Kylie lets Jenner bleed on her naked body in sexy new halloween makeup tees

Kylie lets Jenner bleed on her naked body in sexy new halloween makeup tees


Kylie lets Jenner bleed on her naked body in sexy new halloween makeup tees

Kylie is about to die for a new teaser clip for Cosmetics’ Halloween collection. See Kylie Jenner cover herself with blood as she cuts Freddie Kruger’s nails.

Kylie Jenner Takes its seasonal drops very seriously. Kylie, the 24-year-old founder of Cosmetics, shared an ugly new video on Instagram on October 5th to shatter her upcoming Halloween collaboration for her beauty brand. This year, Freddie Kruger Enthusiast unveiled a Nightmare on Elm Street Other products to be launched on October 12 include a collection of killer lipsticks, lashes and pressed powders.

In a teaser clip shared on Tuesday, the reality TV star has been bloodied since 1984 as a haunted rendition of “One, Two, Freddies Coming for You”. Wes Craven Horror classic plays in the background. Her fingers take the form of a serial killer’s razor sharp hand as she looks into the camera with a devilish, piercing glare.

“Can you guess who we collaborated with for Halloween this year?” He captioned the clip. The gorgeous revelation finally came a few hours later on her Instagram story: a collection called Kylie xa Nightmare on Elm Street. Die for packaging: Products are kept in bloody VHS tape. The cover has a fleshy bodysuit and Kylie in Freddie Kruger nails.

On her Instagram story, Kylie shared photos of Freddie Kruger herself and called it a “sign of horror.” The cosmetics entrepreneur and his famous siblings are well-documented fans of the scary season. Every year, the Kardashian and Jenner clans begin decorating their calabas colonies with Halloween costumes in early October – and not a second later.

Kylie documented some of her decorations on Instagram on October 1st. This year her decorations include miniature orange pumpkin bowl, false spider placed on coffee table books and statues of witches like life. The photo dump also included a photo of her daughter Storm, 3, between cupcake baking sessions his hands were covered in purple icing.

His older sister Courtney Kardashian He has already fallen into the Halloween spirit. The founder of Push also shared snapshots of his decor on Instagram on October 1, including two giant skeletons in front of his door, a gothic candelabra and a center of a skull skidded with a false cobweb.

Sisters Kim, Khloe, And Kendall Their outfit is yet to be documented, but looking at their outfit from Halloween’s past they all expect to go out. Last year, Kim famously transformed her home into a giant tarantula, citing a terrific outfit choice to counter her fears of eight-legged critics.

Kergeners really like their seasonal holidays.


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