Goose refuses to be separated from mate undergoing

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Goose refuses to be separated from mate undergoing Nixatube Trends

An unexpected visitor gave a whole new meaning to the phrase “through sickness and health” during a surgery at Massachusetts Wildlife Hospital. After displaying some exemplary behavior, a pair of geese melted hearts as one watched their partner during an operation. Now heart-wrenching pictures showing this power of love are going viral.

A Canadian goose called Arnold lives with his partner on a pond near the facility at the Cape Cod branch of the New England Wildlife Center. Although the birds unusually kept their distance from humans, the staff noticed that Arnold had developed a significant limp and was constantly falling.

Upon examination, the veterinary team found that the avian had two open fractures in its leg, which means the tissue and skin have been removed, leaving the bone out. The hospital suspected that “a snapping turtle or some other predator attacked the bird” while swimming.

To save his leg and give him a chance at survival, veterinarians had to perform surgery to amputate one digit and close the other wound. While such procedures to help wild animals are not uncommon, staff were pleasantly surprised to see her partner “attempt to break further on the porch” at the clinic.

“She had somehow found him and was so excited that she couldn’t go inside. She remained at the door throughout the process, watching us work, never moving through the door,” the Cape Wildlife Center wrote on Facebook.

Once the patient awoke from anesthesia and the wound was bandaged, the staff decided to let him recover through the door so he could see his partner. The staff then opened the door to give Arnold his oxygen flow, which allowed his partner to dress him through the door. According to the facility staff, the visitor concerned immediately calmed down and both were feeling more comfortable in each other’s presence.

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“For the safety of our patients, we do not accommodate visitation requests, but in this case, we had to make an exception!” He wrote in the post, now it is going viral.

According to the Department of Natural Resources, Canadian geese, which live to about 25 years of age in the wild, usually find a mate around the age of three and remain with their mate for the rest of their life.

“We heard what sounded like a faint tapping on the front door. Zak Mertz, executive director of the Cape Wildlife Center, said, “We turned and were all shocked to see that his partner had walked up to the porch and was trying to get into the clinic.

The beautiful love story shook not only the facility’s staff but also people around the world, who wished the bird a speedy recovery and hoped that she would find similar true love.


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