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If you want to know about different types of hackers in the online world, keep reading … ”

Explain  About The Hacker ,Whenever I imagine hackers, I always used to see this notorious man who wore a screen space with green lines of text sticking to his laptop wearing a ski mask. However, which can be dramatic, it is not true. People think that hackers are negative people in the online world, but we all know that there is a lot more to the story.

The hacker is any talented PC master, who uses his special information to beat any issue. While “programmer” can afford to gift any gifted PC software engineer, it has moved forward in relation to the mainstream culture with the word “security hacker”, someone who has a bug with his special learning or Uses efforts to break into the PC framework.

                      The unit of measurement of hackers is a pair of definitions of the term “The hacker”:

skillz.com                      an adherent of the technology Associate in Nursingd programming subculture; see hacker culture.
Someone World Health Organization is in a position to subvert laptop security. If doing thus for malicious functions, the person may additionally  be referred to as a cracker.
Today, thought usage of “hacker” mainly refers to laptop computer criminals, owing to the mass media usage of the word since the 19 Eighties. This includes what hacker slang calls “script kiddies”, of us breaking into computers victimization programs written by others, with little information concerning the means they work. This usage has become thus predominant that the general public is basically unaware that utterly completely different meanings exist. whereas the self-designation of hobbyists as hackers is typically acknowledged and accepted by laptop computer security hackers, of us from the programming grouping take under consideration the computer intrusion connected usage incorrect, and emphasize the distinction between the 2 by business security breakers “crackers” (analogous to a safecracker).
The dispute is usually supported the assertion that the term originally meant someone messing regarding with one factor in a {very} very positive sense, that is, victimization kittenish cleverness to comprehend a goal. But then, it’s supposed, the meaning of the term shifted over the decades and came to go to laptop computer criminals.
As the security-related usage has unfold plenty of wide, the primary meaning has recede noted. In common usage and inside the media, “computer intruders” or “computer criminals” is that the exclusive meaning of the word these days. (For example, “An internet ‘hacker’ broke through authorities security systems in March.”) inside the laptop computer enthusiast (Hacker Culture) community, the primary meaning can be a complimentary description for a very good applied scientist or technical skilled. (For example, “Linus Torvalds, the creator of UNIX system, is taken under consideration by some to be a hacker.”) Associate in Nursing oversized section of the technical community insist the latter is that the “correct” usage of the word (see the Jargon File definition below).

Hacking uses laptop systems or networks! 
Hacking uses laptop systems or networks to identify vulnerabilities so that its vulnerabilities can be used. Example of hacking: Parole cracking algorithmic rules of abuse to gain access to a system,
A winning business requires a computer to run It is not enough to be a master of isolated computer systems; They have to create a network for facilitating communication with external businesses. This exposes them to the skin world and hacking. Hacking reveals that fraud works fraud every year for fraud, privacy attacks, corporate / personal knowledge theft, etc., many organizations hold the value of enough money in cyber crimes. Businesses need to protect themselves against such attacks.

                                          Type Of The Hackers

A hacker may be able to detect and exploit laptop system and / or network weakness in order to realize access. Hackers class measurements sometimes cover laptop programmers with laptop security data.
Hackers class measurements are classified according to the intent of their actions. The following list classifies hackers according to their intentions.

Here I will hear you about hackers, you must know that hackers steal any computer information but it is not that if good ones are also bad and both are good and bad I will blur it out here, how would you do it? And how it works and how many types of it are, we have yet to understand hackers that there are three types of white hat hackers, gray hat Hacker , black hat hacker, but we will now know hackers are of 8 types, according to their own hacking methods and ages, but not everyone knows, the first.
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  • White hat Hacker or Ethical Hacker :  
Untitled%2Bdesign%2B%25283%2529White hat Hacker or Ethical Hacker  is known for good work. Because they work for your safety, work for the protection of civilians, their computers and their data to keep their social media network strong They check their security and give you information about whatever errors are found in it and you fix it, then there are good people from this side and these people also work for the government, even for a private company. Work also works as a freelancer for themselves or not, therefore, the demand has increased in most of the world, and with good security, There are rules, so these are called white hat hackers.
  • Black Hat Hackers 

Untitled%2Bdesign%2B%25282%2529                                                    Black Hat Hackers : The credit for negative personalities around “hacking”, these people are your culprit. Black hat hacker is a type of hacker that you should be worried about. Nowadays you have heard a news about a new cyber crime, in fact Black Hacker is more active in cyber crime.Also known as crackers, they can be men and women or even a young child who you hear about in the news.While their agenda can be mostly money in some way, but this is not always the case. “These hackers search for vulnerabilities in individual PCs, associations and bank structures.” Using any weakness they get, this is a huge loss, they can hack into your network and gain access to your personal, business and financial information, and sometimes even after hocking them They can not know because they create virtual images.

  • Gray Hat Hackers


            Gray Hat Hackers:  Depends on whether they are working for good work or working for bad work, if they do hacking for good work then White Hat  hacker, if it works with a bad intention, then Black Hut Hackers are artists, if they keep doing bad intentions to do good to someone, then they are called gray hat hackers. Because it is a good thing to do good to someone, even if it is harming someone else by harming him, by harming him and by helping him to benefit the public or the people. It is gray, the hackers do it well, yes but they do not appear in the media because they are too much hidden. The way they work, sometimes not just social or personal, do not do most personal work, but hacking for social work, to benefit people. Suppose a big insurance company is chitping or deceiving people, then they enter the company’s Sarvar, they harm it, and divide it from them to the people whether the company employee or the seare holder or else Whoever benefits them.If you do good things by adopting bad methods then it is great, it is difficult to catch them because they never appear before, they can also look like black hat hackers or white hat hackers, so it is very difficult to recognize them. Gray hat hackers say.

  • Red Hat Hacker                       

Untitled%2Bdesign%2B%25284%2529                                                        Red Hat Hackers:  Red Hat Hackers White Hut Hacker or Ethical Hackers are like hackers but do not think like an atheist hacker. Ethical hacker checks the system of organization for good work, from there to remove the virus from the Trojan virus. But Red Hat Hacker reverses it precisely that they upload viruses inside and outside, DoSing and shutting it down to reach your computer. They take advantage of many aggressive methods that can force crackers to require a new computer. Instead of protecting someone’s computer system, they try to reach the black hat hacker, which is spoiling the system of people. . Suppose you work in a company, Black Hat hackers have attacked the information in your system, if it is known to Red Hat Hacker that it provides security to your system and your system DoSing from and upload it to stop the virus. They use many aggressive methods before they reach the Black Hut Hacker and black hacks cause great harm to hackers, sometimes it is also possible that Black Hat makes complete system of hackers, due to which they have full system It may also have to change that rate is very aggressive, it is very brutal. Black hat hackers against black hat hackers can be eliminated from the root. To do work which is a good thing because it thinks that the root of the issue, which is why they are called Red Hat hacker.


  • Green Hat Hackers


         Green Hat hackers:  Green Hat hackers do hacking hacks, they are beginner hackers, they are still learning, and there is a lot of curiosity in them to do something like hacking, hacking in the world, but it is a hobby of their profession. does not happen. They are hacking the hobby, along with hacking, do some more studies or any other job, but work from the open mind in the initial times. Many times this hacker gets entangled with the community due to their questions due to which they There is also a slight scolding but they prefer to take this answer and the hacker community teaches them, teaches them and they listen to stories of their home in large leisurely and Te it believes to learn and can not remember the way.


  • Blue Hat Hackers 

   Blue Hat HackersBlue Hat Hackers In fact, they are not completely hackers, they have a different thought because they are novice, believe in becoming a hacker, neither do any work for the well-being of anybody, neither for anybody’s evil Doing work, it only hacks for the feeling of your revenge, in fact it is not only a hacker but it is a novice who is known for his retaliation, only if he gives an angry They hacking if someone makes fun of them, they attack against hacking against them, causing huge damage through hacking, those people who annoy them, who bother them, who makes fun of them, in fact it The novice script is similar to the Kidi, but it is not a complete hacker. It is just a different idea if someone challenges on any social media or anywhere, their It hurts the heart to deceive someone if they do hacking only to get revenge for them, this is their motive

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  • Script Kiddies

Untitled%2Bdesign%2B%25289%2529  Script Kiddies:  Script Kiddies hacker is also like novice hacker, it is hacking code created by others by hacking codes, others’ tools, software download and using their code i.e., nothing is done by it just because others have coding any software tools Use hacking to impress your friends to show others that I can do something to show ourself profesional Developing our image so that it may seem that I am a hacker. Actually, it is not so, but to a great extent, it damages the system, damages the system.hese hackers can launch some attack without disturbing the quality of the attack. Most common cyber attacks of script kiddies may include DoS and DDoS attacks The friend brings a lot of damage through a friend but if they do new coding, their code Errors, so that others use coding and most of these tools are used by downloading and presenting them in a pretending format. In front of others and their interest hackers do not want to learn a little bit.




  • Hacktivist
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Hacktivist :   I think all of you would have ever met sometime in some form of religious institution political or social organization or any such organization on the online social media or on any platform phone website. Hacktivist is a hacker Or there is a group of anonymous hackers who think that we can bring changes in society through hacking, try to impose their ideology if someone thinks of them They refuse to accept or believe that this ideology is bad for the society, then you use the skill that they can bring about social change and can often hack the government or organizations to attract attention. Or can you express your displeasure against your ideology. Hacktivist.


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