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Royal Enfield announced an expedition to the South Pole in the Himalayas


In the 90 ° South expedition, the Royal Enfield Riders will make a 39-day expedition to Antarctica on a 770-kilometer ride from the Royce Ice Shelf to the South Pole.

Royal Enfield is no stranger to riding and campaigning around the world. From riding the world’s highest motorable pass to reaching the base camp of Mount Everest in Tibet and riding the Dolat Bag Oldy, the most inaccessible mountain pass in Karakoram, to go around the desert of Kutch, you have gone through some tough challenges. .

Based on the legacy, Chennai-based manufacturer Royal Enfield marks the 2021 with an ambitious attempt to reach the geographic South Pole from the Ross Ice Shelf via the Laveret Glacier on the Himalayas. This 90 ° South – Search for the pole The brand’s 120-year legacy is envisioned as a tribute and to celebrate the courage and resilience of the numerous riders and researchers who have traveled history on motorcycles.

Speaking of campaign efforts, Siddharth Lal, Managing Director, Eicher Motors Ltd., Said, “120 years is a long legacy for the brand, and we are very happy to count it. During these years, we have created and adhered to a rich culture of riding and exploring around the world. This business of research has been an integral part of our DNA, and 90 ° South is the second chapter in our series of extraordinary, epic motorcycle rides.


The Himalayan Odyssey paved the way for adventurous motorcycling and challenging trekking in the Himalayas 90 ° South – Search for the pole It is believed that it inspires people to be more adventurous. It will be a rigorous test of endurance and perseverance as the first attempt of its kind will be by way of a 770 km long road at the South Pole.

The ambitious campaign will begin in Cape Town, South Africa on 26 November 2021 as it will feature two Royal Enfield Riders – Santosh Vijay Kumar, Lead – Rides and Community, Royal Enfield, and Dean Coxon, Senior Engineer – Product Development, Royal Enfield Attempt to reach the geographical South Pole from Ross Ice Shelf to Amundsen-Scott Pole Station via Laveret Glacier.

It will be carried out in a Ga association alliance with Arctic Trucks as part of a two-purpose Royal Enfield Himalayan effort. Arctic Trucks is a member of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators and is renowned for their deep expertise in the region and covers an area of ​​more than 350,000 kilometers over the Antarctic Plateau.


Antarctica is modified indoors with functional improvements to the Himalayas to be able to navigate the snow and ice under extreme weather conditions, and the adventurous traveler was tested at the Langjokul Glacier in Iceland to reflect the conditions in Antarctica. The first phase of testing took place in September 2020 and the second phase last July.

For more torque on the rear wheel, the main drive sprocket has been changed from a 15-tooth to a 13-tooth unit with studded tires with a tubeless wheel setup, running at very low pressures and increasing flotation on soft ice; A strong alternative to producing a more robust product using rare earth magnets and enabling the team to run hot gear from batteries. Motorcycles will be driven on a compacted snow track from the Ross Ice Shelf to the South Pole to reduce motorcycle traction and limit emissions to a full minimum.


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