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Engineering news select index and pipe prices

Engineering news select index and pipe prices

Engineering News Record (ENR) History which can be traced back to 1874. The publication has its roots in two separate publications, The Engineer and Surveyor and The Plumber and Sanitary Engineer. The first issue of Engineering News-Record was published on April 5, 1917. The abbreviation ENR was adopted as the title of the magazine on January 1, 1987. Charts that use data excerpts and are courtesy of ENR Magazine which are published 26 times a year. Historical data was taken from Microfish copies of the journal obtained from the New York Library. ENR magazine is only a small part of the products offered by Engineer News Record and we urge readers, especially those interested in engineering and construction costs, to take the time to visit the ENR website to learn more.

The charts are courtesy of Optuma, whose charting software enables readers to visualize the data. Leam more

Market’s Compass will publish select charts every two weeks via the Market’s Compass Substack blog. This week’s publication will be sent to both free and paid subscribers.

Although the 12-month rate of change in all three indices is indicating a slowing in advance, all three indices registered new highs in June.

construction pipe prices

Only Corrugated Steel Pipe prices have seen a reduction in growth. Have the end users of the pipes been able to bear these costs or have they had to absorb them continuously?

In two weeks we will look at the prices of metals. Rebar, I Beams, Aluminum Sheet and Stainless Steel.

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Engineering news select index and pipe prices

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