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Ashwatthama Review

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Ashwatthama  Review
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Ashwatthama Review Release Date, Teaser, Trailer, Songs, Cast , Story

Name Release Date Language Dubbed In
17 November 2022 Hindi Drama
Genres Cast Director
2h Aryan Singh, Lovely Singh, Pushpendra Singh, Chitra Sharma, Anju Singh, Pravendra Singh, Sangita Kumari Pushpendra Singh
Writer Cinematography Music
Pushpendra Singh Ravi Kiran Ayyagari Ajit Singh
Producer Production
Pushpendra Singh, Sanjay Gulati, Ajit Singh Asr Films, Crawling Angel Films, Marudhar Arts
Story And Description
Nine-year-old Ishvaku (Aryan Singh) was listening to the story of Ashwatthama — a tragic mythological hero who was cursed to be immortal, and live with the pain of his wounds forever — when a group of bandits kill his mother.

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