India’s Best RNG Mini EV Car Tyre Inflator 2021


EASY TO USE AND FAST INFLATING – Simply plug your RNG EKO GREEN air pump into a 12V power outlet for car tires and set your desired pressure. Start your inflate function with a single button.


The powerful motor allows the tire pump to inflate your car tires quickly. These enhanced features make the RNG Eco Green Car Mini Tyre Inflator a perfect choice for traveling people. A good solution for an emergency.



Auto Shutoff – Don’t worry that the car tires will be inflated. The RNG EKO GREEN car air compressor will automatically shut off once your car tires reach the desired pressure. The great Mini Tyre Inflator with a gauge keeps your cars in safe condition in every way.


LED LIGHTING & DIGITAL DISPLAY – RNG Eco Green Portable Mini Tyre Inflator for a car with built-in LED light. The Digital Display for Tire Pump not only performs well in day-to-day work but also easily captures your desired pressure in the dark.


RNG EKO Mini Heavy Duty EV Car Tyre Inflator 2021 Make In Indian


RNG EKO Mini Heavy Duty EV Car Tyre Inflator 2021

RNG Eco Green – Digital Predator Series 1303 Car Air Compressor / Mini Tyre Inflator – (Red & Black)

  • Uses:

The pump is applicable for regular cars, SUVs, electric vehicles, two wheelers, three wheelers, small and medium sized trucks and jeeps. The pump is also applicable for all kinds of small size inflatables such as balls, air mattresses, rubber dinghies, etc. This product is widely used in many fields. It can deal with the emergency of air leakage of car tires at any place. It can ensure proper tire pressure of the car at any time which will save gasoline, protect the tire and ensure the vehicle driving safely.

  • feature:

Digital display gauge to set the desired amount of air to be fed into the tire
The automatic shut off feature turns off the device when the desired air is filled in the tyre.

  • LED Light for Night Operation:

The extra nozzle attachment helps in inflating all types of balls, two wheeler tyres, air mattresses, etc. A cable collectible slot is provided at the back of the air inflator pump to collect the cables.

  • Automatic Shutoff

The automatic shut off feature turns off the device when the desired air is filled into the tyre.

  • Snap Fastener Type Connector

Upgraded metal charging connector, insert and press, so easy to operate.

  • Caution*

Beware of high temperatures when operating the device. To avoid burns, do not touch the cigar-lighter immediately after you have finished pumping.

Note: Start the car engine and then use the Mini Tyre Inflator as the car battery is not powerful enough to supply enough current/power for the device to work efficiently.

My experience and Reviews

I’ve tested several 12v Tyre Inflators before but most hems are very slow and get very hot. Also, they make a lot of noise, but the RNG EKO GREEN Digital Heavy Duty Car Air Compressor Tire Inflator doesn’t. It’s very fast and doesn’t get too hot (remember, some heat will definitely be generated due to the physics involved.

However, it can dissipate heat better than if it were solidly built). I connected it to a 10 amp 12v dc adapter and used it continuously for 10 minutes. As mentioned in older reviews, it didn’t overheat and wind speeds are good too. The accompanying attachments are also very useful as they include a carry bag, screws and valves to quickly and easily open the hose. I also inflate my electric bicycle tires with it.

I fill my electric bicycle tires in 4-5 seconds. I think the wind speed should also be low in this. So, a big thumbs up for the RNG EKO GREEN Digital Heavy Duty Car Air Compressor Mini Tyre Inflator . The only drawback I found is its cost which is quite high as compared to similar products from other brands. But I think it’s still worth the money.

I also noticed some flaws in This Mini Tyre Inflator.

 on/off light indication is very low . anywhere on the machine, no backlight on analog meter which is helpful in low light tourch area,  auto cutoff is work well, should come with digital display instead of analog dial. The dial has psi/bar divisions in red/black. I found that the bar unit is easy to identify the desired pressure, some may struggle to read the psi value during operation. So be careful while filling. You thought of filling 32 psi but you can fill 34 psi.

Overall a VFM product. Go for it. 3.9/5. Hope it lasts a long time without any trouble.

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