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           Best Blogging Platform 2020 | Nixatube

  If you want to earn money from the internet and you are looking for a good blogging platform, then you will find answers to all the questions here, for this, we are going to tell you about the best, the best blogging platform. For the new user, choosing the best blogging platform is a daunting task, because there are so many blogging platforms available in the market, I know that starting a blog can be a very difficult task.
Here we will talk about free introductory guides or pads and you will learn how to become a blogger? So whether you are children or old, you can make your blog in less than 20 minutes. But do not worry, here you will not only be told about blogging, but all the simplest options have helped you create a successful blogger.

I am not ashamed to accept that when I was trying to make a blog for the first time, I made mistakes many times. You can benefit from my experience so that you do not repeat these mistakes when you create your blog. I made this free guide so that anyone can learn quickly and easily.

In this article, I have listed all the best blogging platforms with pros and cons, which will help you to figure out what is best for you. And if you get trapped at any point
Easily send me a message and I will do my best to help you!


What is a Blog?

The Best Blogging Platform It would not be wrong to say that a blog is a type of website that focuses primarily on written content, which is also known as a blog post. In popular culture, we often listen to news blogs or celebrity blog sites, but as you see in this guide, you can start a successful blog on imagining any topic.
Blogger often sees the person, making it easy to connect them directly with their readers. Apart from this, most blogs also have a “comment” section where readers can match bloggers. Talking to the comments section with your readers helps in advancing relationships between bloggers and readers and better understand each other. This communication medium allows you to discuss and share with other people with similar ideologies. It additionally enables you to build trust with your pars. By keeping faith and loyalty towards your readers, the doors of earning money from your blog also open, which has been discussed later in this guide.

1. Blogger


    Blogger is a very popular and The Best Blogging Platform developed by Google. It is completely free. You can design any type of website. You can also use it for free hosting, even the best web hosting service
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    Using the Blogger platform is very easy: millions of people are using blogspots for different types of websites. If you want to create your own blog on, then you are just thinking that you will only need a Google email ID.

    There is some resentment on this forum, you can not take full control of your blog by resorting to rituals. But this is too much and best for it.

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    The professionals


    Google’s Blogspot is a lifetime for you

    You can start your online business with an email ID.
    You can apply for Adsense from its dashboard.
    You do not have the hassle of buying hosting.
    You can create blogs according to your mind.
    Like any web site, you can connect with them.


    You do not have complete control over the features of your blog.

    It provides very little customization.
    Not like WordPress
    Limited storage

    Pricing – Free

     If you use a custom domain and third party theme, then you have to spend money.


    download is open-source software that you can use to create beautiful websites, blogs or apps, and create 100% free website with beautiful design, powerful features and you can make WordPress free and invaluable. . What you want to do is WordPress. Up to now, anyone on this platform can create a website for free for your words of praise. But you only have to buy domains and hosting by choosing domain and hosting,
    There are two ways to use

    Screen Shot 2018 08 02 at 11.42.39 am

    1. You can select a domain name first and then according to that you can choose a hosting option, then add the domain name to the domain server. You will find that you only install WordPress on the hosting website.

    2. If you install a localhost software in your PC / laptop, after you have stored the database, you can download by visiting and then you will get WordPress.


    It is completely free and easy to use.

    Creating a website on gives you complete control over the website.

    You can customize the website accordingly, install plugins, do SEO, etc. This is the reason that is the most popular in the world.

    By creating a website on this platform, you will be the owner of the website and its data, and if you take into account the terms and conditions, then no one can stop your website by saying that you have broken a rule.

    You can start making money without consulting Adsense or Ads, Product Affiliate, Sponsored Posts, etc., or you want to earn money for your website, here you do not need to share revenue with anyone.

    On this platform, you get lots of free and paid themes, with the help of which you can create beautiful websites. With this, millions of free and paid plugins are available to connect almost all the major features on the website. is also flexible enough to be powerful. You have no difficulty using this website on this platform.

    With this help, you can start a blogging career.


    To start the website on this platform, you will first have to purchase the hosting. 

    Hosting means the way to connect to the Internet where your website’s file will be stored. 

    You can initially start a basic hosting plan, and over time, when traffic comes to your website and revenue increases, then you can upgrade it to Unlimited (Premium).

    Here you have to keep your own website’s backup, update, maintenance and so on. 

    However, using a self-hosted WordPress site, plugins can be easily done.

    If you wish, you can check through the localhost software in your pc / laptop without having to install the website of the internet and then run the website on the live server later.


    Opera%2BSnapshot 2019 02 12 003045 is a very popular and The Best Blogging Platform and web development platform. It’s free. You can design any type of website. You can also use it for free hosting, but free hosting is up to the scheduled time but you can upgrade by premium

    Using is very easy: hundreds of people are using for various types of websites. If you want to create your blog on, you can sign in by visiting

    Filial 4 plans:- 

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    Pross:- is a free and easy forum if you just want to blogging to complete your hobby, and you do not want money, you are using it gives free hosting storage up to 3 GB to store website files.
    Here you do not need to take tension of website updates, backups etc., this team handles the work of


    aff 300 600 unmanaged windows

    Here you get a very little template and customization options. If you are a free user, you will be able to use limited free templates. Premium T templates are available for premium and business users only. After this, you will also be able to use custom CSS.

    The JetPack plugin is already enabled in all websites. Also, you can not install or upload any other plugin, it’s disappointing.

    If you take a business plan, then the company has the facility to install some additional plugins.

    If you have created a free website on this platform, keep in mind that the company will show your ads on your website and will not receive any money for it. You need to take a paid plan to remove those ads.
    Remember, you can not place ads here on your website.
    If you have a lot of traffic to the website, then you can apply for the company’s Advertising Platform Word Ads. This facility is available for the PED member from the beginning.
    Only business members here are allowed to add Google Analytics to their website.
    If you do not follow’s t & c, they can delete your website at any time.
    Powered by, in the footer of all the free websites created on this forum.
    Links will be viewed. You have to take a business plan to remove it.
    You can not create high-optimization websites like e-commerce or subscriptions on

          When using this service, you will understand many limitations. On this platform, you do not get all the features under the free, personal and premium package. If you want more control over your website and some advanced options, then you have to take at least one business plan. Overall, we would advise you that if you are coming here for blogging and earning money then you can not come here. You can sit here to spend more than earning money, you are personal.


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    Eevya is an amazing online website build platform, which is brand new, many services are still free if you want to start a blog or website, you can create your account here and within 30 minutes only your blog or website Can create. Creating an account here is easy, you must have a Gmail or Facebook account Just eats a deal, now it is offering free services to Kaponi. Programs without delay You can start a blog here.
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    it’s free
    eevya provides a free plan to all users, making all the necessary tools a beautiful website.

    The time you create your website or blog, it’s just 15 minutes less than you can make.

    Automatically create an air management content by adding your content to your workflow

    SEO Optimized
    Keep a top spot on search results with our world-class SEO optimization.

    Electric Features
    Add striking pictures, albums, videos, forms and more…

    Fully responsive
    divya websites are fully responsive and optimized to look great on any device

    Opera%2BSnapshot 2019 02 14 133312

    If you want to take my opinion, then I would say that this platform is good and safe and you can make your blog here.

    Any question is on any point, then you must definitely ask for a comment box in the comment box.
    If you want to start a blog on WordPress, then you will need hosting of good quality, for this, you can use this hosting plan.

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