India’s Best Pressure Washer Mecano for EV Cars


  • Largest pressure: 120 bar / 1.2Mpa. all inclusive motor
  • Maximum flow rate: 6.5 liters/min. Long Life Aluminum Pump
  • Max. Water temperature: 50 °C, Water protection class: IPX5
  • Power: 1400 watts. 5m cord length. shower with adjustable nozzle
  • Air Conditioning 220V – AC 240V 50/60 Mz

India’s Most Popular Pressure Washer Mecano Smart1500 Universal Motor 1500 W 120bar 6.5L/Min Flow High Pressure Washer for Cars/Bikes & Home Cleaning Purpose (Black & Grey)


  • Greatest Pressure: 120 Bar/1.2 MPa. All-inclusive Motor
  • Greatest Flow Rate:6.5 liter/Min. Long Life Aluminum Pump
  • Max. Water temperature: 50 degrees C, Water Protection Class: IPX5
  • Power: 1400 watts. 5 Meter Cord Length. Shower with Adjustable Nozzle
  • Air conditioning 220V – AC 240V 50/60 Mz


At MatrixStore, Mecano is the best in providing quality material products which help Mecano customers to feel a safer and more comfortable lifestyle. Mecano always follows the security process to ensure your safety and build a strong relationship with Mecano. Mecano develops our strategy every time and focuses on every product which makes us the priority for customers.

Meccano is pleased to present the basics of a home and vehicle washer for easy cleaning. Mecano is hoping to send sensible items with superior quality rather than meeting the request of the business sector promising exceptional practices.


  • Largest pressure: 120 bar / 1.2Mpa. all inclusive motor
  • Maximum flow rate: 6.5 liters/min. Long Life Aluminum Pump
  • Max. Water temperature: 50 °C, Water protection class: IPX5
  • Power: 1400 watts. 5m cord length. shower with adjustable nozzle
  • Air Conditioning 220V – AC 240V 50/60 Mz


Saves time

With this multiple feature product, you can do your job easily and its fast and amazing speed saves your time and gives you the best cleaning.

Mecano 1500 W Universal Motor (Black & Orange)


High pressure washer

Your dirty work gets done with this electric pressure washer. Home, Structures, Vehicles, Trucks, Ships, Deck, Garage, Yard Hardware: The Meccano pressure washer explains everything it takes to handle an assortment of cleaning tasks, and that’s just the beginning. This electric pressure washer is intended for ideal flexibility so you can perform a variety of cleaning tasks in your home, vehicle, porch and more without breaking a sweat.

This product can be used for many purposes like washing car, garden hardware, washing bicycle etc.
Fast and amazing speed save your time and give you best cleaning.
electric pressure washer
TSS (Total Stop System)
Easily switch to a variety of cleaning tasks.

1.2Mpa Peak Power

The pump dispenses water at high load approx. To remove the toughest mess. The buoyancy of the water can reach a distance of about 6 to 10 metres. This makes it easy for you to clean your vehicle and doesn’t take you much time to go everywhere.


Adjustable Handle

This electric washer pressure can be easily used for your laundry due to its amazing fold handle feature. Which facilitates you to work efficiently from east direction without any delay and problem.

Sturdy wheels for easy movement

This electric washer has study wheels so you can take it wherever you go. You can bring it home in the garden and even if you wash the car in the parking lot. So it is more convenient than washing with a pipe.


remove dirt

It is very difficult to remove even the smallest dirt from any of your vehicles or places. This laundry item is undoubtedly impeccable for doing this kind of job. Due to its minimal size and light weight, anyone can work with this high pressure washer without too much exertion.


My thoughts and reviews

I think this product will be much easier and more durable for you if you manage this pressure washer properly and use it according to its correct manual. I recommend using this machine with a garden hose attached to the faucet. The pressure of this Mecano is really good and the machine shuts down automatically as soon as you release its trigger. It starts again as soon as the trigger is pressed. The foam dispenser is fine but does not have an option to adjust the thickness of the foam, but you can compromise it. Still the foam thrown is quite decent.

Some tips for using the Mecano pressure washer:

1. Use bucket instead of tap connection for water inlet to achieve consistent water delivery pressure.
2. Always use the provided water filter for long life of the machine.
3. Keep checking for water leaks from the inlet or outlet pipe connectors as this can reduce the outlet pressure.
4. Use spreader pressure when cleaning the engine bay, glass or body of a car or bike.
5. Use foam shampoo for better lather, don’t expect heavy lather from regular hair shampoo.
6. Prefer good quality expansion board for power supply if the area of ​​application is little far away.

The great thing about the Mecano pressure washer is that you can do as much laundry as possible with the least amount of water. The Mecano pressure washer machine is powerful so produces little noise but is not as harsh as a vacuum cleaner, probably because we use it outdoors. The long rope, long hose, gun and three way nozzle make this a really great product. You can use Bosch products.

mecano pressure washer good product. Nuts and bolts are missing. adjusted to others. Don’t know why that filter is given! There is no mention about the filter in the user manual. very good performance. It has lots of security options. By using this product we can save water. An entire car can be washed with 2 buckets of water.

A great product with optimum efficiencies for your budget. Since I bought this product a month back, it has had no issues and no issues. Works well. The pressure is high.

You can clean cars, bikes, SUVs, floors and even bathrooms with this Mecano pressure washer. This is the best product in this price. You can use both piped water and bucket water – that’s what the main advantage can give. Enough to clean your floor 120 times – more than enough to clean your car. Most of the stuff is found in it.

The quality of the Mecano pressure washer is much better than I expected. This is Made in India. The build quality is very sturdy and has an excellent fit and finish. The product is lightweight, portable, so it can be carried anywhere with great ease. There are many holders in this machine to keep the goods. A water pressure of 120bar is more than enough for home use. This is self priming machine. Also mention some of the best practices to be followed while using this machine.


Overall, it comes to the  Question  Can I buy it or not?

I would like to tell you very clearly that you can absolutely buy this Mecano pressure washer, no problem I found, this product is absolutely reliable, now let’s know what to buy it for if you need to wash only small car or bike So you can buy it without any doubt and if you want to use it for heavy washing all kinds of washing like big car washing, house washing, office washing, bathroom washing and more. then you can buy its next version that bigger and more powerful than this. It is also there, but it will be a little expensive in comparison.

I believe you should buy this product at this range.


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