Psychiatrists drive German cars, 3Gem study claims

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Psychiatrists drive German cars, 3Gem study claims – EV & Moto

Psychiatrists drive German cars, 3Gem study claims

A study conducted on 2,000 British drivers to develop a correlation between their mental behavioral traits and the car brand they own – German car owners have high psychosis.

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A British study of 3Gem has revealed some interesting facts about the mental characteristics of drivers. The study claims that German car drivers show higher mental symptoms. Simply put, people who drive cars with brands like Audi or BMW are psychopaths, the study claims. 3Gem studies further claim that people who run VWs or Hyundais are less likely to have psychotic symptoms. With the disposal of this study, you now know that passing a BMW or Audi can sometimes be fatal.

The study was conducted among 2,000 British drivers who owned cars of various brands. Drivers took short exams to assess their psychological symptoms. They scored out of 36 based on their psychological characteristics and the brand of car they owned. BMW owners showed higher signs of psychosis, followed by Audi owners, showing test results. Behind them were the owners of Mazda and Fiat. That being said, the drivers of the French cars showed better behavioral characteristics. At the bottom of the list were brands like Citroen, Volkswagen and Hyundai.

Drivers with the most psychotic features by car brand (score out of 36).

  1. BMW (12.1)
  2. Audi (11.7)
  3. Fiat (7.0)
  4. Mazda (6.4)
  5. Honda (6.3)
  6. Ford (6.1)
  7. Mercedes-Benz (5.9)
  8. Citroen (5.8)
  9. Volkswagen (5.4)
  10. Hyundai (5.3)

In addition, studies establish that ranks were allocated according to body colors. Owners of gold and brown cars showed higher signs of concern – 12.7 and 12.2, respectively. However, those who drive electric cars have a higher score of 16. In comparison, owners of hybrid, diesel and petrol cars scored 9.8, 7 and 5.2, respectively.

While posting the results of the study, 3Gem claimed that, “None of our drivers scored in the survey to such an extent that they have the obvious symptoms typically shown by a psychopath. Psychopathy is a condition that affects life, and so it Should be taken seriously. “

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