Kareena Kapoor Khan will be the show stopper for Gaurav Gupta


Kareena Kapoor Khan will be the show stopper for Gaurav Gupta

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Avant-garde, modern and visionary, Gaurav Gupta may be back on the runway as Lakshmi Absolute Grand Finale designer. The signature fashion of pride could lead to the Lakshmi Absolute Grand Finale this season. This time the model aims to embrace change and step out of our comfort zone and redefine life as we all know. Taking inspiration from it and changing the idea of ​​a runway final, Gaurav Gupta will present his interpretation of #DefineToRedefine – a set that started at sea. The line-up is made entirely of upcycled sea plastic, the finale will see it as a magic surge as it takes Lakshmi’s elegant statement of #DefineToRedefine to the next degree. There is no one on the ramp for her and her showstopper this season except Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Kareena Kapoor Khan Showstopper in The Lakme Absolute Grand Finale

Reflecting on the infinity and expansion of the ocean, the best diver and ocean lover Gaurav sketched and developed in the Andamans, during his diving solitude, in an attempt to create stability, prevalence. Through this assortment, Pride helps reduce carbon emissions and eliminate worsening local climate change. Made with precision, he has used materials made with crisps and biscuits, plastic bottles and different consumer goods every day that have been dug out of the oceans and landfills and worked to form part of the gathering. The metallic material mimics the feeling that someone will go underwater and has been used to create a plethora of glamorous silhouettes in sleek nightwear, elaborate gowns and coordination units. Base materials and linings have additionally been made environmentally conscious through the use of pet plastic.

    Gaurav Gupta

Definition and accuracy are found in unlimited types and silhouettes in sharp marks and edges – unlimited resonance under water. Kochhar, starting with Demi-Couture and pointing in a direction capable of being worn, meets the other-as the new glamor introduces her, questioning what is informal and what is over-the-top. Digital presentations and textile analysis mimic a brand new aesthetic, consistently drawing parts of aquatic life, corals, jellyfish and fantasy creatures.

“I am excited to showcase our interpretation of #DefineToRedefine on the runway for the Lakshmi Absolute Grand Finale and make sustainability attractive. Working with Lakmé Vogue Week has always been an exciting skill and having Kareena Kapoor Khan as my muse makes it even more special. These 12 months, more than ever before, you can probably expect the Lakshmi Absolute Grand Finale to redefine boundaries in a prevalent and surprising way.

Lakshmi complete grand finale

Returning to the runway after a short break is always the stunning Bollywood star and Lakme model ambassador Kareena Kapoor Khan. At the upcoming Lakme Absolute Grand Finale, she is going to bring to life the imaginative and glorious theme of this season ‘Outline to Redefine’. “I really want to move on to Lakshmi Vogue Week this season. Feels good to be back on the ramp. 12 months has been difficult for all of us and what a high strategy for this business and its people to enjoy resilience and spirit. Karima Kapoor Khan, Lakme Model Ambassador and Showstopper says, “You can expect the presence of stars with pride from a set that offers accuracy, definition and a new definition.

Gaurav Gupta Lakme

Commenting on the alliance with Gaurav Gupta, Reforms chief Sumati Mattoo said, “As trendsetters, we are excited for this 12-month completion in Lakshmi and to connect forces with Gaurav, who have this kind of design sensitivity, fully with our pattern this season. Name – #DefineToRedefine. By tapping the long-term look and capturing our latest provided ideas, Lakme Vogue Week 2021 theme is ‘Outline to Redefine’, an idea that celebrates the spirit of Neutrix, the best of the issues seen. In this season, Lakme Lakme has come down to redefine lip makeup skills with Absolute Precision Lip Paint. Will spin to do because we all know it by designing sets made from sea plastic waste.

Effectively, we want Gaurav Gupta’s enduring stability and naturally Kareena Kapoor Khan to stroll on the ramp after a long time.

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