Saumya Tandon: My heart goes out to those who

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Saumya Tandon: My heart goes out to those who

Though the pandemic and subsequent restrictions brought many outdoor shoots to a halt, for actor Saumya Tandon, the work never really stopped. She tells us that she bought a stand and a light to continue shooting from home, all alone.

“A lot of commercials and shoots are happening from home. I’ve hosted a few shows from home, and shot a lot of social media commercials too,” she says, adding, “It’s very interesting. This is the new normal. I am trying to adjust to the new normals. I have also become very good at camera work.”

Tandon, known for shows Sister-in-law is at home! and my country is like this, agree that a steady flow of income is important in such uncertain times.

“My heart goes out to so many people who have lost jobs, got their salaries cut and are left with very little savings. It has been very difficult for them. Thankfully I’m not in that position, I work because I want to. But, there are a lot of people who are in that situation. It is very heartbreaking to see them suffer,” says the 36-year-old.

The actor also stresses on the importance of keeping oneself mentally engaged. She elaborates, “It is also integral because you feel productive, worthy and feel that you are doing something with your life. Otherwise, it becomes very frustrating. There are many mental challenges to go through. It is not that one is safe just sitting at home. There are so many challenges that one has to face with patience. Right now, we all deal with issues like confusion, restlessness, feeling lost, loss of purpose, insecurities about the future are tackling.”


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