Fighting Truthiness and Hype in Marketing

In 2005, Stephen Colbert coined the term “veracity” in his TV show, Colbert Report.

Truth is a belief or belief that a particular statement is true Based on the intuition or assumptions of some person or persons without proof, argument, intellectual examination, or connection to the facts.

Ignorance of the truth can range from untrue to falsely willfully copying or propagating. – Wikipedia

We know that truth prevails in politics.

But it is also widespread in marketing.

Many of us think that marketing is mostly truth, not true reality in any way, shape or form.

We expect publicity and exaggeration, if not downright deception, when it comes to promoting products and services.

Because of this, many of us become almost immune to the majority of marketing messages.

We believe that anything a person says about their business, product, or service should be a form of truth, which hides a real lie.

So, as an independent professional to attract more customers, you have to face a real dilemma.

You are surprised at how you can tell the value of your professional services, which most potential customers will doubt almost everything you say.

Because of this, I have noticed that many independent professionals shy away from doing full marketing.

While others opted to move to the dark side of veracity, it is hoped that the plethora of propaganda will carry the day.

I recently received an email promotion which contains several top marketing promises about online marketing programs:

“You’ll see a revolutionary new technology, which will allow you to generate as many new customers as a small business owner (regardless of skill level or experience level).

Would you believe No, this is truth and publicity!

And whoever believes that it is a gullible, gullible person, who is seeking a miracle with very little work on his part.

So how can you dispel the truth and still market your professional services effectively?

The million dollar question, as they say!

Well, the opposite of truth is honesty.

And yes, it is possible to communicate the value of your services truthfully, honestly and honestly.

But to do this you need to pay attention to a few things that can become slippery slopes in your marketing.

Verity Insight # 1

You must feel that what you feel about something is not the same as the facts about something.

“I find that my consulting services dramatically increase my clients’ productivity.”

Okay, that’s good, but for what purpose are you determining the actual effectiveness of your professional services?

How about measuring something rather than before and after metrics?

When you have real evidence of what happens before and after, your credibility grows, as do your own confidence in your services.

The best marketing outlines the real benefits and benefits based on facts, not hope.

Verity Insight # 2

It is not uncommon to see client testimonials about how great it was to work with someone.

It is good and it is certainly positive, but it is not as powerful as reports of actual changes.

“I lost 20 pounds in four months while working with Ralph in both my diet and exercise program. He really supported me during challenging times and helped me develop positive new habits that have been with me for the past year Is stuck. “

It certainly trumps something: “Ralph is an amazing health coach, whom I trust in my life. You should definitely consider working with him.”

We often hear about the importance of getting testimonials. However, it would be better to focus on getting tangible results for your customers and then getting testimonials.

Verity Insight # 3

When you always speak in exaggeration about your services, you again reduce your credibility.

Remember, people are skeptical and understandable. Many promises made by marketers end in disappointment.

It is better to actually paint a completely unrealistic picture of “success without effort” than talking about some of the drawbacks of your services.

I make it a point to tell all my potential customers that if they engage me they will do a lot of work on their part to get out there and attract new customers.

They appreciate that I am realistic and do not eat sugarcane.

But trust me, I have been less than realistic in the past and it has not gone well for me!

We need to stop promoting and get real. When we do this, we build more trust and trust with our customers.

Truth insight # 4

We live in a sound-biting world.

Sound bites are important, as they are effective in gaining attention and interest for our services.

But is there depth beyond sound bites? If not, then you are shallow and dilemma.

I once attended a public speech course that said: “You should know 30 times more than what you have to say in your presentation.”

This is the real professionalism: deep knowledge, understanding and experience in their field.

As they say, “If you can’t dazzle them with glitter, then choke them with nonsense.”

This is the motto of the true businessman and ultimately will not be good for your long term success.

Truth insight # 5

An identity of truth and publicity are the ever-changing marketing messages.

You think, “Heck, if a message isn’t working, I’ll try another one until something sticks.” But you pay less attention to the validity and authenticity of the message.

A message that is clever, catchy, or over-the-top may attract attention, but can weaken your professional image.

Your message needs to be interesting And Believable.

It should make people think, not insult their intelligence.

Take some serious time to work on your marketing messages. Give them past portions of your current customers and get their feedback.

Others will notice the truth and propaganda before you commit.

But you would know that you’re on track, if they say, “Yes, it really hits the nail on the head, that’s why I’ve decided to work with you.”

Start missing the truth and publicity from your marketing.

Not only will you build trust with your customers, you will start attracting the right customers, customers who are looking for a professional who runs their talk.

Cheers, Robert

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