Top 10 Cruiser Bikes in India 2021-22 – Price, Mileage, Specifications, Colors, Images – EV & Moto

Top 10 Cruiser Bikes in India 2021-22 – Price, Mileage, Specifications, Colors, Images – EV & Moto

Top 10 Cruiser Bikes in India 2021-22 – Price, Mileage, Specifications, Colors, Images

Cruiser bikes are best for exploring the long highways that lay in front of you for miles ahead. These machines offer laid-back riding posture which is comfortable for riding long distances with ease. Cruiser bikes are only good for riding on the country roads because most of the cruisers are heavy and low-slung. Here we brought you the list of top 10 cruiser bikes in India in 2021-22.

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Top 10 Cruiser Bikes price list in India

Model Ex-showroom Price
Royal Enfield Meteor 350 ₹ 1,98,537
Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 ₹ 1,32,640
Kawasaki Vulcan S ₹ 6,10,000
Kawasaki W800 ₹ 7,26,000
Triumph Bonneville T100 ₹ 9,49,000
Benelli 502C ₹ 5,09,900
BMW R18 ₹ 19,90,000
Indian Chief Darkhorse ₹ 20,20,000
Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster ₹ 11,75,000
Harley Davidson Iron 883 ₹ 10,11,000

In this post, we have listed the top 10 best adventure motorcycles among many adventure bikes on sale in India. The ranking has been given according to the appeal a bike has among the masses, the performance, styling, the value the bike offers as well as the customer reach which is due to the pricing of the machine. So, which adventure bikes made their way into this top 10 list? Let’s find out.

You will find a total of ten streetfighter bikes in this list and these are – Royal Enfield Meteor 350, Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruise, Kawasaki Vulcan S, Kawasaki W800, Triumph Bonneville T100, Benelli 502C, BMW R18, Indian Chief Darkhorse, Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster and Harley Davidson Iron 883. All these cruiser bikes are arranged according to the brand value, the value for money proposition, performance and many other things which will be explained in the blog.

This list of top 10 bikes is charted out with internal valuation of the engine performance, the design, popularity among the riders and the way the bike offers best to the riders. Let’s get started with the first motorcycle in this list.

Royal Enfield Meteor 350

The best cruiser bike to be the one which is a proper laid-back cruiser and has to be in the range of most riders out there. Also, it has to be a comfortable cruising machine that can allow the riders to cover long distances in a single sitting. A perfect cruiser also be smooth and must offer a long tank range so that the rider does not have to hunt for fuel stations in middle of nowhere. Considering all these things together, we placed the Royal Enfield Meteor 350 at the pole position in this list.

royal enfield meteor 350

It is a perfect ride for you if you are looking for a comfortable and smooth cruiser bike with all the classic design and stance. At present, there is no direct rival of the Meteor 350 in the cruiser segment but you can get yourself a classic roadster though. However, we are talking about cruiser in this post and thus Meteor 350 is the best bet under Rs 2 lakh for the base variant.

It is available in 3 variants with exclusive colours, appearance and accessories – Fireball, Stellar and Supernova. Meteor 350 Fireball variant is the cheapest bike priced at Rs 1,98,537 ex-showroom. Both Stellar and Supernova variants come at Rs 2,04,527 and 2,14,513 ex-showroom New Delhi respectively. You get to choose from many colours. The Fireball is offered in fireball yellow and fireball red, the Stellar gets Metallic shades of Blue, Black and Red. Top of the line, Supernova variant offers exclusive dual-tone paint jobs of Brown and Blue. Apart from these, there are custom colour options in the Meteor that are priced at a certain premium over the bike’s cost.

You might thing that it is priced at a premium. Due to recent semi-conductor shortage, the prices of all the two wheelers are on a rise and thus, the price is a bit on the higher side as companies are constantly increasing prices of bikes and scooters. Same is the case with Royal Enfield. However, it is a machine to live with, it is comfortable to ride because of laid-back riding posture, a low and spacious bucket seat with support for the lower back, raised pulled-back handlebar and forward positioned foot-pegs are the main elements of a cruiser in the Meteor.

The instrument cluster is a digital analogue unit which looks cool and offers most of the info expect the trip computer and distance to empty feature. There is an Eco indicator which lights up when ridden at a constant speed of 80 to 85 kmph. Then you get a tripper navigation unit which can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and will offer turn by turn navigation.

Apart from this, there is an option to get a large wind-screen at the front which is best for deflecting wind-blast at high speeds. The pillion gets a back support in the top two variants and is available as an option in the base variant. The fuel tank is also large at 15-litre capacity which when combined with an average mileage of 35 kmpl on the highways, can let you cover a distance of around 525 km in a single tankful. This is the best thing about Meteor, you don’t have to waste time standing in the queue of a fuel station every now and then. There is a possibility of touching 600 km range if you ride with care and keep the bike’s speed at 80 kmph which will give you around 38 to 40 kmpl on the highways.

Royal Enfield Meteor 350 comes fitted with a smooth 350cc engine which have minimal vibrations unlike the other Thunderbird 350. You can easily cruise from 80 to 110 kmph all day long. The engine is a completely new unit with oil-cooled head for better thermal management which is a must for a long-distance cruiser. With 27 Nm torque and 191 kg kerb weight, the bike is a breeze on the highways and it accelerates from 0 to 100 kmph in just 15 seconds. The top speed of the bike is 120 kmph which is good for brisk ride son the highways.

Coming to the engine, the Meteor is fitted with a new-generation J-series engine which is modern and smooth-running unit. This mill is an air-cooled, 2-valve unit which puts out 20.2 bhp of max power at 6100 rpm and 27 Nm torque at 4000 rpm. A 5-speed gearbox is attached to the engine which sends power to the rear wheel. The gearing is taller and hence, it is easy to ride in the city streets and offers relaxed highway cruising. Only miss is a slipper and assist clutch which would have made the clutch lighter and much handier in the city traffic.

Coming to the suspension, the bike is fitted with a pair of telescopic forks at the front and twin shock absorbers at the rear. The front forks are softer when compared to the rear shock and the overall ride quality is nearly perfect on the roads. However, some jolts can be felt through the rear suspension because of stiffer setup. This problem diminishes with a pillion onboard to balance the stiff rear shockers.

In the Braking department, there is a 300 mm disc brake with 2-piston callipers and a rear 270 mm disc brake is present at the rear with single-piston calliper. A dual-channel ABS is available is standard fitment in all the three variants.

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Model Royal Enfield Meteor 350
Engine 349 cc
Cooling Air-Cooled
Power 20.2 bhp @ 6,100 rpm
Torque 27 Nm @ 4,000 rpm
Gearbox 5-Speed
Front Suspension Telescopic Forks
Rear Suspension Twin-Shock
Front Tyre 100/90 – 19 – 57P
Rear Tyre 140/70 – 17 – 66P
Front Brake Disc – 300mm
Rear Brake Disc – 270mm
ABS Dual-Channel
Weight 191 kg
Fuel Tank 15 Ltr
Mileage 40 kmpl
Top Speed 120 kmph
Ex-showroom Price ₹ 1,98,537

Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220

The next bike obviously has to be the oldest cruiser in India, the Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 is the no doubt, the oldest cruiser bike in this list to have made a mark. Not only that, we have included this machine in the second spot. The reasons are many and the first one is the sheer value for money proposition it offers in the cruiser segment in the Indian market.

avenger 220 cruise

At Rs 1.32 lakh ex-showroom New Delhi, Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 is the most affordable cruiser bike that you can get with capable and powerful engine. There are two more cruiser bikes in India – Avenger 160 and the Intruder 150 but due to their small capacity engines, we prefer to keep them out as of now. Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 offers best value because of its exceptional price tag and with reasonable features.

The best thing about Avenger is the comfortable riding posture due to the scooped seat which is low and the pulled back handlebars which is at the shoulder level to the riders. With lower-back support and forward-set foot-pegs, the Avenger Cruise 220 is a bike to ride over long distances with ease. The seats are comfortable for both rider and the pillion with standard pillion backrest for long distance journeys.

A proper cruise appeal is provided by oodles of chrome on every part of the bike including handlebars, engine, exhaust system and more. The fuel tank is tear-drop unit that could hold 13 litres of fuel. It is built on a dated chassis which is a double-cradle frame but it is good for straight-line performance. The Avenger just cannot handle much of a strain around the corners but it is not what is supposed to do in the first place.

Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruise is one such bike which offers best value for what you spend on it. There is a fully digital instrument cluster offering all the important details. But what this bike misses on are a trip computer and distance to empty features. We expect modern-day features will be added in the next generation Avenger which is due in the near future.

A tried and tested single-cylinder, 220cc, air and oil-cooled, four-stroke, fuel-injected, 2-valve SOHC engine propelled this bike. This mill churns out 18.76 bhp of power at 8500 rpm and 17.55 Nm twisting force comes up at 7000 rpm. The Avenger’s engine is a torquey motor which offers brisk performance and let you munch miles with ease. A 5-speed cog box is paired to the engine that comes with taller gear ratios. Without any assist and a slipper clutch, the clutch action is light and manages to do all the duties that are expected from it.

Performance is good enough for a bike priced so aggressively, 0 to 100 kmph is achievable in around 15 seconds and top speed is 130 kmph. Out on the highways, you can effortlessly ride at 90 to 100 kmph covering reasonable distance in a single day.

The fuel efficiency of Avenger 220 Cruise is around 30 kmpl in the city and in the range of 35 to 40 kmph on the highways. With 13 litres of fuel onboard, and an average mileage of 36 kmpl on the highways, you can cover a long distance of over 450 km. For someone like a frequent tourer, the Avenger 220 will provide you more kilometres with lesser amount of fuel.

There is a fully digital LCD panel offering only the basic readouts. It delivers info on bike’s speed, odometer, trip meters and a fuel gauge. Nothing apart from this is provided on the instrument cluster. The tell-tale lights are present on the chrome fuel filler part on the fuel tank.

Coming to the suspension, the Avenger 220 Cruise gets regular telescopic forks at the front and twin shock absorbers at the rear with hydraulic dampers. This suspension setup is on a balanced side between stiff and soft providing acceptable ride on the bad patches of roads and good level of stability on long straights.

There is a 280 mm disc brake at the front and drum brake at the rear wheel. Despite offering a large engine and good performance, the Avenger only comes with a single channel ABS which only prevents the front wheel from slipping under hard braking. For proper braking performance, the bikes should have come with a dual channel ABS for all-round safety.

Model Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220
Engine 220 cc
Cooling Oil-Cooled
Power 18.76 bhp @ 8,500 rpm
Torque 17.55 Nm @ 7,000 rpm
Gearbox 5-Speed
Front Suspension Telescopic
Rear Suspension Twin-Shock
Front Tyre 90/90-17 49P
Rear Tyre 130/90-15 66P
Front Brake Disc – 280mm
Rear Brake Drum
ABS Single-Channel
Weight 163 kg
Fuel Tank 13 Ltr
Mileage 35 kmpl
Top Speed 130 kmph
Ex-showroom Price ₹ 1,32,640

Kawasaki Vulcan S

At present, the Indian motorcycle market lacks some good low-end cruiser bikes which is accessible to many riders who seek a power cruiser for lesser money. Therefore, we have here a powerful Urban Cruiser, the Kawasaki Vulcan S. It is a well-sorted low-cruiser that is priced at Rs 6.1 lakh ex-showroom New Delhi. It comes in the premium and middle-weight segment and not a lot of buyers can opt for it due to budget constraints.

vulcan s

However, few enthusiasts who are looking for a middle-weight cruiser bike and with a powerful engine, the Vulcan S is a perfect match for them. Unlike traditional cruisers, the Vulcan S is a sporty cruiser machine which can be ridden enthusiastically. It offers good stability and on straight line as well as around the corners because of low centre of gravity and long wheelbase.

Coming to the design, the Vulcan S is a modern cruiser bike with a classic round headlight cluster, stretched fuel tank and laid-back handlebars which are raised to a comfortable level for riders to hold them without any strain. The rider seat, on the hand, is scooped and well-padded unit which can keep the rider comfortably snug in it for long duration of time. The split pillion seat is also a thickly-padded piece and keeps the pillion comfortable for long time. With a saddle height of 705 mm, any rider can manage the 235 kg cruiser machine with ease.

The thing which makes this machine move is a four-stroke, liquid-cooled, 649cc, parallel twin, 8-valve DOHC engine fuelled by a multi-port fuel injection system. This engine cranks out 59.9 bhp at 7500 rpm and 62.4 Nm torque at 6600 rpm. A 6-speed gearbox manages the reduction duties and no assist and slipper clutch is available at this price point which is a sore point of the Vulcan.

For making it a pocket-friendly cruiser, the Vulcan S can manage around 23 kmpl on the highways and around 20 kmpl in the city limits. For avid tourers, the fuel tank of 14-litres can allow the rider to a little over 300 km which is not much but reasonable for long distance journey. You need to top-up the fuel tank twice in a day if you are on a country-wide tour.

The dashboard of the Vulcan S is equipped with a semi-digital instrument panel which has an analogue tachometer and digital display for rest of the information. The LCD screen provides readouts of speedometer, odometer, trip meters, fuel gauge and much more. We had expected a TFT console on the latest iteration of the Vulcan S.

Kawasaki Vulcan S is fitted with 120/80 tyre at the front and 160/60 cross-section tubeless tyre at the rear. The front wheel is a larger 18-inch alloy unit and the rear is a 17-inch unit with the bike suspending on telescopic forks at the front and single offset monoshock suspension at the rear. Only the rear shock absorber is adjustable for preload. The front wheel travel is 130 mm whereas the rear monoshock offers only 80 mm of wheel travel. This setup offers adequate comfort on good section of roads while it manages to hold itself together on the bad section of roads. The handling provided by the suspension setup is confidence-inspiring and any rider can challenge the corners with good confidence.

One thing tht might concern a potential buyer is the low 130 mm ground clearance and extra-long 1575 mm wheelbase. It is highly likely that the underbelly of the Vulcan can scrap over the tall and badly designed speed-breakers in the cities.

In terms of braking, the Kawasaki Vulcan is blessed with a 300 mm front disc brake gripped by a 4-piston calliper and a 250 mm disc brake at the rear wheel with single piston calliper. There is a dual channel ABS for all-round rider safety net.

Model Kawasaki Vulcan S
Engine 649 cc
Cooling Liquid-Cooled
Power 59.9 bhp @ 7,500 rpm
Torque 62.4 Nm @ 6,600 rpm
Gearbox 6-Speed
Front Suspension Telescopic
Rear Suspension Monoshock
Front Tyre 120/70R18M/C 59H
Rear Tyre 160/60R17M/C 69H
Front Brake Disc – 300mm
Rear Brake Disc – 250mm
ABS Dual-Channel
Weight 235 kg
Fuel Tank 14 Ltr
Mileage 20 kmpl
Top Speed 180 kmph
Ex-showroom Price ₹ 6,10,000

Kawasaki W800

On the fourth place, you have the Kawasaki W800 classic cruiser. It is a bike in the premium range with a powerful and classic engine. It is a twin-cylinder motorcycle which is smooth to ride and when seen from the angle of a retro bike, it has all the necessary check-list of ticked from top to bottom saying yes to the retro charm. It comes in the middle-weight category with 800cc engine and comfortable riding posture for easy and relaxing ride to the unknown.

kawasaki w800

Priced at Rs 7.26 lakh ex-showroom New Delhi, the Kawasaki W800 is aggressively priced when compared to its competitors from the west. It is a pretty modern bike hen the features and engine are considered.

For superb rider comfort, the Kawasaki W800 is equipped with a scooped seat for the rider and a flat portion of seat for the pillion. The ribbed design on the seats provides necessary support when this bike is taken for along spin. It features classic chromed bar-type handlebars that are sufficiently raised and allows the rider to hold on to them without leaning forward. This makes way for an upright riding posture with handlebars a bit lower than the shoulder level. It is comfortable and relaxing to ride the bike for hours without tired and body aches.

The long wheelbase of 1465 mm provides the bike stable on the highways and it isn’t as long as some low-slung cruisers to create difficulties in the city traffic. At 224 kg, the W800 is not a light machine to begin with but a low 770 mm seat height makes it manageable for most riders out there. Proper balance and stability are offered by high-tensile steel double-cradle frame that is norm for bike of this category.

W800 is suspended on regular telescopic forks at the front and twin spring-loaded shock absorbers with hydraulic dampers at the rear. This setup has been calibrated for plush ride with sufficient stiffness for good level of stability at higher speeds. For handling the shocks, the bike gets 130 mm front wheel travel and 107 mm rear wheel travel.

A large 320 mm rotor is equipped at the front and a 270 mm rotor is fixed at the rear wheel. These rotors are clenched by twin-piston calliper at both ends. A dual-channel ABS is present which provides necessary safety net around the rider.

Moving on to the design, the Kawasaki W800 has mix of both modern-day and retro elements. The modern-day features include round LED headlight cluster, superb paint finish, LCD display in the instrument console and a smooth-running engine. The retro elements are notable chrome finish on the headlight, meter bezels, old-school switch-gear, retro twin-pod instrument cluster, classic single-piece seat with ribbed design with proper padding. It is only available in one colour option on the W800 which is – Metallic Flat Spark Black with Metallic Matt Graphic Grey.

Powering the Kawasaki W800 is an air-cooled, parallel-twin, 773cc, four-stroke, 8-valve SOHC engine. This mill is fed by a multi-port fuel injection system with a bevel gear mechanism for the valve train with chrome treatment that shines proudly on the right side of the engine. The bevel-gear mechanism is a way of providing the retro charm to the modern bike. This mill belts out 50.2 bhp of power at 6500 rpm and 62.9 Nm of torque at 4800 rpm. A slipper and assist clutch is present in the between of the engine and the 5-speed gearbox.

Coming to the fuel mileage, the W800 can deliver 20 to 22 kmpl on the highways with ease and when this mileage figure is coupled with its large 21-litre fuel tank, the distance you can cover is around 400 km in a single tankful. This is the best thing for a classic cruiser bike, the range it can offer in a single stretch which is why you won’t have to stand in queue for filling up your fuel tank.

The classic-themed twin-pod meter console has large dials with chrome bezels. You get analogue speedometer and tachometer with an LCD screen for providing rest of the readouts like odometer, trip meters, fuel gauge and more.

Kawasaki W800 is a classic bike for purists which perfect for highway as well as city rides and the price at which this bike comes is also reasonable as it is imported as a completely built unit.

Model Kawasaki W800
Engine 773 cc
Cooling Air Cooled
Power 50.2 bhp @ 6,500 rpm
Torque 62.9 Nm @ 4,800 rpm
Gearbox 6-Speed
Front Suspension Telescopic Forks
Rear Suspension Twin Shocks
Front Tyre 100/90-18M/C 56H
Rear Tyre 130/80-18M/C 66H
Front Brake Disc – 320mm
Rear Brake Disc – 270mm
ABS Dual-Channel
Weight 224 kg
Fuel Tank 15 Ltr
Mileage 21 kmpl
Top Speed 177 kmph
Ex-showroom Price ₹ 7,26,000

Triumph Bonneville T100

After the Kawasaki W800, here comes the Triumph Bonneville T100 on the fifth position. The T100 comes with a larger engine and far greater torque than the W800 and despite it, we placed the Triumph Bonneville T100 below the Kawasaki. The reason is the exorbitant price tag of Rs 9.29 lakh ex-showroom New Delhi. It is clearly well over Rs 2 lakh more expensive than the similar W800.

triumph bonneville t100

The T100 is a classic bike with many classic elements similar to that of the bike we just talked about. It comes with twin-pod instrument cluster with analogue meters for providing retro looks to the bike. When compared to the Street Twin, the Bonneville T100 is basically the same bike but with a retro twist. The wheels are steel spoke units, the exhaust system is chromed and certain parts of the parallel twin engine also makes it look like a bike form the past.

It is a perfect classic cruiser for the riders who want a no non-sense classic machine for munching miles towards the less explored areas. The price of Rs 9.49 lakh ex-showroom is only for the Jet-Black colour variant which is the most affordable one. The other two dual-tone paint jobs – Carnival Red with Fusion White and Lucerne Blue with Fusion White, call for a price of Rs 9.79 lakh ex-showroom New Delhi.

At the heart of the Triumph Bonneville T100 is a twin-cylinder, 900cc, liquid-cooled, 8-valve engine with multi-port fuel injection system. This motor dishes out 64.1 bhp at 7500 rpm and 80 Nm twisting force at 3750 rpm. There is a 6-speed cog box which is paired with via a torque assist light-weight clutch.

Coming to the performance, the T100 hits 0 to 100 kmph in just 5 seconds and goes up to a top speed of 180 kmph. This performance ensures that it won’t be a tough task for the T100 to continuously cruise at 100 to 120 kmph all day long. This engine is capable of providing a real-world highway mileage of around 25 kmpl and with a 14.5-litre fuel tank, you can expect a tank range of around 350 km which is sufficient.

The kerb weight stands at 230 kg and some riders might feel it a bit hefty because of its higher seat of 790 mm. But any medium to tall height rider will have no problem managing the bike in the city limits.

The dashboard is blessed with analogue dials for speedometer and tachometer along with an LCD screen. The info on the LCD is – odometer, trip meters, distance to empty, fuel gauge, average fuel consumption, gear position indicator and a lot more. It also gets traction control and anti-lock braking system for better safety and control.

At the front, the suspension is taken care of by telescopic forks and twin spring-loaded shock absorbers with hydraulic dampers does the job at rear. Braking performance comes from 310 mm disc at the front wheel with Brembo 4-piston fixed axial calliper and a 2-piston Nissin callipers grip the 255 mm rotor at the rear wheel.

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Model Triumph Bonneville T100
Engine 900 cc
Cooling Liquid-Cooled
Power 64.1 bhp @ 7,400 rpm
Torque 80 Nm @ 3,750 rpm
Gearbox 6-Speed
Front Suspension Telescopic Forks
Rear Suspension Twin Shock
Front Tyre 100/90-18
Rear Tyre 150/70-R17
Front Brake Disc – 310mm
Rear Brake Disc – 255mm
ABS Dual-Channel
Weight 230 kg
Fuel Tank 14.5 Ltr
Mileage 26 kmpl
Top Speed 160 kmph
Ex-showroom Price ₹ 9,49,000

Benelli 502C

Here on the sixth position, we have the Benelli 502C, it is a cruiser bike from the stable of Benelli and comes with power cruiser styling. This machine from Benelli offers laid-back riding posture with lower saddle height and large dimensions for its price. It is a perfect middle-weight cruising machine developed for the people who cannot extend their budget to anything beyond how much this bike costs.

benelli 502c

Benelli 502C is a pretty long motorcycle with 2280 mm length and a wheelbase of 1600 mm. This kind of dimensions are actually available on higher segment cruiser bikes only. The Italian brand has done a great jo is providing a piece of machinery for long distance riding which provides great road presence without breaking the bank.

Priced at Rs 5.1 lakh ex-showroom New Delhi, it is pretty affordable when compared to some of the premium and middle-weight cruisers mentioned in this list. The reason we placed it on the sixth position behind Kawasaki W800 and the Triumph T100 is that this particular brand is completely new in India and not a lot of brand awareness is present among the people. Also, the built quality and the reliability is still is question mark for the brand.

The design is attractive with exposed blacked-our trellis frame and a large fuel tank. The rider seat is scooped up between the fuel tank and the pillion seat. The handlebars are raised up and are pulled back to allowing to hold them easily and provide a relaxing and comfortable ride.

Both the headlight and the tail light are LED units with LED DRLs for a modern and premium look. The rear part of the bike is minimalistic and only have a rear tyre hugger with registration plate holder and integrated turn indicators.

Benelli 502C is propelled by a parallel-twin, 500cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, four-stroke, 8-valve DOHC engine. This mill pumps out 46.8 bhp of power at 8500 rpm and 46 Nm torque at 6000 rpm. There is a 6-speed gearbox for channeling power to the rear wheel.

Despite a kerb weight of 235 kg, the performs well. It hits 0 to 100 kmph in 6.4 kmph and goes up to a top speed of 160 kmph. Out on the highways, there is no problem cruising at 100 to 120 kmph all-day long or till you have fuel.

The fuel tank is pretty large with 21 litres of fuel capacity. When you couple this volume with average highway mileage of 25 kmpl, the tank range is nothing short of great with a possibility of up to 525 km in a single tankful. The ride in the cities can rob the bike of its efficient and the mileage number will drop.

Speaking about the dashboard, the bike gets a full colour TFT panel which is cool to look at. However, the excitement ends here because this console offers only basic information and there is no Bluetooth connectivity tech either. What was must for this bike are average and instant fuel consumption and distance to empty readouts.

Benelli plonked a pair of USD forks at the front and a monoshock at the rear for absorbing the undulations of road. This setup is tuned towards a stiffer side but it manages to tackle the bumps with a grace but surely cannot handle the deep potholes or bumps.

There are powerful brakes on the 502C with twin 320 mm discs fixed on the front wheel and 260 mm rear disc both of which are gripped by a 2-piston calliper and one-piston calliper respectively. You get a dual-channel ABS for avoiding any kind of wheel slips under hard braking especially on the wet surface.

Model Benelli 502C
Engine 500 cc
Cooling Liquid-Cooled
Power 46.8 bhp @ 8,500 rpm
Torque 46 Nm @ 6,000 rpm
Gearbox 6-Speed
Front Suspension USD Forks
Rear Suspension Monoshock
Front Tyre 120/70ZR17
Rear Tyre 160/60ZR17
Front Brake Disc – 320mm
Rear Brake Disc – 260mm
ABS Dual-Channel
Weight 235 kg
Fuel Tank 20 Ltr
Mileage 25 kmpl
Top Speed 160 kmph
Ex-showroom Price ₹ 5,09,900


The seventh position is occupied by the mighty cruiser from Germany, the BMW R18. The jump from Benelli 502C to the R18 is pretty steep and there is a reason behind it. BMW R18 has a strong road presence thanks to the high-capacity boxer engine which is a league of its own. Also, this particular machine holds a place in the motorcycling heritage which is immovable and undeniable.

bmw r18 first edition

For the purists who want to own a heritage on two wheels, this is the perfect machine for them. It is a responsible machine to ride on the highways and the expressways and with its perfect ergonomics, it is a machine to depend upon on the long journeys that you are planning in your mind.

BMW R18 has large dimensions with 2440 mm length which is pretty long for a cruiser bike. Not only this, but also the wheelbase is longest at 1731 mm and it is not a bike which only experienced rider can ride.

It is available in two variants – the standard R18 and R18 First Edition. The Standard R18 carries a price tag of Rs 19.90 lakh while the first edition will set you back by Rs 22.50 lakh ex-showroom, New Delhi. The main difference between these two variants of R18 is that the First Edition gets chrome treatment at various locations that makes it look classier.

BMW R18 is powered by 1802 cc air and oil-cooled, horizontally opposed twin cylinder boxer engine with push rods for running the valve train. This powerplant makes 89.84 bhp of maximum power at 4750 rpm and 158 Nm of torque at 3000 rpm. The company claims that this mill generates over 150 Nm torque between 2000 and 4000 rpm which indicates that it is a easy bike to ride even in the city limits without shuffling through the gearbox.

The rear wheel is driven by a shaft drive system which is connected to the 6-speed gearbox via a single-plate dry clutch. This is a unique combination due to the transverse positioning of the boxer engine. The twisting force of the engine makes it effortless to move this 345 kg cruiser bike around the city or on the highways. Out on the highways, this powerplant can let you ride for about 280 to 290 km from its 16-litre fuel tank which is not much but it is enough for a bike of this size.

BMW R 18 is suspended on a pair of telescopic forks at the front and a monoshock at the rear. This setup is tuned towards a balanced calibration that offers comfortable and stable ride. This machine is brought to a halt by 300 mm disc brakes at both ends and rider safety net is offered by a dual channel ABS.

Model BMW R18
Engine 1,802 cc
Cooling Air-Oil Cooled
Power 89.84 bhp @ 4,750 rpm
Torque 158 Nm @ 3,000 rpm
Gearbox 6-Speed
Front Suspension Telescopic Forks
Rear Suspension Monoshock
Front Tyre 120/70 R19
Rear Tyre 180/65 B16
Front Brake Disc – 300mm
Rear Brake Disc – 300mm
ABS Dual-Channel
Weight 345 kg
Fuel Tank 16 Ltr
Mileage 17 kmpl
Top Speed 180 kmph
Ex-showroom Price ₹ 19,90,000

Indian Chief Darkhorse

On the eighth spot, we placed the royal Indian Chief Darkhorse cruiser bike. It is kind of a boon to the enthusiasts who are looking for ultimate piece of classic cruising machine for exploring the unknown. It is after a long that Indian launched its range of BS6 cruiser bikes in India starting with the popular Chief Darkhorse range of motorcycles.

indian chief dark horse

It is a pure cruiser made for the purists and the lover of old classics which are made by modern manufacturing technology. This particular piece of engineering is propelled by a V-twin engine which is favourite layout of engine on long-distance cruiser bikes. It imparts a unique character to the motorcycle with incredible exhaust sound track.

All the Indian Chief Dark Horse bikes are priced above Rs 20 lakhs and the base bike is the simple Chief Darkhorse which carries a price tag of Rs 20.2 lakh while the Bobber version of the Chief Dark Horse will ask for Rs 1.2 lakh more over the regular Chief Dark Horse at Rs 21.4 lakh. Further, the Super Chief Limited is available for Rs 22.82 lakh ex-showroom, New Delhi.

Among these, it is the Bobber Darkhorse which comes with wider tyres complemented by with spoke rims and tubeless tyres. It is important to have tubeless tyres in this range of cruiser bikes as it will be highly inconvenient to repair the puncture on a tubed tyre in between on nowhere. The Super Chief Limited is a full-fledged touring machine from the company as it is equipped with a large windscreen for deflecting wind-blasts at high speeds. It also comes with larger and more comfortable seats and saddlebags as standard equipment that will let you carry luggage.

Indian Chief range of cruiser bikes are propelled by Thunderstroke V-twin, 1890cc, air-cooled, fuel-injected, 2-valve per head SOHC engine. This powerhouse can generate peak twisting force of 162 Nm at 3200 rpm. Engine power is not specified by the company but you can expect anything around 90 to 100 bhp of power. The power is transferred to the rear tyre by a 6-speed gearbox which is connected to the engine via a wet-multi-plate clutch.

With staggering 162 Nm of torque on tap, the Chief Darkhorse can surge forward pushing 300 kilos of metal along with it to a top speed close to 160 to 170 kmph. With this kind of mammoth of an engine and over three quintals of heft, the average fuel mileage that you can expect from this bike is 18 kmpl at max on the highways. The mileage in the city will be much lower due to obvious reasons. There is a 15-litre fuel tank which can provide a tank range of almost 250 to 260 km which is fine for a bike of this size and category.

As a surprise for a classic cruiser, the dashboard of the Chief Darkhorse is a round 4-inch TFT display with touchscreen feature to keep in control of every information displayed on it. The navigation feature is not just turn-by-turn but a full map-based system which is easy to see and follow. With Bluetooth earphones connected, the rider can control the music and the phone calls without taking out the phone form their pocket. This machine is feature rich and other bikes like Harley Davidson can’t come near to it because they do not offer such level of modern features.

Coming to the suspension, there is a pair of telescopic forks at the front and twin-shock absorbers at the rear. The suspension is expected to be on the stiffer side because it is the only way to keep this long and heavy bike stable at higher speeds. To stop this behemoth, the braking system utilises 300 mm disc brake at both ends with two-piston callipers on each disc. A dual-channel ABS manages to prevent unwanted wheel-lock up under emergency situations.

Indian Chief Dark Horse comes in 3 colour shades – Black Smoke, Stealth Grey and Alumina Jade Smoke. The Bobber comes in 3 paint schemes – Black Smoke, Titanium Smoke and Sagebrush Smoke. The top-of-the-line Super Chief Limited is being offered in three paint options which are Blue Slate Metallic, Black Metallic, Maroon Metallic.

Model Indian Chief Darkhorse
Engine 1,890 cc
Cooling Air Cooled
Power N/A
Torque 162 Nm @ 3,200 rpm
Gearbox 6-Speed
Front Suspension Telescopic Forks
Rear Suspension Twin Shock
Front Tyre 130/60B19 61H
Rear Tyre 180/65 B16 81H
Front Brake Disc – 300mm
Rear Brake Disc – 300mm
ABS Dual-Channel
Weight 304 kg
Fuel Tank 15.1 Ltr
Mileage 14 kmpl
Top Speed 193 kmph
Ex-showroom Price ₹ 20,20,000

Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster

On the ninth position, we have the Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster. It is an ultimate twin cruiser bike from the house of Triumph and speaks about the legacy of the company. The Speedmaster is a proper classic cruiser bike with the elements of nostalgia and comfort over long distances. The price tag of Rs 11.75 lakh ex-showroom New Delhi makes it a bit pricey but the character which it offers is more than what you can ask from a modern yet retro cruiser.

triumph bonneville speedmaster

The parallel twin motor makes it a butter smooth cruiser bike and it is not like any other V-twin cruiser bikes from Harley Davidson and Indian. This low-slung design of the Speedmaster with scooped rider seat make sit a nice and comfortable bike to ride across the country roads. It features raised handlebars that riders can hold with their backs a bit laid-back into comfortable and relaxing posture while riding. The seats for both the rider and the pillion are well-padded and comfortable to begin with and makes the rider less tired when covered long distances.

Design wise, the Speedmaster is a classic bike with a full LED round headlight and LED DRLs for contemporary appeal. Like the Bobber, the Speedmaster also features 16-inch spoked wheels with thick profile tyres for jolt-free rides.

At the core of the Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster is a 1200cc, inline two-cylinder, four-stroke, 8-valve, liquid-cooled engine. A multi-port sequential fuel injection system feeds the motor and aids in putting out 77.3 bhp at 6250 rpm and a peak torque of 107 Nm at 4000 rpm. There is a 6-speed gearbox dealing with the torque produced inside the engine and it paired to the motor via via a sip and assist clutch.

Coming to the performance, the low-slung, heavy-weight cruiser with a kerb weight of 245 kg is not a slouch as it has the capacity to shoot like a bullet and hit 100 kmph in under 5 seconds. It’s got enough power to do a top speed of 190 kmph. These numbers are pretty good for cruiser and if you want, you can keep the bike at 100 kmph all day long without any issue from the bike’s side because of its liquid-cooled engine on board.

With a large 1200cc engine, you will be lucky to get a fuel efficiency of around 21 to 22 kmpl that too on the highway rides. In the cities, the mileage will drop below 18 kmpl for good. The worst thing with this bike is the ultra-small fuel tank capacity of just 12 litres. Yes, this is a cruiser bike which, on a full tank of fuel, can only manage to run for about 200 to 220 km in a single tankful on the highways and well below 200 km in the city limits. It should have at-least a 15 to 16 litres of fuel tank that would have helped to increase the range to over 250 km at least.

This modern-day and powerful cruiser bike from the stable of Triumph comes with a single pod instrument console with analogue speedometer and a small LCD panel under the meter for providing readouts of rest of the information. It gets two ride modes – Road and Rain which will be helpful for different surface for maximum safety. A dual channel ABS and Traction control are also present for safer braking and launches.

The suspension system on the Speedmaster is a pair of telescopic forks at the front and a monoshock with link at the rear. It is a well-rounded suspension system offering right amount of comfort and stability and they absorb all the undulations of the roads with ease and also provide rock solid stability at higher speeds.

This cruiser is halted by a twin 310 mm rotors with 4-piston Brembo sliding axial callipers and a single 255 mm disc brake on the rear wheel which is gripped by one-piston sliding axial Nissin calliper.

Model Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster
Engine 1,200 cc
Cooling Liquid-Cooled
Power 76.9 bhp @ 6,100 rpm
Torque 106 Nm @ 4,000 rpm
Gearbox 6-Speed
Front Suspension Telescopic Forks
Rear Suspension Monoshock
Front Tyre 130/90 B16
Rear Tyre 150/80 R16
Front Brake Disc – 310mm
Rear Brake Disc – 255mm
ABS Dual-Channel
Weight 245.5 kg
Fuel Tank 12 Ltr
Mileage 23 kmpl
Top Speed 190 kmph
Ex-showroom Price ₹ 11,75,000

Harley Davidson Iron 883

At the last spot, we have the Harley Davidson Iron 883. The reason for it being the last bike is due to its stiff ride quality. We mean, the ride is stiff enough to send you jolts even on a partly bad patch which is not yet developed into a full-fledged pothole. This is due to the fact that suspension system on the Iron 883 is tuned towards a larger side to provide it stability to run at higher speeds and also to keep the bike stable and poised around the corners. Due to the low ground clearance, the suspension has to be stiffer to avoid any underbelly scraps on the speed-breakers in India.

h d iron 883

At Rs 10.11 lakh ex-showroom New Delhi, the Harley Davidson Iron 883 is the most affordable cruiser motorcycle from the house of Harley in India. However, at this price, there are only a few takers to even start talking about. It is an urban cruiser which can also be used for weekend getaways and highway rides. Being a cruiser styled sportster bike, the Iron 883 offers a confident ride quality due to fat and grippy tyres and classic Harley Davidson stance.

Speaking about the design, the Harley Davidson Iron 883 is a stripped-off cruiser bike with minimum panels. The engine, frame and other elements are black powder-coated for sporty appeal. It is a low-slung cruiser motorcycle that sparks the joy and enthusiasm in purists because it is a Harley Davidson. For an affordable price, the Iron 883 comes with everything Harley style. The handlebars are also low and the headlight is a small round shaped unit with a decent light throw at night.

The rider seat is scooped and well-padded and offers good amount of comfort on smooth roads. The riding posture is well comfortable with footpegs placed a slightly on the forward side.

It rides on 100/90-19 tyre at the front and 150/80-16 section tubeless tyre at the rear offering good grip levels in the dry as well as wet surfaces. The wheels are made of aluminium alloy with 5 spokes for modern road presence.

Coming to the powertrain, the Harley Davidson Iron 883 is propelled by an Evolution V-twin, 883cc, air-cooled, 2-valves per cylinder SOHC, fuel injected engine. This mill churns out peak torque of 68 Nm at 4750 rpm. The power on this engine is not specified but we can assume that Iron 883 makes around 50 to 55 bhp of power. All the power is sent to the rear wheel via a belt drive system after reducing through a 5-speed gearbox which is attached to engine with a wet-multi-plate clutch. There is no assist and slipper clutch available here in this machine.

This heavy cruiser machine charges from 0 to 100 kmph in jest 5 seconds and goes up to a top speed of 170 kmph. With this performance numbers, it is safe to assume that Iron 883 is a capable cruiser machine for repeated highways use. The cruising speed at which you can run the bike on highways in 100 kmph which is great for long distance cruising.

It is not a bike to look at the fuel economy numbers but it is always good to know the secrets. The Iron 883 returns around 17 to 18 kmpl in mixed riding conditions which may increase on the highways and decrease in the city riding scenario. With a small 12.5-litre fuel tank, the riding range is too low for relaxed riding as you need to look for a fuel station after every 200 km on the highways.

There is a small round semi-digital instrument cluster on the dashboard with an analogue speedometer and a small LCD screen for displaying the information such as engine speed, odometer, trip meters, clock, fuel gauge and more. The bike gets hazard lights a standard for ensuring proper visibility in the areas with low visibility.

The Iron 883 is suspended on a pair of 39 mm diameter telescopic front forks and a pair of spring-loaded shock absorbers with hydraulic dampers does the job at rear. Front forks are protected by blacked-out fork gaiters and looks cool too. The front wheel travel is just 90 mm while the rear wheel travel is ridiculously small at 40 mm.

Harley Davidson Iron 883 is brought to a halt by 292 mm disc brake units at both ends with 2-piston callipers. A dual-channel ABS provides proper safety net around the rider for preventing accidental wheel lock-up under emergency braking scenarios.

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Model Harley Davidson Iron 883
Engine 883 cc
Cooling Air Cooled
Power N/A
Torque 68 Nm @ 4,750 rpm
Gearbox 5-Speed
Front Suspension Telescopic Forks
Rear Suspension Twin Shock
Front Tyre 100/90B19 57H
Rear Tyre 150/80B16 77H
Front Brake Disc – 292mm
Rear Brake Disc – 292mm
ABS Dual-Channel
Weight 256 kg
Fuel Tank 12.5 Ltr
Mileage 18 kmpl
Top Speed 170 kmph
Ex-showroom Price ₹ 10,11,000

In Conclusion

Here we conclude our list of top 10 cruiser bikes in India and will wait to see if more cruiser motorcycles launch in India in the near future. If any new cruising machine found to be capable of replacing any other bike in this list, we’ll update this top 10 list and present you our choices for best bikes for ruling the highways.

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We hope that after reading this post you can choose the right bike for you according to your requirements and usage pattern. Which one will you choose and why? Do tell us in the comments section below.

Always wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle and follow all the traffic rules. This way we can make our roads safer for all. Stay tuned for more from the motorcycling world at Bikes24.

Top 10 Cruiser Bikes in India Specifications: Engine and Gearbox

Model Engine Cooling Power Torque Gearbox
Royal Enfield Meteor 350 349 cc Air-Cooled 20.2 bhp @ 6,100 rpm 27 Nm @ 4,000 rpm 5-Speed
Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 220 cc Oil-Cooled 18.76 bhp @ 8,500 rpm 17.55 Nm @ 7,000 rpm 5-Speed
Kawasaki Vulcan S 649 cc Liquid-Cooled 59.9 bhp @ 7,500 rpm 62.4 Nm @ 6,600 rpm 6-Speed
Kawasaki W800 773 cc Air Cooled 50.2 bhp @ 6,500 rpm 62.9 Nm @ 4,800 rpm 6-Speed
Triumph Bonneville T100 900 cc Liquid-Cooled 64.1 bhp @ 7,400 rpm 80 Nm @ 3,750 rpm 6-Speed
Benelli 502C 500 cc Liquid-Cooled 46.8 bhp @ 8,500 rpm 46 Nm @ 6,000 rpm 6-Speed
BMW R18 1,802 cc Air-Oil Cooled 89.84 bhp @ 4,750 rpm 158 Nm @ 3,000 rpm 6-Speed
Indian Chief Darkhorse 1,890 cc Air Cooled N/A 162 Nm @ 3,200 rpm 6-Speed
Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster 1,200 cc Liquid-Cooled 76.9 bhp @ 6,100 rpm 106 Nm @ 4,000 rpm 6-Speed
Harley Davidson Iron 883 883 cc Air Cooled N/A 68 Nm @ 4,750 rpm 5-Speed

Top 10 Cruiser Bikes in India Specifications: Suspension and Tyres

Model Front Suspension Rear Suspension Front Tyre Rear Tyre
Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Telescopic Forks Twin-Shock 100/90 – 19 – 57P 140/70 – 17 – 66P
Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 Telescopic Twin-Shock 90/90-17 49P 130/90-15 66P
Kawasaki Vulcan S Telescopic Monoshock 120/70R18M/C 59H 160/60R17M/C 69H
Kawasaki W800 Telescopic Forks Twin Shocks 100/90-18M/C 56H 130/80-18M/C 66H
Triumph Bonneville T100 Telescopic Forks Twin Shock 100/90-18 150/70-R17
Benelli 502C USD Forks Monoshock 120/70ZR17 160/60ZR17
BMW R18 Telescopic Forks Monoshock 120/70 R19 180/65 B16
Indian Chief Darkhorse Telescopic Forks Twin Shock 130/60B19 61H 180/65 B16 81H
Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster Telescopic Forks Monoshock 130/90 B16 150/80 R16
Harley Davidson Iron 883 Telescopic Forks Twin Shock 100/90B19 57H 150/80B16 77H

Top 10 Cruiser Bikes in India Specifications: Brakes and Weight

Model Front Brake Rear Brake ABS Weight
Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Disc – 300mm Disc – 270mm Dual-Channel 191 kg
Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 Disc – 280mm Drum Single-Channel 163 kg
Kawasaki Vulcan S Disc – 300mm Disc – 250mm Dual-Channel 235 kg
Kawasaki W800 Disc – 320mm Disc – 270mm Dual-Channel 224 kg
Triumph Bonneville T100 Disc – 310mm Disc – 255mm Dual-Channel 230 kg
Benelli 502C Disc – 320mm Disc – 260mm Dual-Channel 235 kg
BMW R18 Disc – 300mm Disc – 300mm Dual-Channel 345 kg
Indian Chief Darkhorse Disc – 300mm Disc – 300mm Dual-Channel 304 kg
Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster Disc – 310mm Disc – 255mm Dual-Channel 245.5 kg
Harley Davidson Iron 883 Disc – 292mm Disc – 292mm Dual-Channel 256 kg

Top 10 Cruiser Bikes in India Specifications: Mileage and Price

Model Fuel Tank Mileage Top Speed Ex-showroom Price
Royal Enfield Meteor 350 15 Ltr 40 kmpl 120 kmph ₹ 1,98,537
Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 13 Ltr 35 kmpl 130 kmph ₹ 1,32,640
Kawasaki Vulcan S 14 Ltr 20 kmpl 180 kmph ₹ 6,10,000
Kawasaki W800 15 Ltr 21 kmpl 177 kmph ₹ 7,26,000
Triumph Bonneville T100 14.5 Ltr 26 kmpl 160 kmph ₹ 9,49,000
Benelli 502C 20 Ltr 25 kmpl 160 kmph ₹ 5,09,900
BMW R18 16 Ltr 17 kmpl 180 kmph ₹ 19,90,000
Indian Chief Darkhorse 15.1 Ltr 14 kmpl 193 kmph ₹ 20,20,000
Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster 12 Ltr 23 kmpl 190 kmph ₹ 11,75,000
Harley Davidson Iron 883 12.5 Ltr 18 kmpl 170 kmph ₹ 10,11,000

Top 10 Cruiser Bikes in India FAQs

Q: Which is the most affordable cruiser bike that one can buy in India?
A: Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruise is the most affordable cruiser bike you can buy in India. It is priced at Rs 1.32 lakh ex-showroom New Delhi.

Q: What is the price range of top 10 cruiser bikes in India?
A: The price range of top 10 cruiser bikes is from Rs 1.32 lakh ex-showroom for Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 to Rs 20.20 lakh ex-showroom New Delhi for Indian Chief Darkhorse.

Q: What is the most premium cruiser bike in India?
A: Indian Chief Darkhorse series is the most expensive and premium range of cruiser bikes in India and that are priced from Rs 20.20 lakh ex-showroom New Delhi.

Q: Which cruiser bike model provides best value for your money?
A: Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruise is the most value for money cruiser bike in India.

Q: Why Royal Enfield Meteor is a popular cruiser bike?
A: Royal Enfield Meteor is a popular cruiser bike because of its classic look and new smooth engine that offers great performance and endurance. It has tank range of over 500 km and priced from Rs 1.99 lakh ex-showroom New Delhi.

Q: Which is the sporty urban cruiser bike in India?
A: Kawasaki Vulcan S is a sporty urban cruiser motorcycle that carries a price tag of Rs 6.1 lakh ex-showroom New Delhi.

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