Yezdi Roadking 2022 – New Model, Specifications, Price in India – EV Updates 2022

Yezdi Roadking 2022 – New Model, Specifications, Price in India – EV Updates 2022

Yezdi Roadking 2022 – New Model, Specifications, Price in India – EV Updates 2022

The Yezdi Roadking 2022 It is set to launch on January 13, 2022 and is likely to showcase its first product on the same day. The company plans to build a new bike that will evoke the sympathy of Royal Enfield models. It could be an ADV and not a cruiser, and definitive information will be revealed next month.

At least 2 new bikes from the Yezdi Roadking 2022 brand have been spied on – one is the Roadking Scrambler and the other is the Adventure. The company will announce the prices of future motorcycles offered by Scrambler and Adventure on January 13, 2022. The paparazzi suggest that this model, captured by multiple cameras, be called the Yezdi Roadking.

Yezdi Roadking 2022

As seen in previous spy photos, Rodking will be a neo-retro scrambler with some classic styling tips.

The bike was advertised with features such as a circular headlight, teardrop-shaped fuel tank, round mirrors and fork gaiters. One piece saddle has a ripple shape, the back is vertical but looks very narrow.

The driving ergonomics are comfortable enough with high and wide handles and central footrests.

Mechanical parts including the engine’s gearbox assembly, liquid cooling bearings and suspension units have been blacked out to give the bike a two-tone theme.

Yezdi Roadking 2022 Expected Specifications

Engine 334 cc, liquid-cooled
Maximum power 30 bhp
Twist 33 nm
Gearbox 6-speed fixed-mesh

Yeast Roadking 2022

Yezdi Roadking 2022 Scrambler Features

  • LED headlights
  • Teardrop shaped fuel tank
  • One piece seat
  • Fork guitars
  • Double exhaust and a vertical rear section

Yeast Rodking Bikes

Yezdi Roadking 2022 Adventure Features

  • Large glass
  • Round headlight
  • Bulbous fuel tank
  • Round mirrors and a split seat
  • Digital display

Yezdi Roadking Adventure Styling Details

Coming to Yezdi Scrambler’s brother adventure, the bike gets unique features that are compatible with modern contemporary advertising.

It features a distinctive front drop, raised rear area, high stand and large windshield. Unlike the Scrambler, the Adventure bike has a raised trip tray on one side and different radiator covers than the current Java models.

Expected specifications and features

Both bikes share the same base with a suspended frame from the conventional telescopic forks at the front and a single shock with preload adjustment at the rear.

However, the adventure bike is expected to offer more rides than its scrambler siblings. Both bikes ride in flush spokes with wheels with dual purpose tires.

Anchoring is ensured by disc brakes at both ends with piper calipers. In terms of features, the Yezdi Adventure is fully equipped with a digital instrument console and LED lights with taillights, turn indicators and headlights.

In all likelihood, these bikes will be powered by a liquid-cooled 334cc single-cylinder engine that delivers 30hp and 32.74Nm of maximum torque.

This unit is mated to a six-speed gearbox via a slip-assist clutch. You can also see Barrack and the brand pushing the next cruiser.

New site and design

The next Yezdi Roadking bikes are expected to be designed on a new platform with a heavier load-bearing rear subframe. It is rumored to be a modified version of Java architecture.

Featuring a neo-retro design language scrambler with circular LED headlights and mirrors, a teardrop-shaped fuel tank, one-piece seat, fork gaiters, dual exhaust and vertical rear.

The Adventure bike features a large windshield, rounded headlights, bulb-filled fuel tank, round-shaped windshield, and split seat. The new Rodking Yeast bike is expected to have many advanced features such as a digital display.

Yezdi Roadking 2022 Price

Yezdi Roadking 2022 is back in India with Yezdi Roadking based on the Jawa platform. The price of this bike is around Rs. 1.75 lakhs

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Yezdi Roadking 2022 – New Model, Specifications, Price in India – EV Updates 2022

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