Hyundai Motor and Unity to build Meta-Factory accelerating intelligent manufacturing – EV Updates 2022

Hyundai Motor and Unity to build Meta-Factory accelerating intelligent manufacturing – EV Updates 2022

Partnership to support Hyundai’s vision of becoming a smart mobility solutions provider for an entirely new digital environment

Hyundai Motor Company, Global Mobility Inventor and Unity, The world’s leading platform for creating and directing real – time 3D (RT3D) content, today announced a partnership to jointly design and build a new metaverse roadmap and site for Meta-Factory at CES 2022.

The companies signed the Virtual Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Hang Bum Jung and Jules Schumacher, Senior Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of Hyundai Motor Global Innovation Center (HMGICS) in Singapore. , Senior Vice President, Revenue, Solutions Development, Solidarity and Dave Rhodes, Digital Twin, Senior Vice President of Unity, Participation.

Through this MoU, Unity will become a strategic partner for Hyundai, supporting its vision of being at the forefront of future mobility solutions. The MoU deals with the areas of smart manufacturing, AI training and research, and automated driving simulation.

The partnership will realize Hyundai’s vision of being the first mobility innovator to develop a digital-dual meta-factory concept of the actual factory supported by the Metawares platform. The introduction of a meta-factory will allow Hyundai to test the factory in practice to calculate optimal plant performance, and will help plant managers solve problems without having to physically go to the plant.

The partnership will also end up on the real-time 3D and virtual platform, which will reach a wider group of Hyundai customers and provide them with more comprehensive services in sales, marketing and customer experience. This means that consumers can now digitally test, test and involve various vehicle-related solutions.

Hyundai originally planned to use the meta-factory concept for the HMGICS facility, which supports the team’s initiative to create an open innovation center for research and development.

As it is expected to be completed by the end of 2022, HMGICS will study many advanced technologies and operating services. At HMGICS, the partnership between Hyundai and Unity will further accelerate innovations in the intelligent manufacturing sector, integrating AI, 5G and other advanced technologies into a next-generation smart factory platform.

“Through this world-class meta-industry collaboration, HMGICS will become a product innovator, a game changer,” said President C.

Beginning with the Memorandum of Understanding, Hyundai and Unity are looking for ways to expand the partnership to develop breakthrough innovations in the metawares-based digital dual industry, while expanding cooperation in the areas of AI training and study and autonomous driving simulation. Hyundai will continue to pursue active partner opportunities with other global partners such as Microsoft, further accelerating the growth of the smart industry.

“Real-time digital twins will permanently change the way we live, work, shop and make a positive impact on our planet, representing key elements often referred to as metawares,” said CEO John Ricciello. , Unity. “Hyundai’s vision for the future reflects a significant technological step in production with unlimited power in its performance, including digital dual factory operations.”

Before signing the MOU, Hyundai shared its vision of ‘human reach expansion’ with robotics and metawares at CES 2022 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas from January 5-8. At the event, Hyundai Motor presents its vision of how robotics completes metawares by connecting the virtual world to the virtual world as a medium, and ultimately transcends the physical boundaries of motion related to time and space.

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Hyundai Motor and Unity to build Meta-Factory accelerating intelligent manufacturing – EV Updates 2022

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