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        Does  Direct Mail Marketing Work?
Mail Direct Marketing With the rise of the Internet and the growth of the online consumer, Internet advertising has increased, with sources of information for consumers (Tsao and Sibley, 2004), spending online with a record £ 91bn in 2013 (Rigby , 2013). Marketing can be defined holistically as “the way by which companies create value in that order and in turn derive more value from the consumer” (Kotler, 2010), such that it plays a key role in the success of. Institute Furthermore, with the decrease in direct marketing expenses and the increase in online spending between 2008–2011 (Comcom, 2012), the need for a comparison of offline versus online is clear (AJKLIFE-JO SUN, 2012). The main objective of this study was to respond to the following keys, with direct mail to adopt the Internet as a purchasing platform on the impact of the decision and to purchase the current lack of literature.
* Can mail marketing still influence purchase decisions in the 21st century?
* Establish how direct marketing is currently widely used?
*Identify perceived advantages and disadvantages of direct offline marketing (direct mail)Consumer perspective.
*Age Analyze whether age is affected by the adoption of direct mail as an advertising medium?
*Benefits Understanding how the Internet has affected the perceived benefits of direct mail?
Each of the above objectives is analyzed through a qualitative based approach, interview and
Note the groups as the main data collection methods. This study is contrary to the depth of understanding
The data become generalized after the explanatory approach, although this study provides some basic amounts
Through manual coding of texts and subjects.
     What is Direct Marketing?
All Direct Marketing is to practice marketing products or services
Directly to consumers. This is a more personal approach Traditional mass marketing where all consumers are equal Messages through mass media such as broadcast television, radio And newspapers. It allows businesses and non-profit organizations To contact you directly about products, services or reasons
You may be interested in which direct marketing is the business by which businesses and non-profit organizations market their products, services or products. Some examples for direct consumers based on consumer interests are: direct mail (catalogs, local restaurant menus and free trial deals), telephone, email and Internet banner ads, etc. Direct marketing is still the only and right way marketers in financial institutions can produce remarkable, measurable results.
 Direct marketing refers to companies or marketers talking directly to the consumer. In order to do so, companies need to know about your interests and characteristics. Yet many banks and credit unions have not shied away from their heavy reliance on mass marketing (TV, radio, newspaper, PR… or non-measurable forms of old reliable yellow pages). This is the step to these old ways. one side. The women said, one more way… 
direct mail is the cutest LBD (friends mean little black dress) that you must have. Friends, for you – direct Mail is just like sinking a twenty-foot birdie put. As marketers, proving results from our efforts makes each of us feel better about our work.
Direct marketing is attractive to many marketers because its results, positive or otherwise, can be directly measured. For example, if a marketer sends you 1,500 by mail and replies to 100 promotional emails, the opposition can confidently say that the campaign directly led to a 15% response to this metric. Rate ‘and is one of several explicitly quantitative success metrics employed by direct marketers. In contrast, general advertising uses indirect measurements, such as awareness or engagement, because no consumer has a direct response. Measurement of results is a fundamental element in successful direct marketing.
It is only getting harder and harder to break through the clutter and get people to answer your call to action. According to current research, each of us is in direct contact with more than 5,000 messages per day. Of them, we only remember about four. And we don’t even remember them for a very long time. A large proportion of those messages are coming through channels, media and devices that did not even exist 30 years ago. In fact, the Kiplinger Letter reports that companies today have at least 60 ways to reach customers.
The Internet has made it easier for marketing managers to measure campaign results. This is often achieved by using a specific website landing page related to promotional material. The calling action will ask the customer to visit the landing page, and the effectiveness of the promotion can be measured by dividing the number of messages promoted and the number of responses. Another way to measure results is to compare predicted sales with actual sales for a given position or after a direct advertising campaign. Some companies use conversion rates as a key metric, while others use revenue as a key metric.
Knowing our career and security, you can make this success again, anywhere. If you are looking for proper ways to show your senior management that you are producing profitable revenue and profit growth, and that marketing is not just an expense, then direct mail is your Rosetta Stone. In fact, marketing departments at financial institutions of all sizes, which have embraced direct marketing as their “go, results generator”, now spend at least half of their marketing budget dollars on direct mail and fellow crosschain events such as email to spend. Are you missing Yet you cannot expect to be an experienced expert by having “very little direct experience”, without understanding the terminology and benefits of what successful direct marketing looks like. With this in mind, we should discuss the key elements you need to know to market directly to your “result generator”!
One of the other important benefits of direct marketing is that it promotes products or services that consumers may not be aware of. Product or service with a sound value proposition, matching with an attractive proposition, supported with effective communication, delivered through a proper direct marketing channel and targeting the relevant customer segment can be very cost effective to acquire is. As a practice (retailing) relative to other channels of distribution, it primarily targets offers, communications, channels, and customer choice and therefore relies less on brand strength. Despite the proven ability of direct marketing to produce measurable results, most companies continue to use generic or branding advertising to market their products or services.
     D oes Mail Direct Marketing Work?
According to me, direct mail marketing works on the same principle, that principle is that the merchant or the person who wants to market or stimulate their product or something, then contact the customer directly from the company. That product offer is very easy for your product offers via email marketing and costs a lot less, but nowadays mail marketing is the most marketed way in the entire world. Mail marketing to any merchant or any organization, they get a lot of people through direct mail marketing. How does this happen, like you search the theory or anything on search engine or social media.
With the expansion of digital technology and equipment, direct marketing through online channels is happening rapidly. Most online advertisements are distributed to a focused group of customers and their response is trackable.
Display ads are interactive advertisements that appear next to web pages or the content of web services on the web. The format includes static banners, pop ups, videos, and floating units. Customers can click on the advertisement to respond directly to the message or to get more detailed information. 
Display advertising, including social media display advertising, accounts for 45.9% of all advertising spend in 2018, and is expected to grow to 60.5% of ad spend by 2023, according to e -market.
Search: 49% of America’s spending on Internet advertising goes to search, with advertisers paying for the leading position among listings in search engines, whenever the potential customer enters a relevant search term, the ad Allows to reach customers on a basis. The first search indicated. Criteria. This paid placement industry generates over $ 10 billion for search companies. Marketers also use search engine optimization to increase traffic to their sites.
Social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, provide an opportunity for customers to communicate directly with customers to create content to respond to.
If we look, we get mails in our emails about these kinds of things and popup ads are like display ads, you see there according to your interest, ie the company or anyone. The person wants to give you their product, without bothering you, he does it through mail marketing. He works on mail marketing algorithms, what interests you? Reads it, now you can use all these tools, small and large organizations or even yourself, to send the same thing to your email, mail another computer software, direct mail marketing, computer tool through marketing tool . We or a company or an organization goes to the advertising company and gives a complete account of their product that they have to advertise their product marketing. They have data of companies that want to do marketing and now there are such tools available on the internet, using which you can use your own and make your product accessible to anyone through email direct marketing. A very easy way to get more profit at a lower cost is if a person advertises TV, then that person forgets the ads, but this email is from direct marketing in a person’s personal phone computers due to which ads Whenever one can see or delete, a survey has shown that a person checks email at least 2 to 4 times per day. Because of this, email direct marketing is the perfect option for marketing.
MarketingSherpa.com Chart of the Week
Source: marketingsherpa.com
Some people or companies have dedicated the entire work to direct mail marketing of others. over the past few years,
These direct mail experts have discovered secrets to direct success.
They know all the tips and techniques to squeeze more feedback from their direct mail and get more returns on their marketing expenses.
What is their secret? It really is no secret. Just follow constantly
Make rules (or know when to break them) and make incremental improvements Increase feedback continuously with each new effort. One can achieve the same result by adopting a logical approach and you can follow tried and true, simple-to-implement methods. For more suggestions you will be able to create a direct mail campaign that makes it easier for recipients to react than doing nothing.
There are human needs that make it so powerful – and why direct mail is a highly effective way to generate leads.
Instead of wasting their time and money, companies save money by sending direct advertisements and only consumers are interested in marketing offers. Manufacturing, Production, and Distribution of Advertising Costs In fact, companies typically spend at least 4% of their money (and in some cases up to 25–35% of their annual revenue) on advertising companies for products and services. She gives. Saves cost of money and allows companies to focus on developing new and better products for consumers. Companies save money and resources by sending directing emails, only consumers are likely to be interested in marketing offers. Manufacturing, Production, and Distribution of Advertising Costs In fact, companies typically spend at least 4% of their money (and in some cases up to 25–35% of their annual revenue).
Advertising companies save money on advertising. Costs for products and services and allows companies The focus is on developing new and better products for consumers. If you are not interested in it and you can ignore it, then advertise and know about the products you can buy. Everyone gets mass marketing in one form or another (such as weekly grocery specials) that are not really based on or related to you, likewise, display ads when you are browsing the Internet. There will also be more on emails that reflect their individual personal interests.
     How does direct marketing benefit consumers?

What is Mail Direct Marketing
Source: marketingcharts.com

With direct mail, your business can:

• Determine the best audience for your message. Mail targeting allows you to focus on media dollars to respond.
• Choose ideas – from offers to creative elements. You can use this data to improve effectiveness.
• Reach almost anyone – virtually every consumer has a mail address and reads the mail on their own time.
• Tailor each mailpiece. Today’s technologies allow for highly personalized messaging, offers, and graphics.
• Tap into countless creative formats. Mail can truly touch every emotion through product samples, QR codes, ® and more.
• Learn more about your customers by sending surveys or including questions on answer cards.
• Achieving high levels of financial flexibility. You can change the format, quantity, and postage options to fit almost any budget.
• Decide on the depth of product expansion. Mail is not limited to 30-second TV spots – you can tell customers the full story.
• Benefit from the near-by value of mail. Recipients can share your communication with like-minded consumers.
• Get an extended shelf for your message. Mail is often kept for future reference and use.
• Know your results. As a highly trackable medium, mail lets you monitor each ROI.
• Focus more. The average household gets only two pieces compared to 157 e-mails.

Many businesses have discovered the positive impact direct mail has for an integrated marketing campaign. Because it goes straight in
Home and arm of campaign goal, direct mail creates a one-to-one a connection that is difficult to match with broad-based media matches
Such as television and radio. This allows you to include coupons, answer cards, mobile barcodes / QR codes, ® URLs and other feedback mechanisms –
Make direct mail a workhorse to generate leads, traffic and sales while helping drive your other media interest and awareness.
• 20% increase in ROI is part of integrated campaign.

• Helped to increase local ads by 48% and online campaigns by 72% 
 Some methods of mail are sent to you.
• Selective. Mail lets you target your most trusted customers – or a select group of consumers.
• Measurable. Mail is tracked to test the effectiveness of formats, offers, mailing lists, and more.
• the access. All your customers have a mailing address, which gives you direct access to everyone who does business with you.
• Personal and private. Mail creates one-to-one communication between you and the customer.
• Relevant. Mail allows you to send messages to a specific audience or demographic set.
• Control. You choose when and in which format you want to send.
• tangible. Consumers save mailed coupons for future use and share mail with others.
• Interactive. Today, Mail eases work with smartphone technology to create a unique powerful bond with the recipient.
• Your own database, known as your “home file”. These are customer inquiries with whom you have a prior relationship, and they are 5–10 times more than any response in your campaign.
• Feedback List. These are people who have responded to someone else, market members, such as magazine members, event attendants, charitable donors, or mail order buyers. These lists will respond at a rate of 3-5 times the compiled list.

• Compiled list. These are names of prospects that originated from telephone directories, government records, or other sources. Compiled names react to some lower levels than the first two categories, but they can still be effective when a suitable proposal is made, and they provide the benefit of broader market coverage.
     Some types of direct marketing?

Direct marketing takes place in several ways, including postal or postal “direct mail,” telephone contact or “telemarketing,” email, text messaging, and online advertising.
     Direct Email
You may already be familiar with many types of direct, including mail, credit card offers, travelers to local businesses, local restaurant menus, pizzeria coupons, and marketing catalogs offered through free trial deals.
It is often referred to as telemarketing, companies, and others because nonprofit organizations may contact you by telephone for reasons to sell their products or services or to receive support. For example, a travel company may call. Another common form of direct marketing is to provide you with a holiday package, in which markets contact customers by phone. The primary benefit to businesses is increased generation, which greatly helps businesses increase sales volume and customer base. Most successful telemarketing service providers focus on generating more “qualified” leads who are more likely to convert to actual sales. In the United States, the National Do Not Call Registry was created in 2003 to give consumers the option of receiving telemarking calls at home. The FTC created the National Do Not Call Registry after a comprehensive review of the Telecom Sales Rule (TSR). The call-to-call provisions of the TSR cover any plan, program or campaign to sell goods or services through interstate phone calls.
     Voicemail Marketing
Voicemail marketing emerged from the market proliferation of personal voice mailboxes, and commercial voicemail systems. One particular form is known as ringless voicemail. Voice-mail is a similar form of voice-mail marketing, providing interconnect interaction with both business-to-business and business-to-consumer applications.
If you have provided a company with your email address (perhaps you have signed up for email newsletters or purchased their products on the Internet), the company may send you email advertisements for new products or services, or other
Interest Offer. Sending marketing messages via email or email marketing is one of the most widely used direct-marketing methods. One reason for the popularity of email marketing is that it is designed to test, test and send email messages. Is relatively inexpensive. It also allows marketers to deliver messages around the clock and measure responses correctly.
     Online Advertising
While browsing the Internet, you will see a banner or “display” advertisement. For example, if you read the news online, you may see an advertisement above or on the side of the website. Such advertisements – known as Internet banner advertisements – can compare to roadside hoarding. As you drive
Below the freeway, you will see billboard advertising products and services. Similarly, as you browse the Internet, you will see advertisements for products and services. Technology enables, companies show you ads that you may find interesting, in the hope that you will click on an advertisement, seek additional information or make a purchase.
Indicators are used in printers and digital media to derive behavior from the reader. An example is a restriction that the reader receives via the mail and takes it to the store’s check-out counter to receive a discount.
Digital limitations: Customs are available online for manufacturer and retailer electronic service, which can be downloaded and commissioned. Digital boundaries are available on the company’s website, social media outlets, tee and email reviews. The number of mobile phone transactions offering digital trends for direct use is increasing.
Daily deal sites offer local and offline deals each day, and are becoming increasingly popular. Customers sign up to receive information discounts and notifications, which are sent daily by email. Shopping is often done using a special code or promotional code. The largest of these sites, Groupon, has more than 83 million subscribers.
Direct disability marketing
Direct response marketing is an arrangement designed to elicit immediate feedback from consumers, where each consumer response (and purchase) can be clarified, and attributed to individual advertisements. This form of marketing is differentiated from other marketing approaches, mainly because there are no buyers between the manufacturer and the seller, such as flipcars, and therefore the manufacturer must contact the seller directly to purchase the product or services. Direct-response marketing has been delivered through a wide variety of media including DRTV, radio, mail, print advertising, media, catalogs and the Internet.
Direct disability mail order
The number to which customers respond by sending a complete number form to the market. The direct response to the mail service has been more successful in recent years due to the Internet.
Any liability arising from direct marketing activity must be prompt and efficient.
When an offer is made to someone, all commitments to be fulfilled by the market, operator, and consumer must be made explicitly available to consumers either directly or according to the terms of sale.
When an offer offering also includes products that are not included in the offer, or where the consumer needs to purchase additional products to enable the product used on the offer, it is clearly the original It should be said in the proposal.
High pressure tips can be perceived as harassment, and, marketers must ensure that they respect local culture and tradition to avoid aggressive questions.
• Explore the option of consulting with a direct marketing agency to strategically add mail to your integrated media campaign.
• Promote a proposal in front of your mailpiece to promote readership and feedback.
• Choose the format, list and proposal for the highest ROI instead of the lowest cost.
• Track responses to measure the effectiveness of mailpieces and your proposals.
• Include mobile barcode / QR code, ® offer certificate, product view and other elements to engage the recipient.
• Use direct mail to build your customer acquisition relationship and for stakeholder communication to achieve your business goals.
• Start your direct mail campaign without a clear, measurable purpose.
• Surprise the reader with too much copy or graphics so that your proposal or call-to-action is lost.
• Forget developing mobile friendly web page while providing QR code or other mobile application.
• Suppose you know what your customers want or need – use your mailpiece to ask them directly.
• Wasted time and cost – update your mailing list and eliminate bad addresses before each campaign.
• View mail as one-off – This is an ongoing customer relations tool that excludes other media.

Direct Mail Tools: 

                       Trepup , Lob , Pfl , Alyce , Inkit , Click2Mail , DirectMailManager   Other Link

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