The makers of The Family Man 2 say Raj and DK Samantha

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The makers of The Family Man 2 say Raj and DK Samantha

The producers of Amazon Prime Video’s The Family Man, Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK, have said that the second season of the show is ‘difficult to hear’ about allegations of racism directed at Samantha Akkineni’s character, Raazi. He defended himself against the criticism by saying that the decision to give Samantha a darker complexion could not be compared to a ‘black face’ – a white actor playing a black character.

In an interview, the filmmaker duo said that in Raazi’s case, it is a Tamil actor playing a Tamil character, and that the idea of ​​beauty is not even part of the conversation. The second season of The Family Man received a positive response from critics and fans on 4 June.

“The name Hee—the brown face—is hard to hear, even for us,” Raj told The Quint. “Black face, we grew up watching it, reading about it. I get it when race is involved, and you get a white person to play a black person, or a brown person to play … you get a Tamil actress to play (character). The idea is to make someone fit for the role. Skin color is generally used in reference to beauty. That reference is not in our series He’s a warrior, he’s this. And how do they look? They’re taking the weather, their faces sunburned, they don’t have time to look in the mirror, they don’t have time to go to the spa The idea is that she is a girl living that life, and that’s it. It’s the perfect get-up for that character.”

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DK continued, “It’s no different than being fit for the role. So he actually trained for a few months, because he’s a trained commando, he’s a militant. And he had to learn martial arts, and he had to be a There was definite learning. Quote. So everything is a part of the character we’re making. It’s not an insult, or anything bad in any way, just because we’re not seeing it, it’s in any way is… we are just showing the person as he is. He is a beautiful person and he did a great job. If you love the character then you love the character. Any other way The statement has not been given.”

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Raazi is a Sri Lankan Tamil who is at the center of an assassination plot in season two of The Family Man. She is the first antagonist of Manoj Bajpayee’s Shrikant Tiwari. A third season is being planned.

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