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Got the first role as a villain, became a hero due to good looks

Got the first role as a villain, became a hero due to good looks
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Got the first role as a villain, became a hero due to good looks


Kanpur (Internet Desk). Today is the 86th birth anniversary of Bollywood’s famous actor Vinod Khanna. Being from a normal family, appearing in films was no joke. But due to his hard work and dedication, in the year 1968, he appeared on screen for the first time as a villain in Sunil Dutt’s Mann Ka Meet. After which in the year 1971, Vinod Khanna appeared as a lead actor for the first time in the film ‘Hum Tum Aur Woh’. Vinod Khanna, who has traveled from villain to actor, has been in the news for his personal life more than his professional life.

Retired at the peak of career
After playing the magic of his acting in many films, he married Geetanjali in the year 1971. Vinod Khanna was successful in every way, he had everything, wealth, fame, family, but also the restlessness of knowing himself. At the same time, he was completely broken by the death of his mother. And started feeling a emptiness in his life. Meanwhile, suddenly he decided to leave his fame behind and retire. Due to which he went to the ashram of spiritual master Osho in America, and remained there for five years. When he returned to India, he was divorced from Geetanjali and he married Kavita in 1990.

He kept his illness hidden for 6 years
Actor Vinod Khanna passed away due to blood cancer. He kept his illness a secret from his family for a long time. He was diagnosed with blood cancer six years ago. But, he did not inform anyone about it. As soon as the family was diagnosed with the disease, he underwent treatment in Germany for the next six years as well as a surgery. But, still the doctors could not save him. He passed away on 27 April 2017.

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