cheapest Web Hosting provider Interserver for $1 / 3month

The Trending and cheapest Web Hosting provider  Interserver in $1 / 3month

What is InterServer?

    Inter Services Features
   Compaire To Market Price

What is InterServer?

If you are looking for a cheap and good hosting for a website or blog, then surely this article will prove very useful for you. InterServer provides a great service that may be right for you. I encountered some interesting surprises, so read on to find out what you can expect as a customer. Because the name of the hosting server company I am going to tell about is interserver. Interserver can currently overcome the difficult problem of your hosting. To help your business maintain online hosting and security can do an amazing deal. You can get a great hosting server for three months for only $ 1. According to me this is the cheapest and best hosting plan. This is a limited time offer. Three months of hosting for $ 1.00 is very cheap. Purchase before the offer ends becouse The Trending and cheapest Web Hosting provider  Interserver for $1 / 3month.

The most popular web hosting service due to its features, functionality and low prices, Interserver is one of the best and flexible web hosting for WordPress sites.

The founders of InterServer are Michael Laverick and John Quaglary. Interserver is a New Jersey-based company that has been in the game since 1999. Initially launched as a virtual hosting account re-seller, hosting provider InterServer has 21 years of experience in web hosting.

The Trending and cheapest Web Hosting provider  Interserver for $1 / 3month , Its plan is so cheap, it is very cheap for first three months hosting for $ 1.00. Because of this you can take advantage of unlimited storage, transfer, email and free SSL certificates and maintain up to 20 websites. For this you can install more than 100 scripts software or apps for WordPress, PrestShop, Quebec, Magenta and OSCAM in just single click.

 A budget-friendly provider, self-understood (and widely proven), Interserver specializes in shared, VPS and dedicated and co-location hosting solutions. Since then, these people have changed a lot of technology, which has led to a lot of mistrust in the customer. Their basic principles of quality, service and support remain the same. Their company has developed all its product offerings to continue to exceed customer expectations, along with shared hosting, cloud hosting, accelerated servers and dedicated servers, and to meet the expectations of its customers Acting as a leading webhosting provider.

INTERSERVER can provide its breadth of customer base with new products and services designed to complement their existing businesses. They serve clients from individual freelancers to Fortune 500 companies, both domestic and international. InterServer takes great pride in their commitment to ensuring security, reliability and technical expertise to every customer. YellowG is one of the few service providers that provide almost customer service with live representatives available 24/7. Looking at their experience, I do not think it is appropriate to doubt such an old company.

Interserver’s best service uses only the top devices in its servers, with high-performance SSD hard drives with capacities ranging from 30 GB to 240 GB. These disks work up to 20 times faster than ordinary SATA drives. In addition it supports many languages ​​of the world and uses the latest versions of MySQL, PHP, Python, Perl and Ruby to name a few. These servers are compatible with Linux applications, server solutions or OS components.
The Interserver service gives you the ability to easily connect and manage everything from the solution’s control panel. Virtual servers can also be extended by the use of a web-based control panel.

InterServer also has the best 100% uptime, a rare feat among web hosting services. The platform’s use of an intelligent BGPv4 routing protocol enables its nearest backbone provider to enable traffic, effectively increase speed and reduce latency. With Interserver, you have access to more resources when you use your server because the service maintains its server at around 50% capacity.

Question – Does Interserver really provide powerful and strong server for your website or blog?

Answer – Given InterServer’s current affordable shared hosting plans, there is doubt as to whether the low value of $ 1.00 can really provide you with unlimited resources, useful additional features and powerful security tools?

  Inter Services Features

Common Features

For the purpose of this review based on some important features of Interserver, I took the Linux-based standard web hosting plan for three months for $ 1.00. It contains a lot of cool features, but the most important on Interserve is the unlimited amount of resources.

 Now, InterServer’s unlimited amount of resources does not mean that you can park your entire media library in your account, or make it into a download portal. This simply means that as long as you follow a fair use policy, you don’t have to worry about running out of space or bandwidth again.

This is great news, but it does not mean that you will stick to shared hosting and keep your website growing forever. A massively successful website will require more CPU and RAM resources, as multiple visitors at the same time place a major strain on a shared server. If this happens, you will have to upgrade to VPS.

What else does Interserver have for us? SSL certificate. Everyone becomes one! Let’s Encrypt SSL is included with each shared account in the company, which ensures that you are padlock protected. An SSL is essential to running an e-commerce store, ensuring the privacy of your visitors and achieving better Google rankings. The certificate is not already installed, but the supporting agent I spoke to was more than happy to install it himself.

All Linux accounts also have cPanel as their control panel, so you’ll have easy access to one-click installations of WordPress, Joomla, SitePad Website Builder, and hundreds of other CMS (content management systems). If you are moving to Interserver from another web host, then you do not need to do any work yourself. InterServer provides free website migration with all accounts.

For even more great features:

Ironclad Security Tools and Protocols
Keeping your website safe and free of malicious files is extremely important, but most hosting companies do little to help you. Some will try to uproot you with a security suite, others may offer some useful advice, but very few will provide you with everything you need to keep your website safe.

This is where InterServer really shines. Its intershield security firewall blocks outside attackers, using machine learning to stay out of attackers. This defense is automatically included with all plans. In addition, you will have access to the ModSecurity tool, Firewall to provide another layer of security, and Imunify360, which will continuously scan your hosting drive for malicious files.

And the best part of InterServe? Everything is included in your plan, free of charge.

Imunify360 Security Tool of InterServer
Lightspeed Caching and Cloudfare CDN
The speed of your website can be greatly improved by using caching, a process that saves static copies of your pages for future use. Lightspeed is one of the best web server technologies available today, providing all the caching tools needed to boost your performance.

You can gain access to LiteSpeed ​​caching via cPanel, and the integrated tool will quickly scan your drives and make cached copies of your pages. For advanced pages that require a good amount of computing power, it can save entire seconds in loading time.

InterServer says that its shared hosting plans come with unlimited storage and bandwidth, and generally speaking, if you follow the terms of service, you won’t have to face any kind of problem.
While the terms are somewhat unclear, you are not allowed to host sites that would be a better fit for VPS hosting / dedicated servers – such as using your hosting for storage, rearranging your hosting, chat rooms, or larger Hosting message boards, and so on.

Those who have questions about whether their website violates Interserver’s terms of service should contact the company for clarification.

Caching on Lightspeed cPanel of Interserver

Interserver’s Lightspeed cPanel is another excellent integration with Cloudflare’s CDN (Content Delivery Network). CloudFlare’s global fleet servers will cache copies of your website’s pages, and each of your visitors will be served from their nearest location.

Most static websites (such as portfolios and business pages) would benefit the most from a CDN, as it has the potential to significantly reduce loading times for visitors away from the data centers of the interserver. If your website is constantly updated and contains a lot of dynamic content, the impact of a CDN will be minimal.

Unlimited Domains and Websites
You will often find that there is a limit to the number of different websites you can create with a shared web hosting plan. You may have enough disk space available for any other small project you need to bring online, but you are limited to using either subdomain


InterServer makes a lot of claims about how well their web hosting performs, but further takes a look at resource limitations, uptime and average response time. Our monitoring of the uptime of the Interserver shows that the company has not generally met the industry-standard 99.9% uptime guarantee (although we see that the company has over four different months in the time period beginning in November 2017 and Ended May 2019). However, the lowest uptime we saw was 99.55%

Due to its poor uptime history, your Interserver indicates to perform well to monitor the uptime of the website and to seek compensation when its guarantee is down.


In terms of speed, we typically have an average response time in the range of 400 milliseconds. There are several problematic months with average response times up to 600–700 milliseconds.

For example, Interserver considered some of its competitors (eg A2 Hosting, which averaged 296 ms in the last 10 months) significantly faster, but it is still faster than most bargain hosts.

Data centers

InterServer’s primary datacenter complex is located in New Jersey, just outside New York City, New Jersey. The company claims that their facilities can provide 100% power uptime and 99.9% uptime guarantee.

He has two other detatchers in Sissots and one in Los Angeles, CA.

InterServer employees provide their datacenters 24/7, enterprise-grade climate control and redundancy, and virtually security.

Most important features

  1. Web application firewalls
  2. File upload and script scanners
  3. Malware and antivirus detection
  4. Email monitoring and protection
  5. Regular automated backups
  6. SSL certificates
  7. Reduced PHP permissions
Click here to know all the seven features that show your shared hosting plan.

All but the SSL certificate and backup are part of the company’s five-prong intershield security platform, which was introduced less than a year ago. Here is more information about the site owners, their sensitive data, and the features used to protect their online assets.

InterServer – Easy to use

When you are purchasing hosting, you may be easily usable on Interserver, but you may need some patience. Features-wise, it is clear that Interserver is a better and more serious pack available. Your question may be that all these features of Crossroads are powerful and easy to use? So the answer is, I have no hesitation in telling you that it is easy and useful for you too and its help and support team helps you immediately.

Choose the plan according to your website:

Sometimes when you are stuck in a store looking for something, you will find yourself overwhelmed with many brands and options that are nothing short of gluttony in any way. Many hosting companies use the same strategy and present a confusing list of similarly sounding plans with slight differences. Now I am very happy to see that Interserver took it away and now only offers a shared plan. Which is better for you.

InterServer gives you a three-month plan for just $ 1, which is the cheapest. Cheap plans include everything you need.

price wise
Interserver is one of the best companies to enjoy testing. There are many ways by which web hosts can manipulate you into paying extra dollars (or many, many more), and I’m glad to see that Interserver takes an honest approach – even anyone Upstart or hidden setup does not charge fees. Not yet mentioned.

Another thing that sets it apart from the competition is the company’s price lock guarantee. Many other hosts entice you with a low entry price, but charge four times as much at the time of renewal. With InterServer, you don’t have to worry about it. The price you signed up is the price you will continue to pay.

Are these prices any good? Glad you asked. A shared hosting plan, whether Linux or Windows, is extremely affordable at $ 1.00 per month. It is possible to find affordable plans with other hosts, but given all the extra features included in the service, Interserver offers unprecedented value for money.

Basic VPS plans start at $ 5.00 per month, no more than shared hosting, but advanced VPS and dedicated server prices are in line with other companies in the industry. Prices for a shared server start at around $ 80.00 per month.

The payback period is monthly, three months, six months, yearly, two years and three years. When you sign up for a longer period (up to 20%), you will get a discount, but as great as the monthly plan is – it is best to keep things flexible.

Checkout screen to purchase Interserver’s standard web hosting
If you decide to sign up for a year or longer, you will be presented with the option to purchase a heavily discounted domain name.

You can pay using MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover and PayPal. A 30-day money-back guarantee is available for all plans.

create new account

After choosing Standard Shared Hosting, it was time to create an account. This process was very simple, and after entering my domain name, details and credit card information, my account was created. But my hosting was not active.

I was not sure why I could not find any information in my account area. I thought I would wait, thinking that this process might take time, but after two hours everything remained the same.

I supported and contacted to support, which took an hour to respond. The agent explained that my credit card needed to be verified and that the payment was not actually made. I tried to verify this, but ended up only switching to PayPal instead. After that the payment was accepted immediately and my hosting was activated. Total time from signup to activation? Four hours. I wish it were easier.

Connecting a Domain and Installing WordPress

After the end of account activation, I found myself slightly less affected by the service. What else was going wrong? Fortunately, it was comfortable sailing from that point on. I found Interserver’s nameservers in my account area, and after updating them in my namespace dashboard, my hosting soon connected.

Find Interserver nameservers in your account area

Installing WordPress with SoftCall was easy, and automated installations did not take more than a minute. The only annoying thing was that the default destination folder is domain / wp /, so remember to remove the “wp” part. If you forget to do so, your domain name will not appear on your site alone. Visitors have to add “/ wp” after the domain, and to fix it you will have to re-install or distribute the MySQL database.

Click here to know pricing detail.

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