BYD Introduces Electric MPV in India: BYD with e6 blade batteries

 – EV Updates 2022

BYD Introduces Electric MPV in India: BYD with e6 blade batteries – EV Updates 2022

BYD Introduces Electric MPV in India: BYD with e6 blade batteries

– EV Updates 2022

Car maker BYD has introduced new electricity Multipurpose Vehicle, BYD e6 for B2B segment in India. Its price is 29.6 lakh rupees. Apart from BYD, mobile components, solar panels and battery energy storage in Chennai, India also manufactures trucks and buses. They have been in India since 2007.

The car maker said that the newly introduced MPV will not be marketed as a passenger vehicle but will be capable of traveling at 130 kmph with a 70 KWH electric motor for the Indian B2B segment. Travels up to 500 km on a single charge. The all-new e6 is equipped with a 71.7 kWh blade battery. BYD claims that the car can be charged up to 30-80% in just half an hour with fast charging features on both AC and DC. It comes with 580L boot space, MacPherson strut front suspension and rear multi-link suspension chassis.

Ketsu Zhang, Managing Director, BYD India, said. “We are pleased to introduce the new e6 to achieve India’s electricity revolution goals with our premium green technology. We hope this will be a perfect and strategic time for BYD India to rise in key markets across India. We’re trying to surpass local customer expectations, and I’re sure the new e6 and many more product portfolios will reach this in the future. “

Srirang Joshi, Sales Head, Electric Passenger Vehicle, BYD India, “We are delighted to finally bring our globally tested new e6 to the Indian market. We believe that the all-new e6 will succeed in India by focusing on safety, reliability, interior space and economic reliability.”. He added, “The total cost of ownership will greatly benefit our customers and the segment as a whole. We are pleased to be a part of India’s EV Revolution and will be launching many more product ranges in the future.”.

MPV will contain the latest in BYD Blade battery technology, Which it uses

Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LFP) Chemistry. The form factor of the blade cell has a number of advantages, including improved volume space, lifespan (expected 3,000 charging / discharging cycles or 1.2 million km (approximately 750,000 miles) mileage, decent charging capacity (30-80% in 30 minutes) and great safety.

BYD explains that batteries survive:

  • The rigorous nail-penetration test showed that the surface temperature of the plate battery reached a significantly lower 30º – 60º C while not emitting smoke or fire.
  • 300º C furnace test and 260% overcharging test, both of which did not cause a fire or explosion reaction

The MPV will be available in major metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad and other cities like Vijayawada, Ahmedabad and Kochi at an ex-showroom price of ₹ 29.6 lakh, including a 7kW charger.

The BYD comes with MPV e6 warranty 3 years or 1.25 lakh km, A battery cell guarantee 8 years or 5 lakh km And traction motor guaranteed 8 years or 1.5 lakh km, Which is earlier.

BYD MPV e6 – Electric multi-purpose vehicle

Blade battery in BYD MPV e6

Taken by PluginIndia:
Recently a friend of ours in Pune got access to this MPV. Mainly BYD gave it to his friend who was evaluating the car to buy the car in bulk. They traveled by road from Ahmedabad to Pune and Goa. They can easily reach 400+ km on a single charge by driving at a decent speed on a more loaded highway. It shows the performance of BYD blade batteries. My friend’s favorite is the convenience of driving when the car is fully charged and the 500km range counts!
We would like to spend Rs 26 lakh on BYD e6 with secure blade batteries, rather than spending Rs 22 lakh to Rs 24 lakh on the Hyundai Kona with its dubious NMC battery packs.

This car has been developed since 2010. They have been working in the car for over 11 years. This is definitely a game changer as it has the lifespan of battery packs
1 million km Think about that. The average lifespan of a petrol or diesel car is about 200,000 km. If you buy an EV that goes a million km, this EV will last 3 times longer than the ICE car.

Overall it is exciting for the Indian electric car market. My personal preference is to get all types of electric cars, including the BYD small Dolphin car, manufactured in India, and to introduce more EVs to our car makers. But we have to start somewhere and we are glad that BYD is in India too.


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BYD Introduces Electric MPV in India: BYD with e6 blade batteries

- EV Updates 2022

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