Fitness icon Dennis Austin and ‘SI: Swim’ rookie Katie Austin share a healthy lifestyle

Fitness icon Dennis Austin and ‘SI: Swim’ rookie Katie Austin share a healthy lifestyle


Fitness icon Dennis Austin and ‘SI: Swim’ rookie Katie Austin share a healthy lifestyle

Mother-daughter fitness stars Dennis and Katie Austin spoke to Hollywood Life about how you can experience your best and look your best at any age!

Fitness icon Dennis Austin Celebrating 40 years in the industry this month and with a twinkle in her eye and her bright smile, there is no doubt that she is still in her prime. The 64-year-old award-winning fitness instructor has given her daughter the same positive mindset and contagious spirit, Katie Austin, 28, which was first declared as one of 2022 SI: Swimming Rookies. “I know exercise makes you feel good, and I really believe it. I’m fit because I’ve been exercising for 40 years, only 30 minutes, most days of the week, it doesn’t really take that much. My daughters and life Even during my two pregnancies with the change, you can still exercise differently, ”Dennis explained in an exclusive interview. “I always make sure to do targeted exercises to keep our 640 muscles strong, and if you exercise, you’ll get rid of some of your body’s uncomfortable worries.”

Dennis and Katie Austin have created the best protein bites for the perfect treat for fitness junkies with sweet teeth. (Better courtesy)

Katie added that her mom wakes up every day and “chooses happiness”, which she believes she has lent herself to for her long and strong career. “I’m talking, I’m going!” I really think it’s important, “Dennis told HL. “I am very serious when it comes to teaching you the right ways to exercise with great balance and keep your body healthy mind body and spirit. I believe it’s all together and that’s a lifestyle. ”

Katie, who has over 160 follow-on workouts on it Katie Austin appAdmittedly, she learned from her mom that the answer to longevity, especially when it comes to your health, is to avoid “quick fixes” and be patient. The mother-daughter duo also gave some excellent advice when it comes to traveling during this festive season and maintaining your healthy lifestyle and positive mindset.

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“I like to workout on vacation. I know a lot of people don’t know, but when I’m away I prefer to work part time and stay part time according to regular health and fitness because when I come back I don’t want to feel like I’ve derailed and Struggling to get back into the routine, ”Katie explained. “I wake up about 20 minutes earlier than everyone else – just set your alarm 20 minutes earlier – do a nice HIIT workout or bodyweight workout, to break a little sweat in the morning, and then, go ahead and enjoy your time with your family. Don’t overdo it. ”

Dennis and Katie recently developed a delicious snack that will let you live a flawless life, and the new flavor of their better protein bites has dropped today! Good for you, the protein-packed and keto-friendly treat has 6 grams of protein per serving, half the sugar of your typical snack pack and probiotics for digestive health, and from today the pair have added a chocolate chip cookie. Mix!

Katie and Dennis Austin recently introduced their better protein bite chocolate chip cookie flavor! (Better courtesy)

“When the best protein bites ever came out, we wanted something we could really easily snack on and we didn’t want a huge cookie! So these are small mini cookies, and you can get seven in one serving, ”Katie explained. “We are obsessed with the taste of the chocolate chip cookie, because we wanted to make it from the beginning and we have taken it down – with an amazing flavor and amazing taste. They are cat friendly, they are gluten free! ”

Better Protein Bites are also available in 4 other flavors: Brownie Bliss, Pumpkin Spice Joy, Double Chocolate Delight, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Passion, and can be purchased at


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