Mahindra Electric & Tractor, CV To Get New Logo – Patent Leaks

 – EV & Moto

Mahindra Electric & Tractor, CV To Get New Logo – Patent Leaks – EV & Moto

Mahindra Electric & Tractor, CV To Get New Logo – Patent Leaks

New logo of Mahindra Tractor
Mahindra is India’s largest tractor manufacturer

Earlier, Mahindra had confirmed that the current ‘Road Ahead’ logo would be retained for its commercial vehicle and farm equipment products.

Mahindra recently unveiled its new logo for its SUV portfolio which was launched in September with the new XUV700. This logo will eventually come down in every SUV in Mahindra’s lineup in the near future. In addition, the indigenous automaker has filed trademarks for two more logos.

The two new logos will complement two different segments of Mahindra & Mahindra’s Automotive Arm. One of these logos is similar to the ‘Twin Peaks’ announced earlier this year for the SUV range. The main difference here is that in this logo, the right angled triangles overlap with each other by their bases.

New Mahindra logo for CV, tractor and farm equipment

It still makes the letter ‘M’. This logo can be used for the company’s commercial vehicle and farm equipment business. It is known that the automaker is planning big for the future and its target is Rs. 3000 crore for farm equipment segment and Rs. 1,500 crore for various subsidiaries by FY24.

The new logo will serve as a brand new identity for commercial or battery-powered vehicles while similar to the new ‘M’ logo for the Mahindra SUV. Not only that but Mahindra has also patented a new logo for its next series of electric cars. Compared to the first logo, this new logo is much simpler and features ‘ME’ characters which should stand out for ‘Mahindra Electric’.

Mahindra's new logo for tractors, CVs, farm equipment
Mahindra’s new logo for tractor, CV, farm equipment?

EVs under Mahindra

Mahindra has got this trademark after waiting for almost two years. To recapture someone’s memory, Mahindra filed the trademark for the new logo in January 2020. Since then, a lot of activities have taken place. The EV arm of a company called Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited (MEML) was formally merged with Mahindra in March this year to integrate the brand’s EV vertical.

New Mahindra Electric logo
New Mahindra Electric logo

As per previous reports, Mahindra is planning to launch eight electric cars in India in the next five years. Four of them will be based on existing IC engine models and the rest will be brand new EVs which Mahindra calls ‘Born EV’. The company expects to see 20 per cent penetration of electric SUVs in the Indian market by 2027.

In Mahindra’s upcoming EV, the eKUV100, based on the KUV100, is often seen testing on the roads. The Micro UV will be launched in the market as an entry level electric car.

However, Mahindra has not yet announced the exact launch timeline for the battery powered model. Apart from this, the car maker is also developing a full-electric version of the XUV300 to compete with the Tata Nexon EV. Mahindra also plans to launch a 5 door version of the Thar and a new flagship SUV, which is likely to be named XUV900.


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