Woman discovers 18 snakes in her bedroom, shares

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Woman discovers 18 snakes in her bedroom, shares Nixatube Trends

This is the story of how a woman discovered 18 snakes under her bed while trying to remove the ‘fuzz’ from her bedroom door. If you have ophidiophobia, this is a story you’ll want to avoid. The horror story has now inspired people to comment in various ways.

Facebook user Trish Wilcher shared the story of the snake’s discovery in several posts. “Before I went to bed, I saw what I thought was a piece of fuzzy on the floor, went to reach for it and it was gone,” Wilcher told WJBF-TV. She and her husband Max found 16 more children under the bed with their mother.

“Look at all the snakes in my bedroom. I am terrified,” she wrote and shared a few pictures:

“Okay we’ve turned the bedroom upside down… 17 kids and momma met. Up the street they’ve cleared some land that’s been cultivated for some time now… so we were home to her litter Still can’t believe that was the last of those things. Scared of shirtless to be honest! Couldn’t sleep tonight… just glad I saw that little piece of what I thought was fuzzy was and went to pick him up!!!” She wrote in another post.

Have a look at his other stocks:

People made various comments on his post. A Facebook user shared, “I’m going crazy reading this.” “Glad you and your loved ones are fine,” shared another. “Hey, God!” expressed third.

As WJBF-TV reports, her husband Max later put each of the reptiles in linen bags and later released them. “He brought them from there to the creek area and left them there,” Trish Wilcher said.

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How would you react in such a situation?


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