Twinkle Khanna gives a great review of the mare

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Twinkle Khanna gives a great review of the mare

Twinkle Khanna is the latest Indian celebrity to fall in love with the mare from Easttown. She took to Twitter on Thursday to share a great review of the hit series starring Kate Winslet in the lead.

Twinkle in her usual witty manner spoke about how the show left her mesmerised. “Easttown’s mare holds you in place like you’re an insect affixed with an entomology pin straight through the thorax. Sleep, baby, chores are all neglected as you investigate a murder to the mare killed by the illustrious Winslet.” Let’s see. Family, blame and fall. #mustwatch,” she wrote in her tweet.

In Easttown’s Mare, Kate plays a detective investigating a series of heinous crimes against women in a Pennsylvania community. The series was created by Brad Inglesby and directed by Craig Zobel. This series ended last month.

The Hindustan Times review for the series read, “Easttown’s mare unfolds like dozens of other small-town mysteries we’ve seen; regularly revisiting familiar themes and taking on well-meaning narrative nooks. As That is customary for the protagonist in the show. In this form, the mare is an emotional recluse, clearly affected by past trauma. The reliably strong Winslet gives her a gruff manner and John Wayne-walks, but mars Benoit Blanc Or not immediately memorable as Luther’s.”

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Other stars such as actor-filmmaker Zach Braff and Shit’s Creek co-creator Dan Levy also praised the show. Zach called the show “a beautiful and heartwarming piece of art” and thanked “everyone involved.” Dan tweeted, “Sending love and strength to everyone who sees the mare tonight.”

Easttown’s mare more than doubled its weekly audience through its run. Episode 6 was watched by over two million viewers across all platforms. The show also starred Julian Nicholson, Gene Smart, Angouri Rice, Evan Peters, Guy Pearce and others.

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