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Kamblihula Review

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Kamblihula  Review
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Kamblihula Review Release Date, Teaser, Trailer, Songs, Cast , Story

Name Release Date Language Dubbed In
4 November 2022 Kannada Romance
Genres Cast Director
2h 18min Anjan Nagendra, Ashwitha Hegde, Rohith Kumar Navan Sreenivas
Writer Cinematography Music
Navan Sreenivas Shiva Prasad
Producer Production
Grey Square Studios
Story And Description
Nataraja (Anjan Nagendra), a civil enginner, falls for a Malayalee girl (Ashwitha R. Hedge). Soon, he gets caught up in a dilemma, as his dreams of becoming a film director don’t seem to sit well with his girlfriend’s parents.

Kamblihula - 3
Kamblihula - 4

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