Logistics Solutions at IBS Software, said modernizing the air cargo industry through digital technology is critical to its continued growth, and American Airlines Cargo is a trailblazer. “We are thrilled to continue our partnership with them on this exciting new venture as they continue their journey to transform the service and experience we provide to customers.”

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22 June 2022

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American Airline Cargo onboards IBS Software’s iPartner customer platform

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