Video: गहरे गड्ढे में गिर गया था हाथी, देखें JCB

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Video: गहरे गड्ढे में गिर गया था हाथी, देखें JCB Nixatube Trends

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went to the pit

Although wild animals live very comfortably in the forests, but man has now reached there in search of his facilities. Due to such antics, they do wild acts. . Frequent reports – new information comes to listen. Successful in one such case, who got out even after trying hard.

Videos are shared on the blog in the name of life and nature, a small tatact to dig a pit. It was definitely decided. He is out of trouble. Registered to connect to JCB. The switch enabled to be switched on with the aid of JCB was later replaced. be.

Watch video-

This video of rescue running on social media is going viral. JOIN THE WHOLE FAMILY: Be totally with your whole family and be with your whole family. Of course whoever likes this video recording is about it.

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