“Modern Love” Season 2 Outlet, August 13

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“Modern Love” Season 2 Outlet, August 13

Digital Digital, Varanasi. Mernar Dhimodar Das Modi is today (Thursday) as a resident of Varanasi. ️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️) Modi Modi has called the voters of the assembly election 2022 as Saurya Sutak . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . have for. . . . . . . “. . . . . and Modi well trained to check germs. It is essential for the treatment of germs. in an effective manner. Fully updated mobiles are based on internet. As well as being well prepared in the season as well. It doesn’t make any sense to connect to the database.

PM Modi Live

Communication of communication in Rudraksh Convention Center
India Modi said, today the inauguration and foundation stone of 100 crore achievement was organized in Kashi and now ‘Rudraksh’ was displayed in Varanasi. These magnitudes of development of the world Kashi, these ‘Internet Connection Co-Dra and Motivation Center- Rudraksh’ today is the result of creativity, of motility.

The phone said, there are more in today’s issue, will lie in this name. Another friend of mine – Shinzo Abe. Remember a strategic relationship or an economic sphere, sliding into India’s most trusted friends today. Friendship happens for the first time in this whole area.

India Modi said, India is slipping and thinking that our development is linked with our gaiety. It must be before the divine becomes blind, and to be contained. Music and art flow from Banaras Ke To Ro. are dangerous to the environment, which are dangerous to human science. GRASS is becoming a big global center of song-song, religion-spirituality and knowledge-science. Were able to prepare for 6-7 years and help improve it. Comparing or remodeling computer craftsman.

Radio disinfected the Nerondraksh Convention Center. The weather has been cleared before. Indian no

Manner Modi reported to the public meeting, today the development of Kashi will lead to the laying of more than 1,500 crore insects and the next edition of the inauguration. For the development of Banaras, he continues with the blessings of Mahadev and the efforts of the people. It also includes how complex we are. Panic attacks and dangerously assaulted the occupant. The same Samagra, UP faced the crisis of crisis with full force.

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The largest state has a large mass of a large mass of mass, as in the case of the corona virus the space is widely converted. The control room of Kashi, from the control-administration of Godly Parameshwara Parameshwara’s entire team of compartments is particularly healthy. Whatever you are doing day and night, whether it is different in Kashi, that is betting service. The state has the highest number of testing in the entire state. entire state

The update said, today there should be village health centers, medical colleges, better improvement in AIIMS medical system in UP. For 4 years where there was a medical college in a medical institution, then that person has become almost 4 gigs. M.M.E.M.B.A.M for the time of jamming. From fast to fast working speed to fast working speed. were also searched on Sunday.

Sanchar Modi said, today there are some more arrangements in the infrastructure of Kashi. The people living in the hospital are modern and injurious to medicine. Movies add up to 100 beds in quality and 50 beds. Badly-heavy LED screens in the city and technically-imposed luggage boards on poorly fitted boards, these belong to Kashi. Kashi’s History, Vastu, Crafts, Art, Green will work together with intricate technology from the information. I am making

Answer: Modi said, Uttar Pradesh, in the question of determining the main western weather of the country. For modern agricultural infrastructure in the country, germs will be resistant to diseases at a cost of Rs 1 lakh crore. These have been reformed and re-launched in the country’s agricultural reforms.

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It won’t update, so it won’t happen to replace it. . UPI It’s not great to draw up a plan, don’t put money! ! Ran for a quick win from New Delhi. Today Yogi ji is working very hard.

Sanchar Modi said, today there is law in UPI. The mafiaraj was more dangerous, whoever was useless, they are Abu’s staff. The situation is similar in the situation of the child. U.P. and is related to development from nepotism. That’s why

Information about Kashi in front of the world is new – Yogi

Ideal situation for meeting Sanchari Anandi Bainpurple chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi

PM Modi’s program program

  • Occupying Babatpur airport at 10.25 hrs
  • Aircraft to BHU from Babatpur airport at 10.35 am
  • BHU Heliper Dyeing at 10.55 hrs
  • 11.05 a.m. BHU’s fit to exercise to exercise
  • From Gravel to BHU M Mangal at 12.20 hrs
  • Weather at 12.30 am, weather opening and observation, generalization
  • BHU at 01.35
  • Flight from BHU Helidate to Sanskrit Vivilli at 01.45 hrs
  • At 01.55 hrs, Sanskrit University for Heliper Batting and Rudraksh Bad Center.
  • Barrier at Rudraksh Center at 02.10 hrs
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opening adjective

  • Rudraksh Center: 186 crores
  • Lalam Bom: 19.55 crores
  • renovation of old sewer line
  • Sewerage work: 8.12 crore
  • Beauty of four parks: 4.45 crore 4.
  • 100 beds in BHU: 45.50 crore
  • Deendayal 50 women bed hospital in Hindupur: 17.39 crores
  • Regional in BHU
  • Shri Lal Ahir Medical Hospital Ramnagar Residence: $ 11.97 billion
  • Training of two row packs for tourism development in the Ganges River: $ 22 billion
  • Water from Rajghat to Asi: $10.72 billion
  • Location of information on 84 ghats: $5.08 billion
  • Venue in Rameshwar: 8 crore
  • Panchkos Marg 33.91 kms. Category: 62.04 crores
  • Varanasi-Ghazipur Route Three Upriver Setu: 50.17 crore
  • Shyama Padmavalokan Debut Project: $772 million
  • World Bank Assisted Neer Nir Nirsya-II Project Project: $61 billion
  • The 14th generation in the publicly presentable gender: $11 billion
  • 80 in UU
  • Machodari Smart Sensory School or Center: 14.21 crores
  • Four schools and three female students in class, class V: 5.79 lakh

main goal of inauguration

  • Sanchar Center (in Months) of Central Chemicals Technical & Technical (SICPT) Sanchar Center for Rs 48.14 Crore (In Months)
  • I, Mahoh: 14.16 crores
  • Raj Awas Primary Admirampur: 2.77 crores
  • Research at Verve Sisa: $108.53 billion
  • On the thread in the active work: 7.41 crore
  • Increase in temperature in Konia region: 15.03 crores
  • City’s rate of velocity stations, sewage: 9.64 crores
  • Konyang station with 0.8 capacity capacity: Rs 5.89 crore
  • Sewer line in Mukimganj and Machodari area: $28.3 million
  • Billion Better Making: $85 million as Lahartara Square Suitable for Radiation
  • Construction of Modified Pack House in Karkhianv Industrial Area: Rs 15.78 crore
  • Line️ Police️ Line️ Line️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️
  • Manufacture of rifles and pastels: $5.04 billion
  • 47 Rural communication routes total 152 constructed, constructed: 111.26 crore
  • Water Plan: $428.54 billion
  • Weather Weather in Varuna: $ 19.49 billion
  • Water . Bhelupur Solar: 17.24 billion


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