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“Play to Earn” to Own Remitano Network’s RENEC Token – Press Release Bitcoin News

“Play to Earn” to Own Remitano Network’s RENEC Token – Press Release Bitcoin News

Press release. “Play and earn” is no longer a strange term for most GameFi believers. Recently, Remitano Network, Remitano’s blockchain network, has launched a new airdrop in the format of “Play to Earn”, allowing users to own the network’s RENEC tokens in the form of “Group Mining”.

Starting with the free daily RENEC single mining on, users can now mine together in groups to receive a large amount of RENEC token airdrops as rewards. Each mining pool is called a mining chamber, and after 24 hours, team members will split a larger amount of RENEC than a single mining effort.

This is a completely new form of AirDrop in the market, which makes traditional AirDrop less boring.

Participation is quite simple. All you need to do is sign up for a free Remitano account and start mining solo or in groups.

Try RENEC Mining for free Here,

refer officer renek whitepaper,

The RENEC mining program is limited to the end of Q3 2022, so the sooner you join, the better the chances of the exchange owning more tokens.

Remitano Networks Launches Testnet

In early April 2022, the Remitano Networks team successfully launched a test network (testnet), which promises a strong move by Remitano, a 9 year old crypto exchange, in the world of blockchain.

The Testnet network was launched with the presence of the Testnet RENEC Wallet which allows registered users to receive up to 100 test RENECs in the wallet. You can also register to get 100 RENEC in testnet wallet Here,

The RENEC mainnet is expected to launch sometime between the end of Q2 and Q3 of 2022, which is when the RENEC airdrop program ends.

Remitano Network Capacity

Apart from taking advantage of owning the RENEC token from now on, perhaps what is of most interest to the community is which applications will be the first to appear on the network.

Although the development team has not officially announced the first applications to run on the network, with recent observations based on Remitano’s activities, we can predict their next steps. Here’s what we’ve been able to see in recent times:

Firstly, a decentralized exchange will appear on the Remitano network this year according to the development roadmap outlined in the RENEC whitepaper. It is the basic step and foundation of many of today’s blockchain networks.

Also in the whitepaper, Remitano talks about bringing a decentralized KYC service as well as P2P transactions between cryptocurrencies and fiat currency on the blockchain. Imagine, RENEC will become the first blockchain to support ramp off ramp and users do not need to go through centralized exchanges.

What does this mean for developers of decentralized applications (dApps)? For example, take popular play-to-earn games like AXEI, STEPN. New users have to go through several registrations on various exchanges to be able to convert between fiat and crypto, before participating in the app. This creates a huge barrier for new users, leaving developers limited in terms of audience.

With decentralized KYC supported on the Remitano Network blockchain, P2P fiat crypto trading can be done right in decentralized applications. Allows users to easily cash in the app without having to move around or require a lot of blockchain knowledge. For app developers, this means reaching out to the general public, easily reaching new users.

It seems likely that NFT5, BombCrypto and ToCom will be the leading projects for this approach.

However, some note that in 2022 Remitano has entered into a strategic alliance with, Thus, it can be predicted that NFTs will be one of the major applications on this blockchain network in the near future.

At the same time, Remitano also has a strategic cooperation until the end of 2021. bomb cryptoAn NFT game in the Play to Earn style.

And according to an unofficial source, a GameFi community will be invested and developed by Remitano in the form of Play to Earn to foster community interest in blockchain and crypto in general. A website recently shared by the GameFi community called It is said to have been developed by Remitano.

Combining the above facts, we can imagine the future picture of the Remitano Network blockchain. Do you think the growth potential of the network is huge?

Remitano. about

Remitano is one of the largest peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world, currently serving users in over 30 countries. The platform provides an escrowed P2P crypto marketplace that allows users to buy bitcoin and cryptocurrency easily and securely. Remitano is a market leader in the P2P platform space, boasting an intuitive and user-friendly interface, 24/7 customer support, and some of the lowest fees in the industry.

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“Play to Earn” to Own Remitano Network’s RENEC Token – Press Release Bitcoin News

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