amusement park

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amusement park

Romero was never interested in subtly criticizing anyone; He went for a hug and told you he was doing it. Time to wait to see “Dawn of the Dead,” “Monkey Shine” (1988), “Land of the Dead” (2005) and especially “Survival of the Dead” (2009), his last film Didn’t waste what caught on you. They open with attacks on the US military, the wealthy, corrupt government, and systematic suffrage of poor and working class Americans. “The Amusement Park,” like the same year’s “The Crazy,” which re-staged the Vietnam War in a Pittsburgh suburb, bites its protagonist’s neck and refuses to recover. Whatever Lutherans thought they were paying, they mistakenly cast our darkest cynical cast member at the height of their aversion to the country’s decaying morality, and financed one of the most disturbing films of the ’70s done.

Lincoln Mazel, later the religious grandfather opposed to the title character in Romero’s “Martin” (1978), opens the film with a direct address. He walks through an empty, rain-covered park and talks about how as you age, the variety of services and opportunities available to you diminishes until it seems that there is no need for the elderly. There is no place for Through the performance Mazel is about to take us to the amusement park that, despite its carnivalesque celebration, will look like the outside world.

Mazel, cheerful and dapper in a crisp white suit, enters a stark, sterile waiting room with only a few chairs and a sad, lonely man bleeding from his face and out of breath. Mazel asks this partner if he wants to go out with her. “There’s nothing there. You won’t like it!” The battered man manages through wheezing. Mazel starts her day at the park. The ticket taker has to be interrupted by superiors bowling short of their prized possessions like a devious antique dealer before taking money for tickets to rides and attractions. Signs everywhere do not advertise the park’s features, but read like questions on insurance forms or warnings on medication. The fun begins with a short train ride that turns frightening when Mazel along with the rest of the passengers starts seeing people in Halloween monster masks. It seems that no one else notices them.

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