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Travel safety tops chart for women: Survey

Travel safety tops chart for women: Survey

Research from Greencell Mobility’s leading inter-city electric mobility coach brand, NueGo, shows that when choosing a mode of transportation, safety is the highest consideration among women, while men value comfort the most.

The research, in partnership with Kantar, a leading insight and consulting company, is the first of its kind interview-based study, covering more than 2,800 respondents across ten Indian cities.

The research covered several bus passenger segments like Premium AC, Affordable AC, Non-AC using both qualitative and quantitative methodologies.


Since safety is of paramount importance for women, having drop points closer to their destination is another priority for women (26%) than for men (22%). The study further reveals that while traveling, women look for premium buses with luxurious interiors and driving preference for premium bus brands offering this service without cabin noise. Ticket booking behavior also differed for women with a higher proportion booking tickets only through offline channels (45%) than men (35%).

The study shows that while inter-city travel is evolving from an infrastructure standpoint, there is a lot of room for improvement in the service offering. Punctuality, cleanliness, mid-point halts, food and drink-related service aspects were cited as most important by both men and women while choosing a particular bus operator.

Of these, punctuality/departure on time, estimated time versus actual time taken for the journey and service provided at stoppages are more important for women than men.

Profile of female passengers

The study also revealed that the profiles of women travelers across all regions. Female travelers are relatively more prosperous (40% of NCCS A) in the south than in the north (28% of NCCS A) and west (23% of NCCS A). While the West has a higher number of female travelers as salaried working professionals (42%) than the North (17%) and the South (18%).

Ashok Aggarwal, MD & CEO, Greencell Mobility, said, “Nuego brings to the fore the electric buses of the intercity bus travel segment that reinforce the safe, seamless travel experience for the new age Indian travellers, especially our women. A customer-centric brand, NueGo Coach will be available in 75 cities across the country and the first route will soon be operational on the Indore-Bhopal route.

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24 June 2022

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Travel safety tops chart for women: Survey

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