चना बेचने वाले अंकल की समझदारी की कायल हुई जनता,

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चना बेचने वाले अंकल की समझदारी की कायल हुई जनता, Nixatube Trends

While it was planted in one go, he was killed in one go. but…

People for the race of fame's uncle's race,

This picture was shared by @indira_laisram.

There is no person list data in the internet world, which is going to win the hearts of the people. One heart touching these people. The uncle seen in this picture is an example for all of us, who are not only wearing masks properly, but they also keep their chickpeas, netted box, peanuts’ and salty.

Now even in the age of gram, the fast-moving video campaign has intensified. These photos were written to appear, they were tagged as being related to when they attended the wedding, which they were also to attend.

performance photo-

Uncle alerted the people

social media alien pictures

Uncle’s title title

To share this picture (@DistrictEkh) on November 13. He wrote, ‘This photo is a fitness program. We will evolve after we develop and evolve after we develop.’ Originally shared by @indira_laisram as this photo. 14 14 14

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