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watchOS 9 is bringing detailed running metrics and workout data

watchOS 9 is bringing detailed running metrics and workout data

For many iPhone users, their Apple Watch is as much a companion as the phone, if not more, as it is always on one’s wrist. The good thing is that if one does not upgrade to the next upcoming version of the watch, the existing watches are upgraded with new features every year with the arrival of the updated operating system. watchOS 9 is probably coming in September, if Apple keeps up with the tradition, and there could be a Series 8 watch as well. Developers and early adopters are already testing out watchOS 9 and although it’s not advisable to try to keep early beta versions of the software on your watch, it’s interesting to see what happens.

There are always new watch faces and watch straps and this is one of the joys of the Apple Watch. There’s already a huge collection to choose from, but upgrading the OS will reveal five new faces. Astronomy enthusiasts will find a new face with views of the Earth, the Moon and the Solar System, no matter what complications the user chooses. There is a lunar face with lunar calendars. There is a metropolitan face which gives the watch an old-fashioned classic look. There are a few additions to the already customizable modular face. Playtime is a face that is playful, colorful and simple without any complications. Portrait Face now lets you use animals, so you can see your pet’s face whenever you want.

Several small but thoughtful changes include a new notification style that doesn’t require a full screen of its own, with the Crown changing to nine levels of text size now making it easier for those who don’t want to stress Huh. their eyes.

watchOS 9 also introduces a refreshed Siri UI, expanded keyboard languages ​​for the Apple Watch Series 7 and quick access to the apps you run — pinned to the top of the Dock.

Since the Apple Watch is all about fitness and health, it is expected to improve in this department. There are now detailed metrics for runners and swimmers to take action to improve their performance by making the information more efficient. Vertical oscillation, ground contact time, stride length and other parameters will be available. There have also been improvements in each user-use aspect such as activity rings that help you see how your current workout is contributing to your rings while you’re working out.

Advanced features of sleep tracking are also coming and a way to track the medications you take. A-fib, one of Apple’s main focus areas for the heart, will also see an increase. It won’t take you long to access these features, but if you can’t wait, users can sign up for the beta program.

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21 June 2022

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watchOS 9 is bringing detailed running metrics and workout data

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