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UP became the fifth largest exporting state of the country, despite Corona, exports increased by 30 percent

UP became the fifth largest exporting state of the country, despite Corona, exports increased by 30 percent

Despite the challenges and adversity, under the able guidance of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, the economy of Uttar Pradesh is continuously moving towards strength. The increasing exports of the state are proof of this. According to the data for the financial year 2021-2022, the state is the fifth largest exporting state in the country. Now only Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are ahead of Uttar Pradesh in terms of exports. During this time period, despite the global pandemic Corona, exports increased by 30 percent. It increased from Rs 121140 crore in 2021-2022 to Rs 155897 crore in comparison to 2020-2021.

It is to be known that for the first time in 2017, when the top leadership of BJP handed over the command of the largest (more than 25 crore) and politically most sensitive state in terms of population to Yogi, then the situation was very bad due to misgovernance and corruption of SP and BSP. . At that time, Yogi set a very challenging goal for the state on the economic front. For example, to make the economy of the state the second largest economy of the country, to make the economy of one trillion dollars. Lower unemployment rate and increase per capita income.

Along with setting the target, the Chief Minister also provided a solid foundation in this regard. For example, in 2017 the government brought Industrial Investment and Promotion Policy. Made about 350 services online through Nivesh Mitra portal. The system of No Objection Certificate was also made online. Separate arrangements were made for large investors. Along with all this, there was equal emphasis on law and order and world class infrastructure to change the image of the state.

The result of all this was that almost all the big investors of the country came to the Investor Summit and invested openly in the state. Since then, a total investment of Rs 2,08,994 crore has come to the state in the three ground breaking ceremonies held so far. During the first ground breaking ceremony, a total investment of 61,792 crore came in the state, while the investment in the second ground breaking ceremony increased to 67,202 crore. In the third ground breaking ceremony held in the presence of top industrialists of the country and abroad, ministers of central and state government, 1406 industrial projects worth Rs 80,224 crore were laid and Bhumi Pujan was done.

It has been the belief of the Chief Minister that Uttar Pradesh has infinite compassion for nature and God. On the basis of this compassion, Uttar Pradesh can establish new dimensions of development in every field. Population is the biggest market for us along with human resource in the country. 9 types of agro-climatic zones, the most fertile land in the world as the Indo-Gangetic belt, rich historical, cultural and spiritual heritage is a bonus for Uttar Pradesh. If all these possibilities are exploited properly, then Uttar Pradesh will become number one in every field. is also becoming. Today there are about 4 dozen such areas in which Uttar Pradesh is at number one. In the coming time, UP will also become number one in terms of economy.

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UP became the fifth largest exporting state of the country, despite Corona, exports increased by 30 percent

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