‘Star Wars Detours’ Will Probably Never Get

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‘Star Wars Detours’ Will Probably Never Get

star wars detours Perhaps one of the holy grails of unpublished media relating to a distant, distant galaxy. The show was announced almost a decade ago, and has completed almost 40 episodes. Yet, it never saw the light of day. and Seth Green, one of the co-creators of the animated series, has explained why this is so.

Just before Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012, Lucasfilm Animation partnered with Seth Green and Matt Senrich. Robot Chicken fame, for star wars detours. was announced on star wars The festivities and there was a lot going for it. George Lucas was working in close collaboration on the series, and it also had a trailer. But once a Disney purchase is made, things change. The direction of suffrage changed. And Detours has been gathering dust ever since. In a new interview, Green addressed the state of the show, and it’s not promising.

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“The most recent conversation I’ve had with anyone who’s in a position to say it’s not too soon… are 39 episodes that ended up airing. But we ended them about 10 years ago And so there’s Disney+ going to have to reconfigure a bit of the existing stuff to release it as Lucasfilm has to offer. And the way I explained it there just isn’t enough interest to go through it. It will take enough to get it out, and Lucasfilm has no interest in releasing this material on Disney+.”

So there we have it. Even if Disney+ is hungry star wars Content after the success of Mandalorian, not interested in doing what it takes to prepare the show to air. Not only are there 39 episodes, each about six minutes long, ready to go, but some 62 more scripts have already been written. One might expect Seth Green to be bitter about ruining all this work. But as he points out, it was still a worthwhile experience.

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“I don’t really have an emotional state because I had to spend four years in a row making something with George Lucas. And my partner and I, and all the people who got to work on it, the actors and actors and directors and animators, We all have to make some Star Wars with the guy who made it. And so I know in those four years he was having fun, and that’s really what I care about. Got the priceless experience, and watched her laugh and enjoy all the things she had made, before agreeing to sell them to someone else.”

series, taking after star wars, Robot Chicken Special, would have been more comical in tone. It featured an influential voice cast including Billy Dee Williams, Anthony Daniels, Ahmed Best, Zachary Levy, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Joel McHale, and others. “You literally won’t believe the people who have worked on this project in all categories,” Green teased. He also said that he wants people to watch it, but the experience he has made has made it worth some time.

“It’s not that I don’t care if people never see it, it’s just that it ultimately doesn’t matter if no one ever sees it, because nobody can take anything away from either of us.” . And that sort of thing will never happen again, and I recognize that.”

things change. Many thought we’d never get more star wars Movies. Nevertheless, here we are. And we’re also getting tons of new TV shows. If Disney+ Can Finally Release the Evoque Movies and Even Part of It Star Wars Holiday Special, Maybe star wars detours Lastly, one can even see the daylight. We get this news via https://ew.com/tv/star-wars-detours-disney-lucasfilm-seth-green/|Entertainment Weekly.

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