Maruti Suzuki shocked, sales of Swift, Brezza and Blaeno cut

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Maruti Suzuki shocked, sales of Swift, Brezza and Blaeno cut – EV & Moto

Maruti Suzuki shocked, sales of Swift, Brezza and Blaeno cut

October 2021 has not been special for Maruti Suzuki in terms of sales. The company’s annual sales fell 33 percent in the last month, according to the Rushlen report. The main reason for the decline in sales is said to be the shortage of semiconductors, which is having a significant impact on production. Maruti Suzuki said the impact of the shortage of semiconductors could be felt in November as well as in the new year.

33% decline in passenger vehicle sales
Maruti Suzuki’s 10 models were included in the list of top 25 best selling cars of October 2021. However, despite this, the company’s overall PV (passenger vehicle) sales are down 33 percent. The mini and mid-side sedan segments saw a decline in sales. At the same time, the company’s UV sales have increased year-on-year this year. The company sold a total of 1.08 lakh units last month. This is 33 percent less than in October 2020. The company had sold a total of 1.63 lakh units in the same month in October last year.

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However, the relief for the company was that sales in October were much better than in September 2021. The company sold a total of 63,111 units in September. Interestingly, sales of all models of the company, except Ertiga and XL6, have been declining year-on-year.

Alto’s highest sales in October 2021
Rushallen said in his report that Maruti Suzuki’s Alto was the company’s best-selling car. Alto sold 17,389 units last month. However, this is 3 per cent less than the sales in October last year. Alto sold 17,850 units in October 2020. At the same time, Alto’s sales in October 2021 increased significantly compared to September 2021. Its MoM (month-on-month) sales are up 43 percent. The company sold a total of 12,143 units in September 2021.

Sales of Blaeno fell, Ertiga’s superb performance
Maruti Suzuki Blaine was in second place, but its sales also declined by 29 per cent in October this year. The Baleno sold 21,971 units in October last year. At the same time, a total of 15,573 units of the Blaeno were sold in October this year. Maruti’s Ertiga was at number three. Artica sales are up 67 percent year-over-year. The company sold 7,748 units of the Ertiga in October last year, but this time a total of 12,923 units were sold in October. Sales of the Wagon R are down 34 percent. The Wagon R sold 12,335 units in October this year, up from 18,703 in October 2020.

Decline in sales of Swift, Brezza and Desire
The performance of Maruti Swift in October this year was also disappointing. The company had sold 24,589 units in October 2020, down 63 per cent to 9,180 units in October this year. Similarly, sales of Brezza and Dzire also declined in October 2020. Compared to October 2020, sales of Brezza have dropped by 34% this time and Desire sales by 54% in October 2021.

XL6 sales rose 89 percent
Speaking of the S-Presso, sales of this car have dropped by 58 per cent compared to October last year. In October 2020, the company sold 10,612 units of the S-Presso, down from 4,442 units this year. Like Ertiga, sales of the XL6 saw an 89 percent increase in October this year. As of October 2021, the company had sold 1,999 units of the Cellario, 1,526 units of the Ignis, 1,524 units of the S-Cross and 1,069 units of the Ciaz. Speaking of sales of Eeco Van, 10,320 units were sold this year, up from 13,309 in October 2020.

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