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 App and website Testing  Online job Work From Home | Earn More than $1000+ per month

Will pay you to test websites and apps

Do you want to start testing online websites or apps.
I am going to tell you about all those things here.

I am a blogger, if you also run a blogger or a website, then I and you also take the suggestion of the user that the website or app is doing the right thing. Pay good money for review. You will get what is known as the user tester. As a user tester, you test a website or application functionality. You use the site / app as a very common user, the more complex user testing tasks in companies websites and apps will require you to create a bug tester. As a bug tester, you are basically trying to build websites or apps that break your test. You are looking for important technical issues that you have to find in the test that are basically bugs. Make sure the user experience is a good one. And once you find a [bug] malfunction problem, you report it to the developer and are rewarded. This may sound easy, but a lot of bugs are actually quite difficult to find. It is practiced.

Most of the time doing these “user tests” you will need to record your screen and voice so that you can voice your opinions and give feedback. If you work patiently then it definitely takes about 5 to 25 minutes to complete most of the tests of apps and websites. Earns $ 10 on average and 10 to $ 25 dollars per test. According to this, you can earn from $ 30 to $ 60 / hour. All from the comfort of your home!

 Requirements for testing websites:

You will also need a smartphone, a computer or laptop, a keyboard and mouse, a good Internet connection for interview video calls, a microphone (not always required), a webcam, some basic equipment. You should also be able to speak and write in English as it will be required in most tests. You need a PayPal account to receive your payment which is linked to your bank account.

How much more can you earn?
Because there are more testers than customers, you cannot expect to receive a bunch of tests every day. It is impossible to predict if you can qualify for one exam in a month or you can qualify for fifty.

However, there are also some ways to increase the chances of making more money:

Make sure you register for more than one website, for this how much time you can give, for this you first select only the websites with higher ratings. Then you will have more than one site in front of you. And then your loop will be more work. You have to make sure that you are giving quality feedback and following the tester guidelines on each site. If you set your time and if you work even one hour on 5 websites, then you will work five hours a day. A test takes about 5 to 25 minutes. Accordingly, you will complete most of the five tests, then you can earn on average $ 10 and 10 to $ 30 dollars per test in an hour. According to this you can also earn around $ 100 per day. If you have registered on the better site, then you also provide free courses and training available there, then take advantage now.

If you register on any website, first of all keep in mind that you will read their terms and conditions carefully.

how does it work?

List of websites that I have given. You can sign up or register on their website and enter your personal details. The more details you share about yourself, the more sessions they can mail to you, and the more money you can earn. When a new research is posted, you will receive an invitation via email. You will have to answer some quick questions and choose a time to attend a paid session. On the day of your session, log into their website, switch on your webcam and microphone and participate in the conversation. You don’t need any specific education background or special skills – just be yourself, think out loud and share your opinion!

UserZoom speaks to users for fast screen recorded tests and standard survey tests. It is the best of both worlds. And yes, you have to do a sample test, you must be 18 or older before you start paying.

Most of their tests pay an average of $ 10, with tests recorded in the last 10–20 minutes and $ 5 in easy survey tests. When you take an exam and the results are approved (takes 3-5 days) you will be paid via PayPal within 21 business days.

UserTesting is one of the more well-known websites that pay users to test websites (never thought I could use the term website once in a while). Earn $ 10 for every 20 minutes of work (up to $ 60 per test). To become a website tester, submit your email address and complete your application online. Aspiring examiners must conduct a sample test before receiving any assignment. The first thing you need to do is a practice test, then you need to start taking paid tests. You will review these tests to ensure that you are providing value and give voice to your ideas throughout the test. After your practice test is approved you will start receiving paid tests in your dashboard. You need to take a small screener (one minute time) for each paid trial to see if you qualify because customers want specific users to take their tests. The gig is open to US and international residents who can receive payments through PayPal. Each test takes approximately 15–20 minutes. is a panel that provides talk aloud testing and moderate live testing.

The talk aloud test should take about 5 minutes to complete and pay $ 5-10 which is only 5 minutes or so good for work. Operated live tests require a webcam and pay a minimum of $ 25 for 30 minutes.

4. UserCrowd (formerly applicability)

No microphone required.

At UserCrowd, you take quick design surveys to help improve products and websites. Most tests pay 1-2 credits per answer, and each credit costs $ 0.10. Once you reach 100 credits ($ 10.00),

The test task will be simple things like clicking somewhere on a site, answering a question, navigating a site, etc. Easy content that you can complete in seconds after hanging it. Break down 10 of these tests in one day and you are making an additional $ 365 each year.

Sadly, you won’t get 10 tests a day, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sign up. Even if you only make an additional $ 50 / month it can still be worth the time.

Cash out via PayPal once again and you must have at least 100 credits ($ 10).

So you can request payment through PayPal. I haven’t tried it one (yet), but one user said that he thought you could make $ 100 a year using this platform.

Loop 11 is an Australian-based company that occasionally takes submissions for paid website testers. To prove your suitability, you must complete the 5-minute aptitude test. To become a tester on loop 11 you will need to do a sample test, for which you must record your webcam, screen, and microphone. Yes, this is one of the few sites that also requires a webcam.

Loop11 is a lot more exclusive than some of the other sites I’ve listed, and they claim to pay more and provide consistent opportunities and bonuses to high quality workers.

There is not much information on salaries, but their website says that they pay above-average rates and bonuses. He also claims to have worked with companies such as IBM, JP Morgan Chase and Go Daddy. Loop 11 has been in business since 2009, according to the Founder’s LinkedIn profile.

On Userbrain, you get a lot of testing work. You can earn good money by doing the right tests. Each project takes about 5-15 minutes, UserBrain allows you to test websites on your computer, iPad or iPhone. They record your screen and microphone during testing using their Chrome extension or iOS app. Once you do a small sample test (takes me 10 minutes) and are approved, you will start receiving paid tests. And you will be paid $ 3 per test through PayPal. Which is lower than some other sites, but user tests are also lower. Payment is made weekly.

Once you make $ 10 you can withdraw cash through PayPal.

TestingTime performs long-term tests on Skype that will record your voice and face, so make sure you are comfortable with that before applying. Earn up to $ 55 per study. Each study is conducted via Skype and typically takes 30–90 minutes. Once the study is completed, you will be paid via PayPal within 5-10 days. The test time is open to global residents who have an Internet connection and have Skype installed on the computer.

TestBirds is a great software testing website that works like UTest. It did more than 1,500 tests and found more than 110,5 00 bugs. One of the things that comes out about Testbirds is the payment, for a regular usability test you will earn 20 Euros (about $ 25 USD), and this is just the beginning. For each bug you find you can earn even more money.

TestBirds provides free training to make you an even better tester so that you can earn more money with better testing.

Respondent is a research study website that conducts surveys, focus group studies, and website test gigs for examiners. To begin with, one has to apply or register using their email address, Facebook or LinkedIn account. Then fill in your contact information, demographics and employment status. Once everything is completed, you can start browsing projects and apply for those you find attractive. At the time of writing this post, there was a website testing gigs that paid $ 50 for 20 minutes, and another that paid $ 100 for 60 minutes. With the respondent, you have to log in and check the status of pending projects. Click here for a full review of the response.

10. TryMyUI

TryMyUI claims that you will receive a few tests per week which will take 15-20 minutes for each test. Earn $ 10 from each test. To be part of the first TryMyUI team, sign up for an account. After this, you have to pass the aptitude test. These tests will record your screen and voice and at the end will require a written response. The aptitude test is a sample test that shows that you understand the process and requirements. After you qualify, you will be sent exam opportunities via email. Payment is made weekly through PayPal.

Each test on UserFeel will take you about 10-20 minutes and pays $ 10 for it. You can test on your computer or smartphone. To become a website tester, one must register for an account. You must also pass a qualification test and you should check their examiner FAQ. They have lots of useful information to help you become a better examiner. Do a sample test. Once your sample is approved, you will start receiving assignments by email. Payments are made through PayPal at the end of each week.

On Userlytics you get websites, apps, prototypes, testing. Userlytics pays $ 10 on each of your tests. To apply, register for an account, and then wait for an invitation to complete an assignment. Once you complete your work, you are sent a payment every Friday through PayPal anywhere from $ 5- $ 90 depending on the scope of the project. Although this is not a new thing, it is extra income. .

13. UTest

uTest hires independent contractors for quality assurance testing for various software and hardware. Its customers include brands such as Google, Amazon, Netflix, and more. To get started, fill out their online application (takes about 10 minutes), take the audition exam to demonstrate your technical skills, then pass the email waiting for an assignment to be sent to you. UTest is a bit daunting at first as there is so much going on with it then other user testing sites, but don’t worry! Once you spend a little time on it and start understanding the website for testing, everything will start to make sense. What you are doing on UTest would be looking for bugs in a piece of software. Salaries vary for each test cycle, but you can expect an average of $ 5 per bug. In case of more problems, use their help line. Note that you have a lot of earning potential on uTest.

 There are too many users making full-time income ($ 3,000 / mo +) with uTest.

Useful and free information is available on UTest, so be sure to pay attention to courses and forums for that.

14. Enroll

Enroll differs from most other sites on this list because it does not require a microphone or webcam to record your tests.
Earn money by testing websites. Submit your email address, password to enroll in the program, and test your preferred method (desktop computer, tablet or smartphone, etc.). Once you are fully registered, you will receive emails when assignments are ready for you. Enroll tests have simple tasks that ask you to compare two web pages or click somewhere on a webpage. You can also take these tests on any device, mobile, desktop or tablet. Functions in the form of payment vary in nature. This makes it much easier to take tests but it also means that they pay less. There is no exact number but most tests pay anywhere from $ 0.10 to $ 1.50. Oh, you also get some cool badges when you complete the test which is a fun addition. Enrol pays through PayPal.

WhatsAppersDaw has a simple sign-up process that includes downloading their screen recorder and a practice test. Just once you sign up you will start receiving 3-5 tests per month via email. If you successfully complete your tests carefully and provide useful feedback, you will be offered more tests per month. Each test you take will pay $ 5 (which is lower than most testing sites) via PayPal on the 25th of each month.


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