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India’s Best mini Tire Inflator for EV Car Bike cycle


LCD DIGITAL DISPLAY – The air compressor portable is equipped with a large high-precision and bright display that will help you to calculate the required values PSI, BAR, KPA, KG/CM².
POWER & MULTI-PURPOSE – The automatic tyre inflator inflates a standard mid-size car tire in 3-5 min. In addition the tire inflator has a Long Cable 3. 5 Meter to inflate the wheels of car, bike, motorcycle, suv.
HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS – We use durable ABS plastic and stainless steel in portable air compressor pump. This allow you to use the digital tire inflator for a long time.

India’s Best mini Tire Inflator for EV Car Bike cycle


Mod Cons Tyre Inflator

Orange color
Some Benefits You get 100% best service and 18 Months Extended Warranty with Mod Cons Tire Inflator Your purchase of the latest instrument is completely RISK-FREE!. This Mod Cons Tire Inflator  is also good for heavy-duty.
️ Automatic Shut-Off Feature This Mod Cons Tire Inflator will automatically shut off the digital air pump when the pre-set tire pressure is reached, this prevents inflation and protects your tires from excessive air pressure.
Smart ️ Digital LCD Display With Mod Cons Tire Inflator you can easily read the pressure of your program even at night.
️Emergency LED Light Mod Cons Tire Inflator will light up vehicles like your car, bike, bicycle, and truck even in the darkest deserted places. You can use this as a heavy torch.
LONG STRONG CABLE With the Mod Cons Tire Inflator 3M Cable the car air inflator easily connects to the 12V cigarette lighter.
️ Faster Inflating Speed Airflow 35L/min will allow you to pump up a standard wheel in 3-5 minutes, the Mod Cons Tyre Inflator has a maximum pressure of 150 psi.
️ 3 EXTRA NOZZLES It’s easy for you to inflate tires for cars, bicycles, motorcycles, SUVs, basketball and sports equipment, and other inflatables.
LCD Digital Display The portable air compressor is equipped with a large high-precision, bright display that will help you calculate the required values ​​PSI, Bar, KPa, Kg/cm.
Power and Multi-Purpose The automatic Mod Cons Tyre Inflator inflates the tire of a standard medium-sized car in 3-5 minutes. Apart from this, the Mod Cons Tyre Inflator has a 3.5-meter long cable to inflate the wheels of cars, bikes, motorcycles, SUVs.
HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL We use durable ABS plastic and stainless steel in the portable air compressor pump, it allows you to use the digital Mod Cons Tyre Inflator for a long time.
Auto Shut Off Simple and Useful Technique in Car Air Pump. When the inflator reaches the desired pressure, the car tMod Cons Tyre Inflator will automatically turn off
LED Lighting – Compact Design The Mod Cons Tyre Inflator Pump with Pressure Gauge can attract drivers’ attention in an emergency. The electric tire pump is lightweight and not big. Get 12 months extended warranty.
PORTABLE AND EASY STORAGE The Mod Cons Tire Inflator  mini air compressor is very compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and store in any trunk.
If you want to use an air compressor at home then you should buy AC to DC power adapter 110V-12V (120W). In use. Specialty:
️ Power source 12 volt
️ Power 120W
️ Material ABS plastic and heavy-duty metal
Display Unit PSI,KPa,Bar,KG/CM
️Pressure 150 psi ️Flow rate: 35L/min
️ Cable Length 3m ️ Noise Level: <50db
Continuous working time 10 minutes Package includes
1 X Digital Air Compressor
1 X Storage bag
️ 1 X Piece fuse
3 X Extra nozzles
️ 1 X User Manual

My Throughts and Review On  Mod Cons Tire Inflator

Well, long drives are fun as long as your car doesn’t break down. While fixing the car in the garage is an option, you might not always be lucky enough to have the garage or mechanic a call away. For all such situations, you must have the equipment. One of these essential tools is the tire inflator. There are many compact and portable tire inflators these days, which will relieve you from the constant fear of flat or low-pressure tires while you drive.

Of which, be extra prepared for rough roads with the Mod Cons tire inflator. Coming with 23.6-inch air hoses, this inflator is perfect for inflating the tires of scooters, motorcycles, and cars. Equipped with a 10 feet long power cord, this inflator is designed for easy access to all tires. This inflator comes with a digital gauge to help you better monitor the air pressure. Not only this, but the inflator also comes with auto shut-off to prevent damage to the tires due to over-pumping of air. With in-built LED light, this inflator promises to provide you optimum comfort at night on poorly lit roads.

This product is intended for emergency use and should only be relied upon for reliable products. I have used it successfully only once. On second use it shuts down and becomes unusable. Seller is unavailable and unavailable for ‘Chug Enterprises’ service and warranty. Even after raising the issue twice with Amazon, they are unable to do anything except provide mobile number and email address. 2 different emails and 3 mobile numbers – all fake. This seller from Amazon is unreliable and unreliable. Claims 12 months warranty. Buy this item. It came in handy when I needed it the most. you can use this as an alternative

Speed ​​up the tire inflation process with this inflator, which claims to inflate a tire from flat to 35 psi in 4 minutes. This inflator comes with a digital display, which keeps you updated with the pressure, and an auto shut-off feature, which gives you relief from constant monitoring. The in-built LED light makes it convenient to use in the dark.

I got this for our emergency kit because you never know when you might need it and I tried it on my SUV. It’s a smart car so it lets us know if the tire pressure is optimal even before the pump says it. It was very easy to use and worked well. I was amazed that those pumps at gas stations could do such a small job.

It is surprising to see that the inflator is powerful enough to inflate the tires of an SUV. In addition, it has several adapters. I also inflated my air mattress and it worked. But, the best function is that you can set the pressure before you inflate your tires and it will automatically shut off when the set pressure is reached, thereby preventing over-inflation. Easy to use and a good backup tool to put in the trunk. I would recommend it to everyone who loves hassle-free driving.

I tested this on my rear passenger tire and it worked as planned! Quite quiet, the cord doesn’t sag and attaches easily to the rear tire of my SUV, and it’s super easy to use. I recommend it to anyone who drives a car with questionable tires. It fits perfectly on the back of my trunk. Recommended!!

It looks heavy in photos but it is quite compact. Quickly inflate the tire not only top up you can fill from 0 to full in 3.5 minutes and the topup will take less than 1 minute (I tried 30 psi to 33). Accuracy can fluctuate from 1 to 0.5 variation (assessed after checking with separate Michelin gauge meter) when you autoset. I believe it has two variants (orange and green) and green is more powerful. There is a little noise but it is not a big deal as the proper filling is more important.

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