ATHER ENERGY & ZEON CHARGING are partnering to setup EV charge points – EV Updates 2022

ATHER ENERGY & ZEON CHARGING are partnering to setup EV charge points – EV Updates 2022

ATHER ENERGY & ZEON CHARGING are partnering to setup EV charge points – EV Updates 2022

Zeon Charging and Ather Energy have teamed up to set up public charging stations across India.

Zeon Charging and Ather Energy have teamed up to accelerate the pace of expansion of their public charging network. Through this partnership Ather Energy will install Ather Grid points on existing and future Zion charging stations. Zion Charging, in conjunction with Ether Energy, will install as many four-wheel chargers as possible on existing Ether Grid locations.
The development and expansion of reliable charging infrastructure facilitates the adoption of electric vehicles in our country. Zeon Charging While installing high-powered chargers capable of charging four-wheelers and heavier vehicles, the Ather Grid is mainly used today for charging Ather scooters and other two-wheelers. As Ather Energy opens its proprietary charging connector earlier this year in August, the Ather Grid will be available for two-wheelers made by other OEMs in the future. Having these two installations in one place brings a lot of synergy in terms of power availability, backend infrastructure and the ability to charge all electric vehicles.


Zion and Ether equipment in Mysore, KA


Zion and Ether equipment near Tirupur, DN

Mr. Karthik, CEO – ZEON Charging said, “Our aim is to expedite the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and thereby make the operation more stable. By promoting EV adoption, we seek to reduce our nation’s dependence on imported oil and purify our air. The stations so far have been focusing mainly on four-wheelers and heavy-duty vehicles. Stations As charging centers with increased legs. Our current and rapidly expanding location network will enable Ether Energy to rapidly expand its Ether Grid network, enabling Ether customers to drive on highways between cities covered by our network. Most importantly it will help our work to expedite the acceptance of EVs. Going forward, Ether Grid dots will be added to many of our charging stations, and Zion Charging will add high-power chargers to as many Ether Grid locations as possible. This partnership enables Smart Synergy to help each other expand their network faster. ”

Mr. Nilay Chandra, VP – Marketing and Charging Infrastructure, Ether Energy said, “Ether Energy is one of the few electric vehicle manufacturers to invest in charging infrastructure. Ether Energy’s public charging network, Ether Grid, is one of the largest two-wheeler fast charging networks in India. Ether Grid has now entered the next phase. With the launch of our new product, we will expand to reach 500+ locations by March 2022. This partnership with Zeon Charging enables us to generate synergies in the charging spaces held by each partner, four-wheeler and two-wheeler, respectively, and as a result, make our charging stations accessible to EV users. , Thereby promoting EV acceptance across the country “

About Zion Charging:
Zion Charging builds the infrastructure needed to implement the electric vehicle (EV) revolution in India. We partner with businesses that frequent EV owners such as restaurants, shopping malls and other shopping malls, and install electric vehicle chargers in their car parks. Our charging stations have many high-power chargers capable of simultaneously charging multiple cars and other large vehicles. Existing charging Stations Located in strategic locations, it enables our customers to travel long distances connecting most of the major cities and towns of South India.

About Ether Energy:
Ether Energy, one of India’s first intelligent electric vehicle manufacturers, was founded in 2013 by IIT Madras alumni Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain. It is backed by Flipkart founders Sachin Bansal & Binny Bansal- Hero MotoCorp and Tiger Global. Ether Energy launched India’s first truly intelligent, electric scooter in 2018, followed by their new flagship Ether 450X in 2020. Ether has also established an extensive public charging network, designed and built on the Ether Grid, India. With 250+ charging points across India, Ether Grid is one of the largest fast charging networks for electric vehicles in the country. The company has won 37 awards in the product line design, vehicle and technology categories. With 58 Indian and international patent applications, 109 trademarks and 118 Indian and international design records in its name, Ather Energy aims to provide a better ownership experience for consumers. Ather Energy currently operates in 23 cities, including Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Jaipur, Kochi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Mysore and Hubli.

Taken by PluginIndia:
The two major problems with the charging infrastructure are the need for real estate and the electrical load that must be set for charging. It is better for companies to share their locations together than to work in silos. This will ensure more legs and more charging sessions, which will benefit the EV community and operators.
Great idea, this is by both Zion and Ather. We need to see this happen further.


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ATHER ENERGY & ZEON CHARGING are partnering to setup EV charge points - EV Updates 2022

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