Ather Energy 0M revenue and new plant in Hosur,TN – EV Updates 2022

Ather Energy $100M revenue and new plant in Hosur,TN – EV Updates 2022

Ather Energy $100M revenue and new plant in Hosur,TN – EV Updates 2022

Ether energy Reaches $ 100 Million (750 CR) Annual flow rate within one year as India’s largest EV two-wheeler manufacturer in terms of revenue. Ether Energy has announced plans to set up a second plant in Hosur, Tamil Nadu to increase production and meet the growing demand for Ether 450 Plus and Ether 450X electric scooters.

Ether energy reached The 750 CR milestone that seemed impossible in early 2020. Today, Ether is India’s largest EV two-wheeler company in terms of revenue.

Aether Energy is present in 23 cities across India today and plans to set up a total of 150 experience centers in 100 cities by March 2023. Its Ether Grid Fast Charging Network currently has more than 200 charging points across the country. Hero is already collaborating with MotoCorp to assist India’s leading two-wheeler manufacturers. Fast charging system In the hero’s upcoming electric two-wheeler.

The second ether plant is expected to be operational by 2022 in Hosur, Tamil Nadu, and will spend Rs. The company says it has invested Rs 650 crore. In its report, Ether says the new facility will focus on lithium-ion battery production. This would give Ether Energy a total annual production capacity of 400,000 units – almost four times the start-up’s current production capacity of 120,000 units.

Talks about the competition of newly launched popular brands. Tarun Mehta added that Ola’s announcement has helped boost EV sales by 60% in the last 2/3 months. R.Sponsorship is high from Tier-II and Tier-III cities. Announcements help keep people alert and excited about electricity movement.
“Healthy cCompetitiveness only improves the supply chain and business credibility. “, he said.

Production line and zero inventory space increased as Tarun Mehta tweeted.

Taken by PluginIndia:
Surprising news about 750 CR Revenue. In early 2020, when PluginIndia met Tarun Mehta, it unveiled the Ather 450X, which drew a lot of criticism over its price, variations, subscription fees and more. To their credit, the group organization community met in all cities, took feedback, and promoted offers. Today the Ather 450X and 450Plus are the most attractive options for those looking for an electric scooter. Even if the revenue is hugely positive, we will still be interested in the profit available on the sale of each unit. With ex-showroom price 1.75 lakh (before government grants), seems to have a decent limit (we believe).
An added benefit is the increase in production capacity to 4,00,000 units, which should continue for the next few years. The concern here is that Ether continues to spend a lot of money – 650 CR in new production facility. Eventually they will have to repay a lot of investor money. If they want to increase their market share and make a profit to keep their investors happy, they should quickly introduce cheaper varieties.
Overall, this news is very positive for the Indian EV sector.


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Ather Energy $100M revenue and new plant in Hosur,TN - EV Updates 2022

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