India needs more than 4 lakh Ethical hackers 2022

India needs more than 4 lakh Ethical hackers 2022

                                Become an Ethical Hacker

                         India needs 4 lakh Ethical hackers

Are you interested in the internet, if you are, then you can become a unified ethical hacker because India needs 4 lakh, ethical hackers,

Do you know how many opportunities there are in the field of cyberspace, cyberspace is one such area, it has employment opportunities, so India needs 4 lakh ethical hackers to work immediately.

Do you know that there is an urgent need of about 4 lakh Ethical Hackers in India, this number is huge in itself, you can work directly in Government of India without any competitive exam, you only have one Ethical Hacker Certificate.

Here, if you do not have an ethical hacker certificate, you can still get an Ethical Hacker job in the Government of India, for this, you must have good knowledge of being skilled in cybersecurity and hacking. A government cybersecurity specialist passed a short examination.

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                                   According to the cyber industry, currently, around India needs 4 lakh Ethical hackers who are working in different firms in the country. Nasscom completes the requirement of 1 million (10 million) cybersecurity experts (ethical hackers) by 2020.

Why is it important to be Ethical Hackers for India and what is the reason?

According to the government event nodal agency CERT-In, the government nodal agency, at least 42 million Indians were in the grip of cybercrime and the disaster in the last 12 months was $ 8 billion. Bharwani said, “Cyber crimes have increased, around 4 lakh in India this year and there is a possibility of fraud of 12,000-14,000 in Mumbai alone, which is expected to record online payment transactions.”

Infotrain has said that this brings forth even more security issues.
   work to test or evaluate vulnerabilities, but without malicious intentions.
“At this point, the security aspect is not taken seriously and many companies outsource their security requirements. Siddharth Bharwani, Director of IT Security Institute Jetking 
 In terms of cyber terrorism and the partition of India, far below Israel, the United States and China. China filters and monitors almost every packet/piece of information.   

   Unfortunately, India has hacked several government and defense websites in recent times. Our country has traditionally been defensive in terms of information security.

The frenetic activity in the Indian Internet space, especially the introduction of mushrooms, has once again brought up the issue of lack of ethical hacking.
The frenetic activity in the Indian Internet space, especially the introduction of mushrooms, has once again brought the issue into a lack of ethical hacking. Industries estimate that the availability of a hacker at the level of 15,000–17,000 hackers are in contrast to 50,000 — 70,000 cybersecurity professionals per year. The industry estimates that the availability of a hacker at the level of 15,000–17,000 hackers are in contrast to 50,000–70,000 cybersecurity professionals per year, twenty-five million Indians were affected by cybercrime in the last 12 months; India is the third most affected country due to hackers totaling $ 8 billion in total corporate financial losses. India needs 4 lakh Ethical hackers to stop this effective cybercrime

For the code in : –

  It relies upon which stage you are taking a shot at. For web applications, I propose you learn Python, HTML, PHP, JSP, and ASP. For portable applications, attempt Java (Android), Quick (iOS), C # (Windows Telephone). Attempt Java, C #, C ++ for work area based programming.

I might want to prescribe Python since its broadly useful is ending up increasingly well known these days because of dialect and its movability. In any case, what truly is basic for each programming dialect is taking in the essentials of programming, utilizing information types, for example, ideas, control of the whole program at the OS level, utilizing subroutine otherwise known as works and so on. On the off chance that you learn them, it is fundamentally the same as. Each programming dialect, aside from some sentence structure changes.

Get Job in  Ethical Hacker in India :

Recently, many government websites have been hacked. A total of 21 websites are being hacked. These incidents brought the issue of website security to light. The Government of India is very serious about the security of its cyber network in the cyber world because its websites have sensitive, confidential information about the nation and its important departments. Ethical hacking is to solve this challenge and to increase network security.

In hacking tools, strategies and techniques to detect small flaws to dissolve the existing security protocols for the protection of these networks/websites/applications for government jobs for ethical hackers in different organizations, basically using hackers Required. Assesses and performs those measures. This kind of unwanted intrusion can stop. They test and develop security systems. Jobs provide exciting opportunities such as Network Security Administrator, Chief Information Security Officer, Application Security Checker, Chief Application Security Officer, etc. They can work in defense organizations, law enforcement organizations, forensic organizations, detective companies, search agencies, etc.

Job opportunities are very high and good remuneration only enhances job desirability. The salary of ethical hackers is approximately 20 to 30% more than the salary earned by the professional at other positions at the same level in other IT areas. In the field of ethical hacking, an initial person can get a salary package of about 3 to 6 lakh rupees per year with a government organization. However, with better academic qualifications, certifications and work experience, salaries can be increased to a great extent. Some ethical hackers earn INR 30 million a year. The primary hub for these jobs includes Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

Link is Here Gov job vacancies.

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              Now I have some free courses and some paid courses to make you a hacker. I am telling you, you can do all these courses online. And there are some websites that say that you hack my website and get an Ethical Hacker degree.


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